A Review of Rachel Maddow's Interview with Bernie Sanders

There’s an interview with Bernie Sanders, a democratic presidential candidate. Rachel mentions a little about his view on gays and also how he criticized Hillary Clinton for pointing out something false. Furthermore, Rachel informs Bernie that there’s a budget deal in Washington to lift debts. There will be cuts on social security and medicare as a result, and Bernie says that he does not support this because his goal is to expand social security benefits.

Furthermore, Rachel also talks about how Bernie joined a rally against Verizon.

He says that he joined this because CEO’s are making huge profits and are therefore not even negotiating with unions. Furthermore, workers get fired unfairly and workers get bad contracts. Verizon also wants cuts in order to make even more profits. I agree with Bernie how this will make even more wealth disparity. I also agree that CEO’s should not be trying to get even more profits when they already have so much.

There should definitely be a smaller wealth gap, which can be done by first approaching corporations.

Furthermore, there’s an issue about Bernie Sanders about gay rights. There might have been a misunderstanding about him not supporting gay rights, but he cleared it up and said that he and Hillary Clinton have the same positions now; they both support gay rights. However, Bernie and Clinton differ in the way that Bernie is a socialist and Clinton is a capitalist. I would lean towards Clinton more, because I feel that socialist might be too extreme.

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Without capitalism, there will be no incentives, and therefore, people will not work as hard and make progress for the world. However, I do not agree that there should be such huge wage gaps; it costs many people in order for a few people to be successful. There needs to be incentives for innovators to make money but also for laborers to work and have a satisfactory life.

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