Books By Annie Dillard

An author that writes fiction and nonfiction. Her award-winning book Pilgrim at Tinker Creek is a nonfiction narrative. She wrote other books like Tickets for a Prayer Wheel and Holy the Firm. She wrote a story called An American Childhood. She was seven years old at the time of that story and the year was 1952. She was born in 1945 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She was taught by boys to play baseball and football and she was pretty good at it. 1952 was an important year in history and I’m going to highlight that in my documentary.

I would interview a couple of people from her family. If I interviewed her sister. I think this is how it would go. I would ask her these questions. What was your favorite thing about the year 1952? “The fact that everything was so inexpensive.” What was your favorite movie in the year 1952? “Probably The Two Mouseketeers.” What would you do in your free time in 1952? “I would build snowmen during the winter.

” Next, I would interview her father, Frank Doak. When Annie was young did you think she was going to be a writer? “Not at all, I thought she was going to do sports or something active, but boy was I wrong!” Do you think that your parenting, or the way you raised her had anything to do with Annie’s success? “I don’t think so, ever since she started talking she has always been an energetic person, and I don’t think anything we did affected that.

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There were two more interviews that actually happened in real life. The first one was from Melissa Block. First they talk about Annie’s essay Total Eclipse, an amazing story of a total eclipse that occurred 37 years ago, which Annie got to experience. They talked about other things such as the Pulitzer for “Pilgrim at Tinker Park”, Baseball, her writing, and The Abundance, her new book. The last interview was from David Remnick who talked to Annie about her book and why she thought it got closest to “ a vision of where we are on this earth. ”

The year 1952 was a crazy year. People would report seeing flying saucers and, that was the year that the king of England died. First, let’s start with the flying saucers. Many newspaper clippings would start with the headlines “Hundreds In State See Flying Saucers” or “ Saucer Outran Jet, Pilot Reveals ”. It was very silly, the king of England died in 1952 as well. People were mourning as the news spread. There were many films during the time as well. One of them was called Singin’ In The Rain, a musical starring Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, and Donald O’Connor. Another one was High Noon and it was a western about a town that had to face a gang of deadly killers at high noon. Next was The Bad and the Beautiful, a comedy about three famous people who have to come together to work with a hated persons new production. Lastly, there was The Quiet Man, another comedy about a retired American boxer that found love when he returns to his village of birth.

That was my essay on Annie Dillard in 1952. Before writing this essay I didn’t know anything about this year, but now I know more that I need. I wish I would have been alive in the year 1952 because it seemed pretty cool. The movies actually sound pretty interesting even though they’re more than sixty years old. Annie Dillard has accomplished so much in her life, with the Pulitzer that she won when she was twenty years old and the “Flying Saucers” were ridiculous. Here are my references that I used to make this essay.

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