An Advertising Strategy Proposal for Hillary Clinton

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Dear Hillary Clinton, my advertising plan can win you the election! My plan is to use strategies like Stacking the Deck which means i’ll include positive facts and leave out the negative ones. Endorsements which will tell a person his/her support for a candidate. The other strategy I would like to use Glittering Generalities which uses catch phrases that appeal to people’s emotions. This way I will be more informative,effective and,ethical. The first strategy uses Stacking The Deck, which will be the most costly but the most effective for 0,000.

Like in the Humphrey ad, they persuade you and leave out positive facts about the democratic party For example, they say that kids are getting a better education today because democrats gave school federal aid. It’s informative because it provides information about what the democratic party will do. It‘ll be effective because it persuades the person to be more likely to vote for you.

Lastly, it’s ethical because the strategy doesn’t hurt anyone but helps you the most.

My second strategy is Endorsements which will cost $300,000. For example, Walter Mondale the former vice president, was the democratic nominee for president in 1984 Geraldine Ferraro, was the first woman nominated to run as a vice president by a major party, This tells me that even woman can be elected for office like president or vice president This can help you win votes, especially if they’re the first woman to be elected. My third strategy I will use is Glittering Generalities which will cost 0,000.

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Glittering generalities will surely attract many people into voting for you For example, we can have merchandise that have some catchphrases. President Obama had merchandise that had words that attracted many people into voting for him. Not only will this show other people that you care

about Hillary it will also show that you are a responsible citizen, This method will definitely win you more votes and more people will realize that you are a candidate and will vote for you. To summarize, my first strategy uses stacking the Stacking The Deck and the ad will cost $600,000 and will give positive facts about your My second strategy is Endorsements which will cost $300,000 and will help nominate other people and help you especially, if you’re the first president to be a woman My third strategy is Glittering Generalities which will cost $100,000 and will have merchandise that will attract people’s attention and will show other people that you care about Hillaryi All of these strategies will get you more votes and recognition for you!

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