This sample paper on Domestic Violence Case Study Social Work offers a framework of relevant facts based on the recent research in the field. Read the introductory part, body and conclusion of the paper below.

Mrs. Chan lives with her hubby and two kids. The boy and the girl are aged 11 and 8 severally. The twosome has been married for 20 old ages. Mr. Chan runs a food market shop, and is the breadwinner of the whole household. Mrs. Chan is a homemaker and responsible for taking attention of the two kids and housekeeping.

Both are in their fortiess

Summary of the information gathered

Showing job and the purpose of appraisal

Mrs. Chan came to sought aid because of the disaffection relationship between her hubby and boy. Furthermore, the domestic violent besides be another issue because Mr. Chan abused the client often.

Social Work Research Paper Example

The societal worker carried out two interviews to garner specific information about the household. The purpose was to recognize the state of affairs and raise an intercession program to ease positive relationships of all household members.

Problem appraisal

Clients ‘ perceptual experience of the jobs

During the several contacts with Mrs. Chan, she conveyed her position on the issues which exists in their household. The client expressed that she has two major concerns. One is she felt helpless when confronting the domestic force. The other is that she worried about her boy would be negative influenced by her male parent and be hurt during household force.

She told the worker that she had been abused by her hubby for several months get downing from last twelvemonth and tolerated the unfairness mistreatment for a long clip.

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Sometimes, he even did the violent behaviour in forepart of their kids. And her hubby of all time threatened her with a knife. Mrs. Chan admitted that she felt feared. For her kids, she decides to go forth their household temporarily.

The client mentioned that the mutual conversation between her hubby and boy is rarely. Even when they stay together there is rare communicating. She did non cognize how to better their relationship and was dying to seek solutions to rectify this state of affairs. She said to worker she has of all time hear her boy mutter that he has hidden some arms and may utilize them to assail his male parent. Besides, her boy ‘s public presentation in school is non every bit good as earlier. Therefore, she was solicitous about the struggle between two of them will more and more declining which will convey approximately more negative consequence on her boy.

Worker ‘s perceptual experience of the jobs

During the interviews with Mrs. Chan, the worker observed that the household operation is imbalanced because of domestic force.

Domestic force

Family system theory focal point on the interaction forms within a household. It stressed that in each household, there exists a regulation to restrict each household members ‘ behaviour. And the boundaries and communicating forms of each member ‘s are defined. ( McCue, 1995 ) . By following the theory, the worker found that Mr. Chan seems to see himself as the dominant function and authorization in their household, one time some household members do non obey his regulations they will accomplish penalty. And Mr. Chan use force as a mean to reconstruct Mrs. Chan ‘s place within the household.

father-son relationship

The worker found that the anomic relationship between the male parent and boy chiefly consequence from domestic force. In this instance, the male child ‘s male parent is the commiting party and his female parent is a victim. The male child presented bitterness and fright to his male parent, what his behaviour, such as indifference and disaffection stand for his emotion.

3 ) Family communicating

As a consequence of domestic force, the spousal relationship and parent-children relationship were both damaged. The mere household communicating lead to household system lacks basic apprehension and support.

During the interview, the worker found that the deformed communicating form and alienated relationships between household members are consequences of domestic force. To Mrs. Chan ‘s boy, his academic public presentation and mental wellness were both negative influenced by domestic force.

Agreed position of the client and the worker

Mrs. Chan and the worker agreed that the first thing is to vouch the safety of her and her two kids. Staying in inn can supply an chance to her composures down and do a determination whether leave or non. Based on the premiss, a sound household relationship and a harmonious ambiance would be constructed in the long tally.

Precedences of jobs

domestic force and spousal relationship

relationship between Mr. Chan and his boy

household communicating and relationship among all household members

Intervention stage


Short -term:

To relieve the domestic force in Mrs. Chan ‘s household and better the relationship between the twosome.

To better the relationship between Mr. Chan and his boy


1. To ease positive interaction form and create harmonious household atmosphere.

Schemes and principles

shelter plan

Shelters have been bit by bit became a critical schemes for adult females and kids who are fixing to get away force. The shelter plan can assist abused adult females cover with current crisis and fix to command their lives. ( McCue, 1995 ) . At present, the foremost concern is the safety of Mrs. Chan and her kids. Through shelter plan, Mrs. Chan can quiet down to see the agreements afterwards and do a rational determination for their hereafter lives.

Cognitive-behavioral attack

The worker believes that a cognitive-behavioral attack for Mr. Chan would be effectual to work out the whole household job. The cognitive -behavior theoretical account stated that behaviour is influenced by knowledge: behaviour will be modified by knowledge. ( Bonnet & A ; Williams, 2001 ) . By cognitive-behavioral attack, Mr. Chan can indentify the state of affairs which trigger his choler and larn how to command aggressive emotion with adaptative behaviour.

Common communicating workshop

Family members use verbal and gestural channels to convey messages. And the interaction and communicating forms play an of import function in household relationship. ( Hepworth, R. Rooney, G. Rooney, Strom-Gottfried, & A ; Larsen, 2010 ) . For the intent of bettering the household relationship and bettering the communicating form, some relevant activities would be arranged for them. The workshop includes forming some domestic activities to relieve the misinterpretations and ease mutual communicating among household members. By this method, the household relationship will be more stable and harmonious.

Parental accomplishments developing

Marital struggle ever related with ineffectualness parenting, and kids who suffer parental strife and detached parenting are prone to stand for internalising behaviours include anxiousness, depression and projecting behavior include aggressive and noncompliance. ( Papalia, Olds, & A ; Feldman, 2009 ) . Through the preparation, the parental form of the twosome can be improved, and their boy ‘s emotional and mental issues can be alleviated and be more preoccupation with schooling.

Regular meeting with kids

Since the domestic force impose a negative influence on the male child, a regular meeting with the kid is mandatory. By the regularly meeting, workers can give out specific and pertinent suggestions and undertakings to assist the kid reconstruct his assurance and outlook to the household, community every bit good as the society.

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