Clinton's Presidency Was Coming to an End

Republicans scrambled to ensure that their candidate, Texas governor George W. Bush, would be elected. Bush was the son of the 41st president and his governorship in Texas was a Republican success story: his administration increased education funding, reformed the criminal justice system, and made Texas a leading producer in wind energy in the US. The “reformer with results” would bring conservative reform to the White House. To do so, Bush’s campaign reached far and wide to appeal to voters disillusioned by the scandal-ridden Clinton administration.

Although the brochure made covers the Bush campaign’s idea of opportunity, responsibility, and security for all Americans, it targets American families in particular, creating policies that embody the three concepts.

Opportunity is posed as social mobility in the Bush campaign. Education reform is one of Bush’s utmost priorities: his governorship in Texas led to updated curricula and increased funding. Those reforms would extend nationwide, so that “no child is left behind.” The Bush campaign also emphasized tax reform to make it easier for families to enter the middle class.

These reforms not only lined with the conservative concept of self-sufficiency but actually promoted social policy for American families. This would allow them to effectively embrace the American dream that all Americans work towards.

Security was a big concern after the Clinton Administration: not only did America intervene in violent conflicts in Yugoslavia and Somalia, but terrorist attacks against the US and her allies are getting increasingly dangerous. Less than a month before the election, the USS Cole was bombed, killing 17 American sailors and injuring 39.

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These kinds of attacks worried the American public, so prioritizing military spending became a logical choice. Strengthening and modernizing America’s military would, in the eyes of the Bush campaign and the Republicans, restore America’s position as a global power. This would be an attractive policy for American families, who were exposed to the horrors of the Yugoslav Wars and the 1998 embassy bombing in Tanzania and Kenya via television.

Responsibility was the aspect of the Bush campaign that appealed to conservative voters. The Monica Lewinsky scandal, and the subsequent impeachment of President Clinton, painted a very negative light on the office of the President. It was Bush’s intention to restore the “integrity” of the office. He was a very religious man, and as Governor, he expanded the rights of Texas faith-based charities and other religious groups. This was a policy that’d he’d install in the rest of the country, and in doing so, usher in the “responsibility era.” The Bush campaign wanted the resurgence of time-tested values that made children into responsible, accountable adults. To American families, that meant well-behaved children that would grow up to be social leaders. Along with education, the policies the Bush campaign had in mind would make the children of America better prepared for their future.

Opportunity, responsibility, and security was the slogan of the Bush campaign and reflected the changes Bush had in mind for America. The brochure takes these three themes and applies them to reforms relevant to American families, ranging from policies that embrace social mobility to those upgrading America’s security to those that instilled Judeo-Christian values into the American future. With the arrival of the 2nd millennium, America was at a trying time and its people realized that the nation had to undergo several changes. The brochure presents the failures of the Clinton/Gore administration and gives an alternate choice to American families: Bush, the reformer with results.

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