Exclusion of Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller From the Curriculum

While researching prominent issues that made the news on September 12th, 2018 regarding social studies within Texas curriculum, I found a couple of key topics. When searching the internet, I found two compelling arguments, the issue on eliminating Hilary Clinton and Helen Keller from Social Studies curriculum and whether or not, to portray Moses as a major influence on the nations founding documents.

The State Board of education was willing to eliminate two key women figures from our social studies curriculum. There had been debates and arguments to take them out because there is not enough “time” to teach social studies and thought that by taking them out, it would serve a purpose.

Others wanted to keep these women, one known as making disability movements and the other as our nations first female presidential candidate, as key figures, due to the fact that, they serve as an interest for students, boys and girls, and as an opportunity to look up to them and to engage in Texas history (Perrillo, 2018).

Although some voted for it to be gone, the board stated that these two women will remain key figures in our educational system.

Another key topic that occurred while researching prominent issues was the fact on whether to keep portraying Moses as a major influence on the nations founding documents. While some agreed, others argued that there is not enough evidence that states that Moses was not their when drafting the constitution.

The Saber-Tooth Curriculum closely aligns with The State board of Education in Texas because many times, we as teachers or members that are apart of the board, are constantly voting and picking what is taught in the classroom.

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This correlates with what the author, Peddiwell, talked about when he mentioned, fish-grabbing-with- bare- hands. In the book, he mentions that in order for the students to learn something, they have to learn on their own, thus he mentions, the students need to learn how to catch their own food with their bare hands. This was placed so that one could see that a child’s life should focus on the necessities needed to succeed by learning on their own. The other aspect that closely aligns with The State Board of Education is the-real-tiger school by allowing students to learn what they live and live what they learn. It shows that whatever is being taught in Social Studies happened in our lives in one point of history, thus having the students live through it.

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