Privileges to Study Abroad

Are you considering leaving to study abroad, and in particular would you like to study in Australia or Canada, but have not yet decided which one to choose between the two destinations?

Then this article is right for you! Yes, because today we want to talk about all the pros and cons for each of these two countries, whether you want to study English abroad or you want to study at university or college.

We are sure that at the end of this article you will have the clearest ideas and you will be able to make your decision in a conscious and serene way.

Study and work in Australia or Canada?

Choosing the destination that is right for you and that meets your needs as a student worker is not easy. Especially in case your choice has to focus between two countries like Canada and Australia. In fact, both could be suitable for your needs.

In both Canada and Australia, the school system and universities in Canada are excellent and among the best in the world.

Furthermore, job opportunities are countless in both states.

But let’s proceed in order. Let’s see what are all the positive aspects of studying in Canada.

Studying in Canada: what are the benefits?

Whether you decide to study in Canada and attend an English course and improve your level of knowledge of the language, or decide to enroll in university or attend a professional course in college, you will be able to reap many benefits and positive aspects from this wonderful experience.

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Some of them are below:

  • because universities in Canada are among the best in the world. In this way you will receive an excellent education;
  • because you will get to know and be able to study with students of different nationalities. This will allow you to further enrich your cultural background;
  • because some Canadian cities are bilingual, so if you want, you can deepen both the knowledge of the French language and the knowledge of English;
  • because if you want to attend a 6-month language course you can do it with the ETA tourist visa which is very easy to obtain;

Working in Canada: the pros.

In addition to helping you with your school/board expenses during your studies, there are many other positive aspects of working in Canada. Among them, for example, the fact that finding a job in the restaurant sector or in a shop is not difficult.

The other good thing is that getting a visa to work in Canada while studying is not complicated, since by studying at a college or university you can work 20 hours a week and full-time during the holidays.

Studying in Australia: what are the pros?

We have already seen that Australia can count among the most prestigious universities in the world. This should already be a valid reason for wanting to undertake your studies in the Australian continent.

But there are also other positive aspects from which you can benefit. Here is one example:

The university system in Australia is excellent because it is based on practice, therefore not only on theory and books. If you choose to attend an Australian university you will have the opportunity to ‘learn the trade’ through workshops and traineeships.

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