Education Is a Step Towards a Good Future

Malcolm X, an African American man, jailed at the age of 21 received a formal but limited education. To achieve the status he holds today, Malcolm spent his time in prison self-educating himself. Through education, many African American students, like myself, are inspired to improve themselves and exceed the expectations society has set for them. Like Malcolm, these students aim to gain respect and create changes within their community, therefore, opening a world of possibilities. Education extremely necessary if we want to rebuild our community.

Austin Algeron states in the Economic Policy Institute, nearly half of the population’s poor black families live in neighborhoods with concentrated poverty. Education can provide a chance to change the community you grew up in. Malcolm used his knowledge to improve communities all over the world. Not only should we educate ourselves on the problems in the city, but we should also learn about our past and not just the things we are taught to believe in school.

Outreach programs are vital in communities where violence is uncontrolled. The applications can provide a safe space for black youth with counselors, tutors, and possibly offer food to these at-risk youth who may not have access to any of these services otherwise.

Programs such as this give these youths the option of staying out of the violence that takes place in their communities. The goal of the outreach program is to bring unity back into the black community and inspire each other to do better for ourselves and the generations under us.

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We don’t support each other in the city. We instead tear each other down to make each other feel worthless. We do not help the black community as a whole. Societal expectations are general standards of behavior that the individuals within a society are expected to uphold, like using good manners. However, for the African American community, these are prejudged thoughts.

The 2018 United States Census Bureau reported that 20.7 percent of our country of minority races. The second majority at 13.4 percent are African Americans. During the civil rights movement, black women were portrayed as “the help,” they were employed as mostly maids and nannies to wealthy white families currently we are shown as “ratchet” and “ghetto.” Society expects us to have our babies young and out of wedlock, then depend on government assistance to provide for their children. Black men are deemed criminals, drug dealers, and thugs. This image is mainly portrayed by the media causing young black men to become targets because of their dressing attire.

Hoodies and baggy jeans have created dangerous situations like Sanford, Florida teen Trayvon Martin. Stereotypes like these have caused young African Americans to have to prove themselves worthy to live in society by getting a higher education. For most African Americans receiving a college degree is the only way to provide their families with a better lifestyle. Attending college gives students a chance to expand their knowledge. More employers are asking for a college degree, those who graduate have a better chance of getting a job after college. Statistics prove that college graduates make significantly more than their coworkers who lack one.

Students have the opportunity to associate with their peers and faculty, to join student organizations and clubs, building healthy relationships. Malcolm X is an inspiration still to many people to this day because of all he accomplished with a “homemade” education. Education will provide many, especially African Americans, with a chance to turn their life around. With a world open to new possibilities, we will be able to see change in ourselves, communities and the expectations society holds for us.

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