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Free essays on grades typically explore the importance of academic performance and the impact of grades on students' future opportunities. These essays may cover topics such as the benefits and drawbacks of grading systems, the impact of grades on motivation and self-esteem, and strategies for improving academic performance. The essays may also address controversial issues such as grade inflation or the potential negative effects of a hyper-focus on grades. Overall, these free essays offer valuable insights into the importance of striving for academic excellence and the many factors that can influence student success.
Grade Inflation in Education
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The term grade inflation is borrowed from economics, denoting a situation in which grades rise separately from the real value of work being produced by students. The term grade inflation carries a lot of baggage and negative connotations. It is used in two different ways: one being grading leniency and the other describing the tendency to award continuously higher grades for work that would have received lower grades in the past. In order to address the ethics of grade inflation,…...
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