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The Importance of Higher Education in Developing a Student as a Whole
Words • 633
Pages • 3
I have found that the main point of student higher education is that we should consider not just developing students' intellectual strength but developing them holistically. It is important for higher education to develop students to be part of civilized society, with the necessary skills to contribute to our society (American Council of Education, 1983). It is key for us to develop students “as a person other rather than upon his intellectual training” because they will need more than just…...
EducationLearningStudy Skills
The Importance of Learning to Develop the Necessary Skills to Play the Flute
Words • 783
Pages • 4
Learning is not only a life-long and necessary part of development, but it can also be something that is greatly enjoyed. There are three principles to developing a deep and lasting learning experience: connecting the new information to prior learning, the variety of your deep- processing strategies, and how often and long these study habits are implemented. One thing I enjoyed learning was how to play instruments, specifically the Flute. Connecting prior information to help learn new information, in this…...
LearningMotivationStudy Skills
Learning More on How to Develop Better Study Skills
Words • 538
Pages • 3
Many students suffer from procrastination whether it is studying for a test, doing homework, or not having enough information in their notes. It is never too late to fix these bad habits. No one has to spend hours and hours studying, but you do have to study effectively. Even though you study hard in school, you may need to learn more about how to develop better study skills. Time control is what determines how successful you will be in college.…...
HomeworkLearningStudy Skills
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Exclusion of Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller From the Curriculum
Words • 412
Pages • 2
While researching prominent issues that made the news on September 12th, 2018 regarding social studies within Texas curriculum, I found a couple of key topics. When searching the internet, I found two compelling arguments, the issue on eliminating Hilary Clinton and Helen Keller from Social Studies curriculum and whether or not, to portray Moses as a major influence on the nations founding documents. The State Board of education was willing to eliminate two key women figures from our social studies…...
CurriculumEducationHelen Keller
Education Is a Step Towards a Good Future
Words • 603
Pages • 3
Malcolm X, an African American man, jailed at the age of 21 received a formal but limited education. To achieve the status he holds today, Malcolm spent his time in prison self-educating himself. Through education, many African American students, like myself, are inspired to improve themselves and exceed the expectations society has set for them. Like Malcolm, these students aim to gain respect and create changes within their community, therefore, opening a world of possibilities. Education extremely necessary if we…...
EducationStudentStudyStudying Abroad
Measuring Microbial Activity in Soil
Words • 836
Pages • 4
Soil management covers a broad scope of food production and is a well-researched and active field. As much of the global agriculture industry aims to produce more food, there is a constant quest for new information and data. However, the topic of improving soil via increasing healthy microbes is less researched. Lesser still is the more specific topic of using at-home methods to count soil microbes as an indication of soil health in the tropics. According to Englander, Douds &…...
Study of Serum Magnesium in Chronic Kidney Disease 
Words • 573
Pages • 3
Magnesium is the second most abundant cation in the intracellular fluid,after Potassium.It ranks fourth among other cations regarding abundance in the human body.It is essential for substrate formation and plays a role in numerous biological and enzymatic processes in the human body1.Magnesium is not uniformly distributed among tissues of human body. The maximum concentration of magnesium is found in Heart, Kidneys and Brain2 The concentration of serum magnesium is in the range of 1.7-2.4 mg/dl ,of which 30% is protein-bound…...
Chronic Kidney DiseaseStudy
Ways to Determine The Meaning of Procrastination
Words • 1220
Pages • 5
Procrastination is a predominant issue among students in which they experience it at some point in their education causing negative consequences of poorer well-being and academic failure. There are a variety of ways to define the meaning of procrastination. Procrastination is considered as the act of avoiding academic tasks and delaying them until at a more desired time. It is something that we experience to even a small degree in our everyday lives. Procrastination is an ongoing significant problem that…...
Positive Effects of Fraternities on Social and Study Skills
Words • 711
Pages • 3
College fraternities have always struck me as being an organization of guys who spend their time drinking beer and having their "social gatherings" (parties). Just moving to Austin recently (which is by no doubt a "college city") has made me want to know more about the sole purpose of these fraternities. For these reasons I chose to select this culture for my essay. The definition of a fraternity is defined as "chiefly social organization of male college students, usually designated…...
