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One-to-one With Each Child
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Truth be told, I have not always known that I wanted to teach. Growing up I had some amazing teachers who showed me how much a good and creative teacher could inspire a classroom, but it never actually inspired me to think about teaching as a profession for myself. Despite always loving the company of children, and this love leading me to babysit and volunteer at summer camps throughout my early teens, it was not until I was sixteen that…...
Being A TeacherTeacherTeaching
Interests and Requirements
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The nature of this job that interests me the most is that it allows students an outlet to express themselves. High school can be a rough time for some students, and if they are anything like me art can be one of the few things they actually enjoy about school. The teachers that I had influenced me to be an art teacher, because they were some of the most understanding and open-minded people I had ever met. They listened to…...
Being A TeacherTeacherTeaching
Compare & Contrast
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First I will talk about Perennialism and how it determines the purpose of education through modifying education and less knowledge. Most students that graduate from high school are basically illiterate. When we look at Perennialism we notice that it is contemporary educational philosophy. Perennialism educational value is changeable. If I had to tell you which one would be easier to use when being a teacher I would say Perennialism. You are allowing students to engage in the process and figure…...
Being A TeacherTeacherTeaching
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The Role Of Teaching
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The role of teaching is undervalued in our society as evidenced by the low wages that teachers earn regardless of their levels of education and experience. Teachers deserve to get paid more due to the importance of their role and the hard work and long hours involved. Teacher pay has been a debate for a long time, yet there are still changes that need to occur. I believe that teachers play a critical role in our society and deserve to…...
Being A TeacherTeacherTeaching
One of the major jobs of being a teacher is to maintain
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One of the major jobs of being a teacher is to maintain the school’s reputation. This story is about the yearly visitation of the superintendent and district supervisors in every schools.The story starts with the preparation of everything, from the classrooms, to the food, to the lodgings of the supervisors, and even their lesson plans. They made it so that they can impress and get the favor of the supervisors who will be inspecting the place. This act is like…...
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