Aquarius Advertising Agency Case Study

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Structural Design for Organizations The consultants also believed that the proposed structure could be expanded to accommodate non-grocery lines and gourmet units if these were included in Co’s future plans. Within each store, a new department manager could be added for pharmacy;, gourmet/specialty items, or other major departments. The district team could be expanded to include specialists in these lines, as well as an information technology coordinator to act as liaison for stores in the district. EXHIBIT 2. 23 Aquarius Advertising Agency Organization Chart

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Board of Directors President Aquarius Advertising Agency The Aquarius Advertising Agency is a medium-sized firm that offered two basic services or IRS clients: customized plans for the content of an advertising campaign (for example, slogans and layouts) and complete plans for media (such as radio, TV, newspapers, billboards, and Internet).

Additional services included a id in marketing and distribution of products and marketing research to test advertising effectiveness.

Its activities were organ sized in a traditional manner. The organization chart is shown in Exhibit 2. . Each department included similar functions. Each client account was coordinated by an account executive who acted as a liaison between the client and the various specialists on the professional staff of the operations and marketing divisions. The number of direct communications and contacts between clients and Aquarius specialists, clients and account executives, and Aquarius special lists and account executives is indicated in Exhibit 2. 24. These econometric data were gathered by a consultant who conducted a study of the patterns of formal and informal communication.

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Each intersecting cell of Aquarius personnel and the clients contains an index of the direct contacts between them. Although an account executive was designated to be the liaison between the client and specialists with in the agency, communications free nearly occurred directly between clients and specialists and bypassed the account executive. These direct contacts involved a wide range of interactions, such as meetings, telephone calls, e-mail messages, and so on. A large number of direct communications occurred between agency specialists and their counterparts n the client organization.

For example, an art specialist working as one member of a team on a particular client account would often be contacted directly by the client’s in-house art specialist, and agency research personnel had direct communication with research personnel of the client firm. Also, some of the unstructured contacts often led to more formal meetings with clients in which agency personnel made presentations, interpreted and defended agency policy, and committed the agency to certain courses of action. Both hierarchical and professional systems operated thin the departments of the operations and marketing divisions.

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