The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce Review

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“When someone goes on a journey, he can tell what” already formulated Matthias Claudius (1740-1815), and who is going to walk on a week-long pilgrimage, experienced certainly extraordinary. But Harold Fry, 65 years old, did not even make a pilgrimage before; he just wants a response letter to his former colleague, the accountant Queenie Hennessy, bring to a mailbox. For twenty years he had not heard from her until he had now received a farewell letter from her -. From a hospice in Berwick-upon-Tweed on the Scottish-English border

The first mailbox is so close until the next it is not far off, the weather is nice, Harold has nothing to do, or to return home while Queenie is dying, the Harold does not bring about.

So he just goes on and on. Kingsbridge, his town on the English Channel, is almost behind him, as the first signs of exhaustion and thoughts of reversing to register with Harold. At a gas station, he is strengthened with a snack.

The girl at the checkout is surprised that he is not driven up to a car, so he told her quite frankly what he has done here. Her aunt had cancer, told him the girl. think positive and not lose faith, that could a person back to health will be – it’s like a message to Harold. Determined to hesitate no more, he now begins his long way.

About a thousand kilometers ahead of him. Without hiking gear he first returns even in hotels, charged on his credit card, but eventually he gets rid of all ballast, sleeping in the great outdoors and lives of wild herbs, berries and that to which he is invited in between spontaneous.

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More and more physical injuries imagine a he lived through highs and lows, get to know fellow unterschiedlichster Art. At times, even join him Groups and the press gets wind of this unique movement. In the long hours of his wanderings Harold employ many thoughts; Most revolve course to Queenie and oppress him so that he often can not sleep. then she lost her job because she held his head for stupidity Harold. With her dismissal she was gone overnight, so Harold could never thank. But now he will see them again soon …

As much he thinks of his son David. How many times he had failed as a father. The boy was afraid to go to school, but instead of closing him in her arms and push hissed Harold by car to work from. Once the boy almost drowned in the sea, would not be a man bravely into the waves bound to save him – still around constricted as Harold in his shoes. That has him Maureen, not forgiven his wife to this day. Even with the birth of the boy, a crack had developed between them. were the older the boy became, the greater the problems, and always failed Harold. His marriage is only a loveless coexistence, while Harold had once loved his Maureen so …

The Abandoned rages at home in front of him, leaves her feelings of jealousy and their accusations against Harold run wild. His almost daily phone calls she answered coolly. But slowly transforms its interior. She regrets much of what they had accused earlier Harold, recognizes his own failings until it finally emerges fully behind Harold’s company and when he almost can not more, encouraged him to persevere.

When Harold in Berwick -upon-Tweed arrives, and Maureen is traveled after by car. Queenie has been waiting for him, but then they leave their forces. Maureen and Harold will manage to meet each other again. Now that you know what really matters in life.

The centuries-old tradition of pilgrimage, came to the secularization quite out of fashion, surprising enjoys in recent years, growing in popularity. The motivation of the Migratory whether young or old, rich or poor, is very different: Many seek the original religious experience that arriving at a symbol mighty pilgrimage. Some want insights and ideas from meetings and conversations with other pilgrims. Probably all hope for in the lonely long stretches rest of the uniform wandering relief from the mental shackles of everyday life, reorientation away from the rampant consumerism, contemplation of himself. In the wild, exposed crackling rain and burning sun, you learn to deal with too modest to the bare necessities. So for most of the journey is the reward, and after such experiences take their lives a different course.

Rachel Joyce’s novel has translated “The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry”, the Maria Andreas, is authentic and touching , The protagonists Maureen and Harold marked psychologically empathetic. Two has played the fate of evil; for years they have been nibbling it, punished the other with contempt. Your self-knowledge, their desire for change at the end of the novel is a cautious hope, not a slab-happy ending

By the way. From 24 July 2012, the original English edition ( ” The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry “Rachel Joyce: “The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry” at”

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