Study Skills
A Study Skills Project to Improve Note-Taking Strategy
Words • 953
Pages • 4
Study Skills Project Plan For this study skills project, I changed my note-taking strategy in a number of ways. First of all, I started typing up my notes rather than hand-writing them. Second, I tried out Newport's question-evidence-conclusion method. The class that I tried for this was actually this class! I don't really have any note-intensive classes this semester, so I thought that Academic Skills would be a good thing to take notes on. Trying out new note-taking strategies is…...
Study Skills
How Loss of Arabinoside Transferase Leads to Tomato Fascia
Words • 536
Pages • 3
Stem cells are a class of undifferentiated cells, which differentiate to give to other cells. Every individual has stem cells in their body which the body uses as it needs it. These stem cells could be used to cure diseases. Even plants have these stem cells that are mainly located in their meristem. In recent years, researchers have taken a closer look at how the complexity of these stem cells could manipulate what gene signaling pathway plays a role in…...
Stem CellsStudy
Girardia Tigrina: Introduction and Methods
Words • 988
Pages • 4
Regeneration is defined as “revival or renewal”. Such meaning is not far off from the scientific use, in biology, regeneration is the reactivation of development in later life in regard to restoring missing tissues. The possibility that scientist could reverse damaged tissues in specific species has caused a new focus on organism’s that demonstrate regenerative qualities. Regeneration can occur through the use of specific types of cells. Pluripotent cells are embryonic stem cells that have the “potential” in creating/ regenerating…...
Stem CellsStudy
Curriculum Ideologies and Personal Philosophy
Words • 2342
Pages • 10
The Scholar Academic Ideology aligns most closely with the classrooms in the majority of public school settings that I have observed. These observations of mine include a classroom full of students of similar age, learning skills in the same fashion that the experts of that skill would practice in. For example, the text described what a classroom using the Scholar Academic Ideology might look like by describing a teacher in the front of the room lecturing to the class on…...
CurriculumPersonal PhilosophyPhilosophy
Studying in Chicago: A Divided Frontier
Words • 1025
Pages • 5
Chicago has a deep-rooted history of socioeconomic divide and residential segregation. The divide dates back to the 1800s, when working-class residents sought employment in factories in South Chicago. During the Great Migration of the early 1900s, millions of African-Americans moved to public housing in the South Side, which solidified an economic and racial divide between affluent communities in the North and working-class minorities in the South. Today, the regional disparity manifests through stark differences in public education between well-funded schools…...
Education ReformStudyStudying Abroad
York University Is a Model of Excellence
Words • 606
Pages • 3
From an early age, I have been anxious to learn new things and have always been curious about how the human body functions. The perfection of the human anatomy is marvelous, yet this existence is fragile. It is not only threatened by diseases but also by various other factors. What fascinates me the most is how it is able to overcome difficulty in its battle of endurance. I used to research for my answer and eventually learned that our existence…...
EducationStudyStudying Abroad
MSU Is One of the Best Universities
Words • 460
Pages • 2
First off, I’d like to say congratulations. You are all in the lucky seats. You are fresh faces at the best university . . . (and I’m not biased), plus you have the Honors College as this amazing bonus support system. Realize the privilege you have being here and take full advantage of it. Beginning college is the most nerve-racking and exciting time. MSU is one of the largest universities in the country. There are over 50,000 students here. The…...
StudentStudyStudying Abroad
The Value of Studying Abroad
Words • 1065
Pages • 5
Migrating to America from the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere has taught me one valuable life lesson: America is truly the land of opportunity. My family arrived with nothing of monetary value and yet with a little hard work, we achieved a comfortable standard of living. I was raised in a single parent home, my mother being the sole provider for three children. On several occasions, I have watched her work three full-time shifts in a twenty-four hour period.…...
