Democratic Debate Between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton

The Democratic Debate today got right to business. It was held in Flint, Michigan, which was a city that had much of its water contaminated. The city’s residents voiced their concerns to the Democratic party nominees, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton vowed to eliminate lead in soil, paint, and water within five years. Apparently, this can cost over a trillion dollars, but if it’s possible, it would be worth it. We would be creating a new infrastructure for America that would actually make us not seem like a third world country when we are actually rich.

The Republican party nominees were completely out argued in this subject, even though they weren’t in the debate. They didn’t really care about this lead crisis, and for example, Marco Rubio even said that they shouldn’t talk about the lead poisoning crisis because doing so would politicize it. It shouldn’t be politicized because no one really did it on purpose, according to Marco Rubio.

Sanders also got a pretty good reputation with the people watching the debate. He successfully demonstrated that he could fully fold his racial justice message to his economic populism and become the candidate of the progressive movement as a whole. This was important, because it set the future standard for progressivism. Clinton, on the other hand, was just favored. She had to avoid saying something stupid that would just sabotage her own success. She also focused on her characteristic of being attentive to detail.

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Overall, this democratic debate was very good, especially for the citizens of Flint. It allowed them to see Sanders and Clinton’s characteristics in politics. On the other hand, the Republican debates are just full of jokes; there’s almost nothing serious in them, which makes it hard to see what they are actually going to do seriously as a president.

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