Expanding Access to Education: Ensuring a Future for All in California

Save me a spot in college, I scream!  The job market is increasingly more difficult, and I need an edge!  I deserve a future!  I know, I know…things are getting tough…there are more students than colleges can accommodate.  To that I say, we can’t really make the people go away, so what we need to do is make the space for them!  Do we really want to turn people away from our state?  Do we want them to go elsewhere and lend to the progress of another region?  Aren’t our population, our citizens, and most importantly, our educated citizens what place us higher than other states?  I say let’s progress; let’s build; let’s get bigger; let’s continue to do what we promised to do and ensure that anyone who wants to go to college in California can go to college in California!California produces the best citizens in the world, and that is due in part to its promise to educate its own people.

  There will be over 600,000 new students to educate in the next decade than previous years.

  This is a heavy load to carry for our state, but we know that you are committed to helping us!  Think of all the future progress of our great state with 600,000 more educated adults!I deserve a spot in college.  I’ve worked hard for it.  I’ve dreamt of it since I was a small child.

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  Going to college has always seemed like a natural step in life for me and for my classmates.  I can’t imagine my life without a college education.  I can’t imagine the disadvantage I’d have in the job market without a college degree, or at least the fair opportunity to earn one.The Master Plan for Education is almost fifty years old.  It is time to make some updates to that plan to ensure that our future generations as well as our current population can receive a higher education in the state of California.  The Master Plan is lacking any provision for current or future funding for the expected surge in college attendance.  We must find a way today so that we can all have a better tomorrow.Save me a spot in college because I want it.  Save me a spot in college because I deserve it!

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Expanding Access to Education: Ensuring a Future for All in California
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