Who Would Be the Most Effective President among Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders

Hilary Clinton, was the first lady of Arkansas and of the US. She was also the US senator from New York and the US secretary of state. Based on these credentials I don’t think that I would call her an expert, but she certainly is not a novice and has some political experience under her belt. I like the sound of her plan to install half a billion solar panels in the US, however, this would be very costly and our country is already in debt.

Not to mention, this would not reverse any damage already done and only help the US specifically and not the rest of the world.

This is a global issue and needs to be treated as such because one country changing is not enough to effect the entire planet. Her plan to accept 65,000 Syrian refugees again, sounds nice, but I’m skeptical as to if it can actually be executed. That is a lot of people and I wonder if we have an acceptable place for them to live and the resources to provide for them.

Hilary Clinton over the years has displayed components of both idealism and realism but, neither is strong enough to determine a side. idealistically, she has a positive view of humanity, but realistically she she focuses on only important states and isn’t afraid to go to war and put the US before the rest of the world if it means we win.

Donald trump is as novice as you can get.

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He has zero political experience, but brings to the table an expertise in business which most other candidates don’t have. In terms of his environmental outlook, he doesn’t believe climate change is even an issue which is completely absurd. The longer we avoid this problem, the worse it is going to get and simply arguing that humans aren’t a contributing doesn’t solve what is clearly happening around us.

Meanwhile he wants to expand production of gas which will continue to agitate the environment and consequently create more problems domestically, perhaps starting more wars over oil. In terms of immigration, his views are controversial as well. Not to mention he is a blatant racist and wants to deport the immigrants already here in the US. Trump is absolutely a realist and believes that humans are greedy and will not learn from past mistakes (although he exhibits these traits himself). He isn’t worried about going to war and believe the US is the only important actor in the equation with a “zero-sum” outlook.

Bernie Sanders has political experience unlike Trump, but less than Clinton. He was the mayor of Burlington Vermont and the US Rep. and Senator from Vermont as well. He is a novice and more so than Clinton. His outlook on climate change is what I would prefer from a president in that he views it as a global issue and a very serious one. He is working to shift away from fossil fuels and closer to using more sustainable sources. He even introduced the END Polluter Welfare Act and the Low-Income Solar Act.

It is nice to see with this candidate that action was taken to solve this issue and not just skepticism about what may or may not be possible. His idea to allow 5-year undocumented people to stay in the country is realistic and is forgiving to those who would otherwise end up without a home if they were deported. He wants to strengthen the boarders between the US and Mexico as well which is doable and necessary. I would say that Sanders is an idealist.

He has a very positive view of humanity and believes humans can learn and change. He also focuses on issues as they affect the globe and not just the US alone. This is important for making the world a better place and not just US.

Based on what we know so far about these candidates I believe that Bernie Sanders would be the best option. He may be a novice, but that hasn’t stopped most men from being president in the past. He is very popular on social media which makes me a little skeptical if he is just trying to get the younger vote. Clinton seems to be too wishy-washy about her views and isn’t enough of an idealist for my liking. Sanders actions to control climate change iare very important and his view of humanity and the world as a whole (not just the US) is important as well. I believe his ideas are realistic and doable and he would make the most effective president among these three candidates.

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