For the past few years I have been looking for a destination when I decided to continue my higher education abroad. During this process I spent huge amount of time searching on the Internet and trying to talk with people around me who have studied abroad. As a result, South Korea became my final, suitable for my aims, destination. One of the reasons why I chose South Korea is Korea’s booming economy which promotes education system in every possible manner.

From my perspective, they have already achieved a lot in education. Well-developed education system was one of my main priorities in searching for a study destination. High standard education system plays a big role in today’s knowledge-based employment market by encouraging students to develop critical thinking and original approach. This is what attracts me to continue my higher education abroad. The opportunities that are available for international students in South Korea is the best way to stimulate students to act, move towards their dream.

I saw South Korea as an opportunity to explore new country, new culture and new language. Certainly, international-oriented entourage at universities allows students to be prepared for big international companies and opens many doors to a good career.

South Korea is a hub of advanced technology with its world-recognized achievements in the IT realm. This one more time proves that I should study there because of the program I chose. Nowadays, there are IT companies, organizations in my country who lacks cybersecurity, software and website developers and government which needs advanced programmers to guide them.

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I thought that that is my mission and chose to become an IT specialist.

There are some reasons why I am not undertaking the same program in my home country. IT sphere has recently started to develop and spread in my country too. But universities still lacks good IT specialists who can share real knowledge with students and teach them practically. I cannot compare our education system with Korea’s education system especially when it comes to Computer Science. My aim is to obtain high quality education and acquire as more as possible experience relating to my program through conversations and collaborations with professors, specialists, peer students and working on various projects with them.

After acceptance to the university, my main focus will be on Korean language because it makes collaboration with peer students and professors far more effective. Secondly, it is interesting to explore Korean people and their culture making experiences from studying abroad more affluent. I am planning to learn Korean at least to the intermediate level during the first semester. Starting from the second academic year I want to major in Software Engineering and Cybersecurity because I am planning to make my own software product in the future which will make people’s lives better and easier and I want it to be so secure that even I will not be able to hack it. From the third year, I am going to move on practical theories and I will do research based on a topic I chose. Besides IT, I am going to take some additional courses and lectures about marketing and management to become familiar with fundamentals of business strategies in my final academic year. I am intending to take part in every conference, sport tournaments and other activities and make contribution to the achievements of the university. Through my efforts to obtain scholarships and getting it, allows me to be flexible, concentrated on my studies and achieve further academic and professional goals. I would not have to think about monetary budget and paying tuition fee. As I am already 18 years old, I do not want to bother my dad every month for money. Receiving scholarship would allow me to be independent and focused on greater goals.

After graduation, I am intending to work as an intern in an IT company for 1-2 years to gain enough practical knowledge about how an IT company runs, programming, staff, managing people and team-working. If I lack some experience in a certain area, I will do my Master’s degree then. I am not going to come back to Uzbekistan unless I gather enough experience abroad. Because there are a pile of problems related to IT in my country, in my view, knowledge which is gained during Bachelors is not enough to tackle this issues. After all, I will come back to Uzbekistan and start gathering all people from IT field to start my own company. My company’s aim will be improving security of networks and developing software products to make drudgery computerized.

In conclusion, I am confident that I will achieve aforementioned goals and become a big expert in IT industry. I also believe that your university will definitely be proud of me.

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