Annie Dillard "or the Authors" As A Child

This grate chapter and whole story was based in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Based in the 9150’s and 60’s,on experience as a child.This specific chapter is about her and other boy’s when she was just eight years old,on christmas afternoon.And that day something VERY unexpected happend.It was one of those times that changed the way she felt glory in life.Or at least that’s what she said it felt like in the book. Our research team has looked into the chapter of this amazing book and found some interesting things.

In this whole chapter, were never able to completely identify who the mad man in the suit was.All we know is that he was from pittsburgh and that was were they were.And he was “obviously “ in good shape,and was white with red hair.And as the girl noticed, he could tackle like a football player too.This man was the most physically determined adults that i’ve ever read about!

But it also seems like this mad man just couldn’t hold his temper.

And after a long time we finally found the author,”or Annie Dillard”, and was able to ask her some questions.  First we asked her why she wanted to write about when she was just a little kid.And she said,”because that’s when anything ever happened.And because life was different back then.In the 1950’s t.v’s were brand new! No internet or iphones,and all I ever did was play with the other kids in the neighborhood in nature”.

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Now that she is in her 70’s a lot has changed,and so has she.She was busy so we didn’t get to ask her any more questions.But it was a pleasure. In the book Annie learned to play football with the other neighborhood boys,and could soon through and tackle like the other boys.

And they also liked throwing snowballs at targets on the road,or just “passing cars”.But on this specific day, they hit a car and a businessman in a black suit and red hair actually,for the first time ever ,stopped his car,and chased them!They decided to split up,and Annie and another boy ran together.And of course the man followed them.And after running through almost the whole neighborhood he caught them. But all he could say was,”you stupid kids!”.And out of breath he gave them a long luxure that Annie actually listened to and all she felt was glory.The sweet sweet victory that she felt from being chased around her neighborhood by a grown man.And even if she died, she would die happy,very very happy. And the very last and quite funny sentence of this chapter was.”I don’t know how he found his way back to his car”.

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