StudentStudyStudying Abroad
My Personal Experience of Studying in China
Words • 623
Pages • 3
I will forever remember the day when I walked out of my senior high school entrance examination in China asking myself how I was unable to finish the exam. Those long enduring study hours and my lack of a social life were all for nothing. As I looked in the mirror, I understood my life had inevitably been altered. In China, students can only take the high school entrance examination once, and prominent high schools will only admit students with…...
StudentStudyStudying Abroad
Master’s Abroad as a Fulbrighter
Words • 490
Pages • 2
I graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry of the International University of Misr. I am an excellent student among my colleagues, in fact, the fourth in my group. The Fulbright program has always changed the lives of students and has had a great impact on my professional and even personal efforts. It is an honorable achievement to be the cultural voice of my community in American society, but most important is to bring the knowledge gained during my studies abroad…...
StudentStudyStudying Abroad
Living and Studying in Brazil
Words • 2000
Pages • 8
My expatriate year was filled with fear, elation, sadness, pride and most of all Brazilian “carinho”. I remember the emergence of fear the moment I stepped onto the plane. I couldn’t help but wonder if I was making the right decision or the wrong one. Yet, the feeling of elation as countless hours spent doing paperwork had paid off and I would finally be landing in Brazil. I was excited to be able to do my own thing. I experienced…...
StudyStudying Abroad
Privileges to Study Abroad
Words • 542
Pages • 3
Are you considering leaving to study abroad, and in particular would you like to study in Australia or Canada, but have not yet decided which one to choose between the two destinations? Then this article is right for you! Yes, because today we want to talk about all the pros and cons for each of these two countries, whether you want to study English abroad or you want to study at university or college. We are sure that at the…...
StudyStudying Abroad
The Study Of Islam
Words • 1728
Pages • 7
The significance and correct methods of studying Islam are very prevalent topics discussed by many academics, especially amongst Western scholars. Within this essay, I am going to discuss these topics from the lenses of three different authors: David Waines, Seyyed Hossein Nasr, and Carl W. Ernst. Each of these scholars listed above has overlapping viewpoints about these subject matters. First, from Seyyed Hossein Nasr’s perspective, he believes that the significance of studying Islam can be a bit complex due to…...
Five Pillars Of IslamIslamStudy
Having Jobs While Studying: Pros and Cons
Words • 899
Pages • 4
Getting access to education is a fundamental part in each and every human being's life. People believe that with education, they are able to achieve life goals that they have been longed to, deal with everyday issues from a wider and more reasonable perspective, and most importantly, acquire a stable job after they pursue bachelor and master degree for higher education. Since getting a stable job is crucial, people give out all of their efforts while studying in university and…...
Parental Awareness Of Adolescent Substance USE 
Words • 2540
Pages • 11
Adolescence is a period of growth not only physically but also psychologically; it involves volatile emotions and behaviors, and often times experimentation with substances like cigarettes, inhalants, illicit drugs, prescription drugs, marijuana and alcohol use. During this time, adolescents seek autonomy from their parents and grow closer to their peers (especially in mid-late adolescence), which can lead to risky behaviors and potential substance use. Parents who talk to their children directly and are more immersed in their child’s life have…...
Research Paper Outlining Imperative Strategies
Words • 563
Pages • 3
This exploration paper will spread out some imperative strategies of the awareness and the defense in depth to detect emerging threats and strengthen countermeasures. In the event that one thinks about it, the entire simple space has moved into computerized space in the course of recent years, and the beginning of this cutting-edge theme with Artificial Intelligence and propelled protocols have indicated exponential development. Notwithstanding, we didn't figure the expense of hazards and threats coming alongside these trendsetting innovations of…...
Fillemon Johannes; 201602792; Curriculum Development
Words • 1997
Pages • 8
1CODeL ASSIGNMENT COVER2019 ACADEMIC YEARCourse/Module Name Course/ModuleCodeCurriculum Development and Practice CFC3702Assignment no(e.g. 1, 2 or 3, etc.).1Student Name Fillemon JohannesStudent number 201602792Email Address [email protected]/Tel no 0853111370CODeL Centre Windhoek2Table of ContentsSection A ................................ ................................ ................................ ................................ ........ 3Section B ................................ ................................ ................................ ................................ ........ 6References ................................ ................................ ................................ ................................ .... 103Section A1.1.? The syllabus is portrayed as the outline of the themes secured or units to be instructedwithin the specific subject AND curriculum allude to the overall content, instructed inan in…...
