A History of Annie Sullivan the Teacher of Helen Keller

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Ms. Annie Sullivan was sent to the Keller homestead to teach a little girl how to see again. In no time she became part of the family. She opened up a whole New World for Helen. Annie affected the entire family by showing them the importance of education in Helen’s life. She saw the possibilities for Helen and wanted to see her succeed. Annie had dark long brown hair and she always put it up in a bun. She wore casual dresses.

The way the she dressed and did her hair expresses the she was very proper and very well mannered. The fact that she wore sunglasses all the time tells a story of how she was once blind as a child.

Annie was very stubborn and she could take care of herself. When she set her goal to teach Helen, she wouldn’t give up until she accomplished it. Even when Helen was throwing a fit and being wild Annie didn’t give up on her.

Annie was all in all polite but she always stated her opinion on the subject at hand whether anyone wanted her to or not. For example, at the dinner table when Annie wanted Helen to use all of the manners she had taught her but the Keller family let her go back to her old habits. Annie made her do it again the right way going against what the Keller family wanted. She is very loving but, hard to love. When Annie was blind as a child, she had a little brother named Jimmy.

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She had lost Jimmy at a young age. Annie had nine operations on her eyes and after that, she could see again but, almost all light hurt her eyes.

Annie was assigned to Helen as her first teaching job. Because Helen had so much potential, Annie felt strongly towards seeing her succeed. Annie’s desire for Helen to learn in itself motivated her to keep teaching, even when Helen was out of control. If Annie didn’t pursue her aspiration, Helen might have lost her chance to become something. Annie’s relationship with Helen and the whole Keller family was unique. With Helen, Annie loved her and could relate to her because of Annie’s personal experience with blindness. Kate and Annie were very similar as in the fact that they both wanted Helen to learn more then just manners and politeness but, Kate didn’t know how to help her. Annie and Captain Keller were both very stubborn but, Captain Keller didn’t understand what magnificent things Annie was teaching Helen or how essential they were to her life. James, in a way supported what Annie was doing for Helen.

Annie had a conflict with Captain Keller. This was that he only wanted Helen to obey and act appropriately, whereas Annie wanted Helen to understand and learn. Kate was too soft and careless with Helen and she would let her do as she pleased. Annie had to get Helen away from her old habit and discipline her, so she took Helen to the guest house for two weeks and got Helen to trust and tolerate her. So, that she could start teaching her.

Annie didn’t only teach and change Helen for the better. She also changed the entire Keller family. She brought an understanding of the way life was for Helen. The Keller family changed the way they acted towards Helen, which contributed to the learning experience for Helen. Without Annie, Helen would have been deprived of the chance to ‘see again. She was not only a benefit to Helen but to the whole Keller family. Annie grew to be more confident and strong-minded. She realized the huge impact she had made on the Kellers. Annie was a miracle worker.


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