Going To Work Abroad Advantages And Disadvantages

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Working Abroad Essay

Nowadays we are driving cars from South Korea, wearing clothing designed in the U.S. and manufactured in Taiwan. Today firms have not all their facilities, such as: research, development, production, distribution, and so on – in one country. The reason for this is the growing globalization. Consequently, employees have to be mobile, have to admit working overseas. This essay will discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of those employees who work abroad.

Disadvantages of working abroad

The disadvantages are numerous.

For example, there are countries where you are not allowed to drink alcohol, to walk hand-in-hand with your wife or girlfriend or even to eat meat from a pork or a cow, such as Iran, Iraq, and so on.

Another disadvantage is the clothing. In most Islamic countries, people have to cover their arms and legs, so shorts and T-shirt for men or tops and hot pants for women can cause offence.

If you are not aware of the local religious circumstances, you can make big mistakes and get into big trouble.

If you are travelling on your own to a foreign country to find a job, you can run out of funds that can force you to return home. If you are not finding immediately new friends, crisis can even seem more severe, than at home with the help of friends or family.

Writing Essay Advantages And Disadvantages

Other disadvantages include getting used to bureaucracy. The financial circumstances are also very important: maybe you have to pay higher taxes or you need a special health care insurance.

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In some countries, the weather could be even worse than in Vietnam. In other countries you are not allowed to go out in dusk because of unsafe political-circumstances, racism or terrorism.

Some other facts that depend on the country and personality of a person who works abroad are the different life conditions, the different social behaviors, and the different working times, for example, in Dubai, it is common to work from 8 am to 1 pm, and 4 pm to 8 pm with an afternoon “siesta” break and the standard working week is from Saturday to Wednesday with a Thursday and Friday weekend.

Advantages of working abroad

On the other hand, there are advantages to work abroad. Working abroad can improve one’s language skills, which can come in handy if you apply for a job later, as well as gaining business experience in different countries. To sum these 2 points up: it is a positive item in the CV and you can gain credits in comparison to applicants who have not worked abroad. Moreover, you meet many different and interesting people, which can give you new opinions or even support you to do business or climbing up the social- and business-ladder.

Another positive argument for working abroad is that you can work where other people spend their holidays, if you are working in a “holiday country”. For example, in the Middle East where becomes rapidly one of the most popular holiday destinations, not only because of the leisure activities like golf, water sports and horse riding, but also the temperature makes it possible to enjoy year round sunshine or the shopping facilities.

Several firms offer their staff attractive fringe benefits for working away from home. For example, they offer two-way flights each year for their employees or include extracurricular activities at the host country to integrate the “new” employees from abroad. This brings me to my next advantage: you have to integrate into another multicultural society. This touches every point of daily life, such as: history, language, traditions, religion, arts and food.

In conclusion, as the world becomes a global village, it is really no surprise that working abroad is becoming an increasingly attractive option. It brings advantages and disadvantages. Thus, according to each circumstance, everyone has to decide for his/her own if he or she wants to work abroad.

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Going To Work Abroad Advantages And Disadvantages
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