Advantages of Studying Economics Abroad

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Analyzing the current society and by reading ‘Freakonomics’, where S. Levitt depicts economics as the critical factor to penetrate our complex reality, I have realized the most relevant fields of study in order to comprehend our reality are those of Economics and Finance. Hence my decision to attend the Italian Liceo Scientifico, which enabled me to develop a scientific methodology thanks to the intense study of Maths and Physics and and to boost my problem-solving abilities through the use of numbers and statistics in the resolution of complex theoretical models.

By studying K. Marx’s ‘Das Kapital’, I realized that the laws of Economics are continuously influenced by the social and political factors that characterize a historical period. I experimented this complex interrelated reality by attending the Model United Nations at the UN headquarters in New York, in 2016. Having been a member of the Economic and Financial committee, I read and analyzed documents that combined elements of economics and public policy, such as the Paris Agreement, and thus discovered my interest in the world of economics.

Through this challenging but enriching experience, I became more persuasive and developed my critical thinking abilities while debating about global issues. Working in such a prestigious and international environment honed my English language skills and compelled me to learn how to interact with people in a business atmosphere.

Living in a global economy, I often read international newspapers such as ‘The Economist’ or the ‘Financial Times’, alongside the Italian press. Discovering A. Smith’s theory of the ‘invisible hand’ of capitalism, J.

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M. Keynes’ critique on its ‘laissez-faire’, I questioned myself whether capitalism represents the best economic model to conduct the society and I became interested in economic theories, that I hope to further deepen in my university studies. In 2017 my classmates and I started an environmental sustainability project in collaboration with the ‘University of Toronto Schools’. The meticulous data collection and re-elaboration, the use of calculus and statistics to define a precise profile of the school’s spending on energy sources, and our further thinking on environmentally and economically feasible future solutions, combined with collaboration with an economics professor at the ‘University of Udine’, introduced me to a university life, where commitment, precision and team-work are essential skills.

The prestige of this innovative project prompted us to write a book, being the first Italian high school to present an environmental sustainability report. I volunteer for a local charity where I help orphans and after registering to ‘ADMO’, I am now a bone marrow donor. Along with school, I sometimes attend with interest the Rotary Club meetings. I love to dance, to ski and I am thrilled to participate at University social life in similar ways.

Being I interested in every cultural background, during my studies I enhanced my knowledge of foreign languages by studying abroad, attending several summer schools in the UK and the US. These experiences required maturity and demonstrated my capacity to adapt in new and international environments. By studying French on my own, I have also learned how to stay motivated, committed and organized due to the independent and rigorous study schedule I followed. I believe exploring economics abroad but especially in the UK, a leading nation in the global economic world, can help me grow both personally and professionally, broadening my horizons and giving me the opportunity to discover new ways of reasoning, essential for a future job.

I am therefore sincerely committed to pursuing a career in Economics, which perfectly fits my skills and my aspirations, representing a remarkable opportunity for me, as a young student and leader of tomorrow.

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Advantages of Studying Economics Abroad
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