BiologyCommunicationCurriculumEducationHuman NatureLearning
The Power of Joining the Team
Words • 1600
Pages • 7
The following example essay on "The Power of Joining the Team" talks about the group presentation, answering the question what have you learned from this experience, both in terms of presenting and in terms of working in a group? There are only three people in our group, so it is relatively easier for us to divide our workload. Our tutor, Mr Paul Smith, taught us several presentation skills during our seminar session. From this presentation, I learned that being confident…...
CancerCritical ThinkingDiseaseHealthHuman NatureThought
Requesting Funds for Rural Tuition Project
Words • 580
Pages • 3
The following sample essay on applying funds tells about requesting for rural tuition project funding. As a Project Manager from Inasis Bank Muamlalat UUM. I have been working on a project entitled Applications for Edu Treatment. I would like to request funding to run the program of Edu Treatment for students from rural areas. In the five short years since its founding, the SOLS 24/7 Malaysia has played a major role in the transformation of education from a rural area…...
CurriculumHomeworkHuman NatureLearningLife SkillsResearch
Personality or Excessive Use of Technology
Words • 1189
Pages • 5
The following sample essay talks about Marshall McLuhan's text Wednesday is a Massage. Read the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay, scroll down. In Marshall McLuhan's text The Medium is the Massage, he states that the medium, or process, of our time - electric technology - is reshaping and restructuring patterns of social interdependence and every aspect of our personal life. What McLuhan is stating here, is that the goals we had of being individuals are gone due to…...
Critical ThinkingCultureLiteracy
NAME OF THE COMPANY Marre transport Management Company ADRESS OF THE
Words • 2267
Pages • 10
The following sample essay on "Marre transport Management Company": describing methodology of human potential improvement used example from Marre transport Management Company. ABSTRACT: Transport the executive’s focuses on appraisals of proportions of the requirements for advantageous transport, the necessities for a specific kind of transport management and transport benefit and keeping up the current market for transport management. So transport the board looks at current circumstance of transport management advertise and furthermore introduction of next interest patterns and chances of…...
CreativityCritical ThinkingManagementMindThoughtTime Management
Words • 1713
Pages • 7
INTRODUCTIONIn the present quick paced world organizations are battling like never before to think of new ideas, products and services to fulfill instant gratification. Combined with a significantly progressively jam-packed market and expanded competition, organizations are continually tested with the need to remain pertinent and appealing so as to hold customers. Product and service design is a confounded process and resources which are restricted. Organizations comprehend the significance of finding new ways and resources to assemble, create and produce future…...
Critical ThinkingDesignMindset
Information Technology In Hotel Industry
Words • 1731
Pages • 7
Paper Type:Informative essays
The following sample essay on Information Technology In Hotel Industry reveals arguments and important aspects of this topic. Read this essay's introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion below. Introduction “ Differentiation in competitory services virtually in all sectors has been characterized by turning commoditization ” – Six Degrees, ( 2011 ) The intent of this research was to place the impact of Multi centripetal selling in Hotel industry, how modernisation in Information engineering tendencies reflect in Hotel industry and how International…...
Critical ThinkingMarketingPerceptionResearchSense
Bargain Story: Key Facts and Theories
Words • 1850
Pages • 8
The sample paper on Bargain Story familiarizes the reader with the topic-related facts, theories and approaches. Scroll down to read the entire paper.Bargain by A. B. Guthrie 8th Grade English Language Arts EDRD 602D Secondary Reading Instruction 7-12 Performance Assessment 1 Fay Van Vliet “Before” Strategy: Activating and Focusing Prior-Knowledge and /or concepts needed Concept: Bullying Building Background knowledge based on personal and text-to-world connections (15 minutes) To activate prior knowledge and introduce the concept of bullying, I would read…...
