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Essay on “The Writer and Suicide (set of 2 books)”

Priznatcya honest, I no longer live with the thought of suicide.

We can say this is one of the most lucid and global thinking that accompanies me in my life. And there is this surprising, because it is an integral part of the triumvirate, in which it helps to dominate and life and death.

I would say more. Suicide fad I even helps to live. In the darkest moments mindset, I easily I measure the world – is there beside me at least someone for whom I would like to continue its existence.

And that someone always was. That someone could be a long time, those who-ing could be several, the one you could leave his post, but leave the receiver. The main thing is that this one has been, is and hopefully will be.

Books Review Example

The author speaks of his work as a rare representative of the literature on suicide in our country.

Of course, it stipulates that it is not necessary to consider his book as a scientific manual. And for good reason. Despite the large number of great style, and a little of the author’s gag – Chhartishvilli in the first half of the book organizes and summarizes the information related to suicidology

Most of the book, he describes the various theories to explain why people choose the last step on their own. (and, believe me, the point of view there is more than enough). And only at the end of the book he speaks directly to writers’ suicide as a class.

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Although the writer – as the object of study as drozofilla is used throughout the book

A lot of gloomy stories, many references to autobiographical works that help us trace razvitiemyslipisatelya potential suicide victims.. Many scientific socio-psychological theories, and, as might be expected, no specific conclusions. Chhartishvilli recognized in the final, that the book was his attempt to answer the question – suicide is good or bad, acceptable or not? And as a man, I think wise Chhartishvilli give accurate, recent, definitive answer – can not

Written exciting language, so do not want to keep reading about things, not only bleak, but also cataloged encyclopedic book. does not let go. The set includes a small volume – “Encyclopedia literaturitsida” – where the “heroes” of the author are listed in alphabetical order, are equipped with a curriculum vitae

“The Writer and Suicide” is a very important flaw in any “medical” encyclopedia -. It can not be read distantly. A lot of the symptoms are and at home. Here for example, the author refers to the fact that the “owls” who find it difficult to get up in the morning and who spend the morning in a bad frame of mind, often snapping at neighbors, are more prone to suicide

The clock is now 2.: thirty. In the morning I will snap.

P.S. The book has been described many reasons why people left out of life. But the most incredible death seemed to me in the name of logic. When the thinker, the philosopher, having weighed all pro and contra – came by logical reasoning in the dignity of death, and without hesitation put QED under his own evidence. And you, what are the reasons most do not understand?

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