Continuation of the series of romantic books about vampires "Vampire Academy"

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After the first book, I was disappointed, I did not expect from the second raptures, but I liked it. Massive Strigoi attack, which began to cooperate with the people; Roses meeting with his mother, their difficult relationship, flows into the peaceful course of understanding; develop feelings for Dmitry and attempt to stifle love him love another…. I. Finally, the first insignia on the neck of the protagonist.

In this book, unlike the previous one, clearly emerges the frame and it is clear that the central character in all Rose-taki, no frequent these “races” in the minds of Lissa.

There are new interesting characters, the problem no longer seem sucked from the finger, on the contrary, the terms of the jammed all policies.

I love the books of this genre less reflection, more action and Frostbite these things were present. After the Hunter and the victim, I thought that if read the continuation, not soon, is now not how much I regret that it was not soon come right now.

The book, like the series, is not going to be my favorite, but now I can say that the story worked and interesting

If it is short of the story, then this is the case: Rosa driven by an experienced custody for ala exam, but on arrival found that the guardian, and Morrow, who he guarded the dead. In connection with this turn, decided to spend Christmas vacation all together in a protected ski lodge, and do not let students go home.

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Families come together and all the roll to the base. Attacks in the district do not stop and on the background of romantic experiences, having information, Mason & Co. to seek Strigoi go to a neighboring town. Villain Mia suddenly becomes homo sensitive and nestervoznym after the death of his mother, who lived with killed Drozdov (in Russian surnames begin even stranger, or rather to their abundance, the author is sympathetic to our culture and language).

It reminded me of the House of Night and Aphrodite, but I think, in any such series, there is such a character. Rose and Christian Rescue presumptuous comrades and together come to the Strigoi prisoner. Here I am surprised, actually… Strigoi described as some animals that are killed as soon as they see the living Moroi or dhampir. But at the same speed and composure prevailed in the face of Isaiah, Mabe it over the years become a philosopher, but somehow amused as he could, without killing anyone. It’s okay, most importantly, how to have stolen all this gang-watering. Earlier, Christian used magic left and right, and there did not think heat gun, which threatened to Mie. Fortunately, then realizedAnd another feature similar to the House of Night – The death of one of the characters, even the way of killing the same and its meaning in the story

In general, continuation of the work out better than the first book. Mega has not, but is not bad.

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Continuation of the series of romantic books about vampires "Vampire Academy"
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