An Overview of the Impact of Domestic Violence on Its Victims

To what extent is the breaking point in someone’s life? How much can one person push to really make them snap? Whether it be a family situation, a relationship gone wrong, or an emotional attack, no one deserves the painful treatment others are giving them. Domestic violence has been a serious issue in homes for many years and the statistics only change in time, either going up or going down. It’s an issue that no one has found a way to end nor found a way to make the matter heardt Most people are a victim of domestic violence, whether they notice it or not, but it’s about time the statistics change When most people think of domestic violence they think of the scenarios in the media, That means making the men “the oppressors, and (the) women suffer” (Homer 2) In today’s world of media, people notice more and more how many women are portrayed as the helpless victim of domestic violence, both emotionally and physically.

What the media doesn‘t show the world is the trauma and the side effects of being the victim.

According to an article called, Identifying Domestic Violence: Cross Sectional Study in Primary Care, forty- one percent of women have “experienced physical violence from a partner” (Richardson 3) and seventy- four percent of women have experienced an emotional abuse from a partner (Richardson 4). Imagine being one of the women who are too scared to go home knowing that their husband or partner are there, and not knowing whetherjust one word could set them off into a rage.

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Of course, women aren’t the only victims of domestic violence; men and children are also exposed to this behavior, Although it is traumatic during the actual act of violence, the aftermath is even worst. Like mentioned before, men, women, and children can face the epidemic of domestic violence, but it’s the emotional scarring that comes afterwards that really takes a toll on people.

The horrendous contact of the violence can cause past traumatic stress disorder or can lead a person to do harmful acts. Even the bystander of the event can lead to the destruction of a person’s mentality. In Aeschylus, The Oresteian Trilogy, Clytemnestra seeks revenge for the death of her daughter due to her husband’s selfish needs (Aeschylus 92). Like Agamemnon, most men involved in domestic violence enact on the action for selfish reasons or no reasons at all. And like Clytemnestra, who was a bystander of the violence between her husband and her daughter, most bystanders get a sense of a revengeful mindset, Unfortunately, most bystanders won’t do anything about the situation. For the victims, their life will never be the same, The impact cause more problems than anyone can imagine. They have that empty feeling inside them that can never be filled. Some want to seek revenge, but many cannot even face the place they called home.

But when the victims finally speak up and tell their stories, most blame them. What did you do to provoke that? What did you say? Why would they do that? Questions to assume that the victim is the one to blame. Clytemnestra claims “,.. he, marked with his daughter’s blood, was ripe for punishment. But my acts shock your ears, whets yourjudicial wrath!“ (Aeschylus 92) Clytemnestra, like most victims, mustjustify the means. The justice for the victims aren’t remotely useful to fill that hole. There’s not enoughjustice in the world for the pain, neglect, and scarring that the gambit inherits. All in all, domestic violence is a real epidemic that only gets worse the more people ignore it or don’t speak up. Mentally, emotionally, and physically are the three ways domestic violence can be discovered, but it’s only the bystander and the victim that can really make a difference.

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