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Advertising Print advertising often portrays females as sex objects. Women are used through sex appeal to sell products that may attract males. An issue that results in this method of advertising could result In violent sexual acts that enable violence against women. The provocative clothing that women where In print ads encourage no respect from males because the women themselves are not respecting their bodies’ privacy.

Women seek to be treated as more than sex objects, but males view these ads and e the way females are presenting themselves through the media.

Media has changed over the years and is now hooked on this idea that sex appeals to young adults. They use it in commercials, advertisements, magazines and even TV shows. “Sex In advertising is pornographic because It dehumidifies and objectifies people, especially woman and because It fetishists products, Imbues them with an erotic charge which dooms us to disappointment since products never can fulfill our sexual desires or meet our emotional needs” (Kilojoules 594).

Advertising And Women

We go out and get push up bras because they’re sexy and will make your boobs look better, but one must think does that really make us feel better having all that padding. Maybe under a shirt it looks good but it doesn’t meet our emotional needs. One may make the counter argument that advertisements aren’t what Is causing the sexual Identities of men and women to come closer but that popular culture such as music and movies are the culprit.

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How the makers of the movies and music we listen to appear has a great effect on what we find desirable.

It is popular culture that has the major influence on our society, not advertisements. Axe shower gels aid is one example of how advertisers portray as a sexual object women. As one examines the ad the first thing that catches ones eye would be the girl basically naked but she has whip cream covering her chest. Then the eye travels to the guy taking a shower and using axe shower gel. One would move on to the ads slogan which states “The cleaner you are, the dirtier you get. ” The last thing that catches the eye would notice which is under he slogan which axe states that their formula is new and improved.

Advertisements are everywhere. Whether you’re watching television or reading a magazine, an advertisement is sure to pop up somewhere. The ad is aiming to sell Axe shower gel for men. It Is telling men If they use their product It will make them cleaner. Therefore, making them cleaner leads to them being dirtier In the bedroom. Glenn guys the expectation that because they smell nice they will take someone home, and when they don’t there’s disappointment for not meeting our sexual desires.

Through this advertisement, Axe is promoting idea that they can help a straight young male out his “lady problems” with stereotypes and body wash which makes this a false leading advertisement. In the past few years, anta-advertising activists have taken to ten streets t II really. In Washington, Tort example, a Tenements group called women Fighting Back has slapped a sticker on the Cool-ad reading, “Keep your ads off my body’ (Clark). People are fighting against the media and saying it’s not okay to sexually exploit everything.

Although there are some people who Just don’t care about their bodies being used as advertisement. According to Clark, “Advertising experts have long recognized that individual elements of ads often become more important than the placement of the product. Ads depict who uses the product, how a family looks, what is beautiful and the roles played by men and women. “That’s why blacks and women” get upset over certain ads, says Duke University Professor William M. Barbara (Clark).

This is so true because half the time when we watch these articles e remember the “sexy thing” the girl did instead of the product or the guy taking his shirt off. No one is really worrying about the quality of the product Just the status it will give them. There are so many issues revolving around the media but their almost unsolvable. One needs to turn around something that is so unfortunately socially acceptable. Sex does sell and our generation is so use to it. If it didn’t work the products that use it the most for instance Axe wouldn’t be so successful.

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