“Number of Victims” of Arne Dahl

Topics: Terrorism

Born in 1963, Swedish author Jan Arnald is familiar to most readers under the pseudonym Arne Dahl. In 1999 he began his Paul Hjelm / A-Team series with his first thriller “Misterioso”; In 2006, the ninth volume “Eftersklav”, which was published under the title “death toll” at Piper now appeared in 2011. The long period up to the German translation at the expense of the explosive nature of the terrorism theme that was highly topical after the attacks on 7 July 2005 in London, but now some literary works worn or dusty.

Refit it is not: The real dangers are meanwhile grown worldwide, and terrorist acts still all security systems stay ahead.

All Stockholm is appalled by the biggest attack in its history.. Shortly after midnight, Subway, a bomb exploded in the. Nine people died and two were rescued seriously injured. In a column in the evening newspaper the journalist is a priggish, cynical comment: “The old horny Western society deserves to be blown up” (page 12). After the subway accident in London you are sure that Sweden will not stay behind and that terrorism is now also arrived here.

Now the high alert applies, and it brings all the police departments of Stockholm at a table: the security, the kingdom crime, the A-Team. The veteran Jan-Olof Hultin, now retired, is asked to take over as an independent body coordination. Short term: one had even considered to involve the military.

The outstanding ten-man A team led by Kerstin Holm begins with the first examinations. Identification of the bodies, search for witnesses and the first surveys, analysis of the destruction of wagons, location of the explosives find, seating of guests reasons for their journey, and so on.

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Unfortunately, the initial suspicion that builds on a call to the district police Stockholm confirmed: A previously unknown Islamist group, “The Holy Riders of Siffin,” pleaded therein in a fine English to action and accused the moral values ​​decline Sweden, the loss of the Christian faith and fornication at the women. But what significance like the final movement have? “. Lower the Glance raises awareness and gives the heart more peace” (p 170).

Until about here has only once “covered table” Arne Dahl and peace of mind presented a number of interesting people. In addition to the A-team is about a man who after taking pink “Kill Pills” became a killing machine – another, the stolen, unregistered cell phones resold only to crooks – a woman who, despite serious injuries and closed doors could free with a rake – a key eyewitness, which unfortunately is nowhere to be found – a former astronaut who lived as a homeless and confused by alcohol, sees circling dark clouds over the heads of the people; that night he observed a man who ran to the subway, but then not got in.

And then served Dahl at the individual gears of increasingly fierce menus. In calm but steadily increasing extent it turns on the tension wheel, increases the number of victims killed, the action is turns, pursuing new meticulously fine tracks and suspicions and keeps readers up to the last pages.

In retrospect perhaps lengthy seemingly beginning for the overall course of action pays off, so is absolutely essential. In all its complexity the individual plot threads that converge in other thrillers into a strand and complementary to, gezutzelt Dahl Once apart, and that can only therefore succeed so logically compelling because Dahl each mini step of investigators pingeligst decimeter to decimeter reconstructs incorporated in addition to the thorough, painstaking police work leaves much Dahl Private from the troops. A former police officer is for a year in a coma, another is gay, another ill with cancer, and of course there are a couple among the colleagues who make a fresh start after a crisis at the end of the novel.

Let yourself to every detail of this perfectly constructed thrillers from the beginning a – I’m sure you will agree at the end: “death toll” is Arne Dahl’s previously best novel/

PS: received Arne Dahl numerous. awards, including twice the German Crime Fiction Prize and the Danish thriller price.

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“Number of Victims” of Arne Dahl
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