BullyingBullying In SchoolsCritical ThinkingHuman NatureReading
Plato Critical Thinking
Words • 1770
Pages • 8
Paper Type:Critical essays
The essay sample on Plato Critical Thinking dwells on its problems, providing shortened but comprehensive overview of basic facts and arguments related to it. To read the essay, scroll down.This essay will firstly, ascertain and examine what exactly critical thinking is. Secondly, it will provide a brief outline of Plato’s ‘Apology’, and then it will outline and assess how Plato’s defence is represented and understood as critical thinking. Finally, there will be a conclusion of what exactly being a critical…...
Critical ThinkingEpistemologyMetaphysicsPhilosophical Theories
Curriculum Design for Inclusive Practice
Words • 2058
Pages • 9
The following example essay on "Curriculum design for inclusive practice" will focus on discussing the critically analyzing the concepts of curriculum design, inclusive practice and effective practice. Curriculum design will look at the formal and informal elements of the curriculum and the learners’ own expectations of what their learning experience will do for them. Inclusive practice will show how I endeavour to ensure my teaching is personalised to individual learners, my own definition and experience of inclusive practice is, in…...
Eastman Kodak Essay
Words • 1564
Pages • 7
This essay sample on Eastman Kodak Case Study provides all necessary basic info on this matter, including the most common "for and against" arguments. Below are the introduction, body and conclusion parts of this essay. The purpose of this essay is to assess the balance of planned and emergent approaches that Eastman Kodak applied to strategic management in the digital challenge which Kodak uniquely developed and patented many of the components of digital photography(Henry et al, 2009). The four main parts…...
Case StudyEducationLearningPhotographyStrategic ManagementStrategy
Sunflower Incorporated Case Study
Words • 1710
Pages • 7
This sample paper on Sunflower Incorporated Case Study offers a framework of relevant facts based on the recent research in the field. Read the introductory part, body and conclusion of the paper below.Sunflower Case Is a large distribution company that purchases and distributes salty snack foods and liquors throughout the united States and Canada. The company employs over 5,000 employees and has gross sales of over $700 million. The head office has encouraged each of its regions to operate separately…...
Case StudyCommunicationContractEducationLearningPolicy
A Beautiful Mind Case Study
Words • 1736
Pages • 7
This essay sample on A Beautiful Mind Case Study provides all necessary basic info on this matter, including the most common "for and against" arguments. Below are the introduction, body and conclusion parts of this essay.Running head: A BEAUTIFUL MIND 1 A Beautiful Mind: A Case Study A BEAUTIFUL MIND 2 Diagnostic Impression: Axis I295. 30Schizophrenia, Paranoid Type, Continuous Axis II V71. 09No Diagnosis Axis III None Axis IVPsychosocial and Educational Stressors Axis VGAF = 55 (highest level in past…...
A Beautiful MindCase StudyEducationEntertainmentFilm AnalysisLearning
Amway Case Study Swot Analysis
Words • 1731
Pages • 7
The sample essay on Amway Case Study Swot Analysis deals with a framework of research-based facts, approaches and arguments concerning this theme. To see the essay's introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion, read on.One factor that leads Elken Company to be success in the firm is because of its strengths. Strengths are those competitive advantages that create the benefits to achieve the needs of its target markets. One of the strengths of Elken is that Elken Company has a strong network…...
BusinessCase StudyEducationLearningStrategyStudy
Fetal Abnormality Case Study
Words • 2033
Pages • 9
This sample essay on Fetal Abnormality Case Study provides important aspects of the issue and arguments for and against as well as the needed facts. Read on this essay's introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.In the case exhibited, the patient, Mrs. Ansari was left without personal choice about her health as she was in a risky condition. This left her close of kin to decide on what to do with the baby inside her womb as the doctor presented the condition…...
Case StudyEducationHuman NatureLearningMedical EthicsPhysician
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How Loss of Arabinoside Transferase Leads to Tomato Fascia
...CRISPR/cas9 is a beneficial genome editing technique first found in bacteria and is becoming popular day by day. In this study, they utilized this system to understand fasciation caused in tomatoes due to loss of arabinosyltransferase. They mutated t...
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