The Power of Joining the Team

The following example essay on “The Power of Joining the Team” talks about the group presentation, answering the question what have you learned from this experience, both in terms of presenting and in terms of working in a group?

There are only three people in our group, so it is relatively easier for us to divide our workload. Our tutor, Mr Paul Smith, taught us several presentation skills during our seminar session. From this presentation, I learned that being confident is very important.

To be honest, when I was at school in China, we did not have the opportunities give a presentation. So presentation is really difficult for me. However, all things are difficult before they are easy. I read some books and did researches on presentation in library.

These are what I have learned from this presentation.

  1. Show your Passion and Connect along with your Audience. If you dont have passion yourself, how could your audience be interested? Focus on your audiences Needs, so that you can connect with your audience better.

  2. Once designing your presentation, you should always keep in mind the question: What is the key message for my audience to require away?
  3. You should be able to communicate the key message very briefly.Some experts recommend a 30-second ‘elevator summary’, others that you can write it on the back of a business card, or say it in no more than 15 words. If you prepare a very long introduction, your audience will get bored immediately.

I did not give many presentations before and I was really nervous.

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I always read the card I prepared instead of eye contact with the audience. After this presentation, I will get much more confident than before.

Group working: There are two classmates working with me, as I just mentioned, it is easier to divide workload among 3 people. Our topic is comparing the difference in housing policies between Beijing and Hong Kong. One of my group mates is from Hong Kong, so he is in charge of searching the information of housing in Hong Kong. Another group mate and I are from mainland China, so it is more convenient for us to search the information of mainland China.

From the group working, I know that no one is perfect, we need to help each other so that our team could be perfect. As a Chinese saying goes Two heads are always better than one. We contact each other with wechat, so that we can exchange our idea easily. Another important point is that you must try your best to contribute to the group. If all of the members just want other people to work, this group may become terrible, productivity will decline sharply.

In addition, members in the group must fully trust each other. Trust is the core of an effective, cohesive team. Without trust, team spirit is out of the question. Therefore, one of the characteristics of team spirit is that team members trust each other highly. That is, team members believe in each other’s integrity, personality and ability to work. Winning others’ trust is the premise of teamwork, and this trust should be broadly understood, including not only the trust in personal qualities, but also the trust in professional competence.

In conclusion, I really learned a lot from this presentation. In this world, the power of any one individual is small, only by joining the team, only by working together with the team, you can maximize your personal value, you can achieve your own excellence.

You have spent a semester in higher education (and survived!). How would you describe your personal development during your time at university so far? In other words, what have you learned about yourself?

On the very first day in the University of Manchester, I was surprised that the campus was so large. I even lost my way to my apartment when I returned from the dining hall. At first, I had difficulty adapting myself to college life. In college, we had more free time than in middle school.

In the evening, we were not required to study in the classroom. Instead, we could go anywhere and do what we want. I was at a loss on how to make use of so much free time. Then I borrowed a number of books from the library and most of them were novels, which I had no chance to read in middle school. Besides reading books in my spare time, I played table tennis for fun and made enormous progress. In my opinion, study should be the priority of our college life. Besides, we can take part in sports activities and have fun. Of course, we may take part-time jobs to improve our skills. In all, college life should be colorful and meaningful.

However, many people always thought that the life in university is free and cozy, but Id like to say its not true. In fact, my life in university is so busy. As to my college life, I divide it into four parts, including study, student?activities, library and the others. So I make up my mind to study hard and pursue learning as much as possible. Im greatly convinced that knowledge can change my life.

First of all, I have many different English courses to learn and a lot of homework to do. I think my college life is not easy. Because I’m an introvert and I’m afraid to speak in front of many people. I still remember my first presentation, although it was very short, but I was too nervous, which made me upset. What’s worse, sometimes I can’t balance the time between study and activities. However, pain always comes with happiness. I made many good friends in college. I also learned some new things that I had never thought of before, which greatly broadened my horizon and brought me great happiness. No pain, no gain. Only if we work hard can we achieve our goal. Everyone who wants to succeed must be diligent. The result may not always satisfy us, but we should not give in to the difficulty. Everyone has his own difficulties, so we should not complain about life.

In spite of all these adversities, we still enjoy our life in the university. During the half-year university study, we can not only acquire a lot of book learning but also foster various abilities. All types of extracurricular activities such as sports meets, speech contests, different social gatherings, and dancing parties provide opportunities to make friends; many of these friendships may last a long time.

In short, I am quite satisfied with my university life. However, there is still some room for improvement. I am convinced that my university life will become better and my grades would be improving lots next term. In one of our classes, we talked about critical thinking. How might you apply this mode of thinking to your learning and assessment in the future?

The class on critical thinking is my favorite one. During the class, our tutor gave us a topic?Does smoking cause cancer? There are 6 students in the class, half of us said yes, and the rest said no. So we were divided into two groups. The tutor told us that he was going to show some articles from websites, we could changed our mind anytime after reading the articles. The articles were from some famous websites, half of the articles stated smoking does cause cancer and another half held the opposite opinion. Our mind kept changing during the class. We realized that an individuals decision would be changed due to the environment. So critical thinking is really important.

Critical thinking isn’t just a concept, it’s a real-life model on which you can build successful and effective problem-solving skills that have proven invaluable in the workplace and elsewhere. Critical thinking may help to improve your decision-making. You put your intuition or guessing decisions behind and start working on a more analytical, thoughtful basis to make more rational decisions. So when you’re doing something, you’re not impulsive

Self-criticism is an important part of critical thinking. Through self-criticism, we can know our shortcomings and improve ourselves. In order to live a meaningful life and build our lives accordingly, we need to demonstrate and reflect on our values and decisions. Critical thinking provides a tool for this process of self-evaluation.

Good critical thinking is the foundation of a scientific and liberal democratic society. Science requires the critical use of reason in experimental and theoretical confirmation. The normal functioning of liberal democracy requires citizens who can think critically about social issues to provide information for their judgments of appropriate governance and to overcome prejudices and prejudices.

When we do research in the future, we can use critical thinking, we will have more dialectical thinking, and we can distinguish which resources are reliable and which resources are unreliable, which will greatly help us. One example is, we had an essay to finish this term, essay writing required lots of reading, through critical thinking, we can find out what we need most from a large number of articles. This greatly improves the level of our essay and also improves our efficiency.

Nowadays, one of the most important criteria for college success is the ability to think independently and logically. The knowledge of critical thinking ability enables us not only to summarize our papers coherently in a logical structure, but also help to express our ideas in an organized and persuasive way.

In conclusion, critical thinking will help me a lot in the future, in the aspect of life and study.

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