Education: Benefits Of Studying Abroad

As education is a building block in our lives, we are willing to invest deeply into our education. Good education will bring us far with what they have to offer for our very own future. Currently in this modern day society, many of our universities and colleges in our own home country have grown tremendously and improved in all sectors and field. Some feel that it is sufficient to get an education in our home country and graduate which leads to finding a job after.

Yet many also have the idea of studying abroad as a consideration. Does studying abroad really benefit us? Well, studying abroad does have some advantages and disadvantages. However in an open view of studying abroad, the advantage does trump the disadvantages. Mainly, the disadvantage that comes with studying abroad is personal such as the feeling of being alone and away from home. One may say that studying abroad is much more costly compared to studying locally and with the same education one will get, it is actually unnecessary spending.

However, we often forget that education is not expenditures but it is an investment that comes with a long term benefit or return in the long run. The benefits that we gained from studying abroad are priceless and can’t be placed a price on. In addition, the knowledge and experience which we have gained while being abroad would forever be with us and nobody can take it away from us. Among the benefits of studying abroad is the opportunity to be more independent when they are out of their comfort zone at home.

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Based on a survey and research done by International Education for Students (IES), it was shown that a majority of the students who studied abroad realized that it is a catalyst to increase one’s maturity and self-independence. Many of us cannot deny that we are somehow spoilt when we are in our comfort zone, where we are always spoon-fed by our supporting members of the family. Apart from that, students who studies abroad tend to be more organized in their schedule and are forced to ensure all assignments for school and housework around the house is accomplished.

It have also been said that a majority of the students who studied abroad also tend to be more confident. This is because, they are faced with different situations and scenarios in their studying life which they have not faced alone, making them much bolder in decision making on their own. Students would be exposed to different cultures apart from their own; they would develop a wider perspective on the country they are accommodating and the international perspective on the world.

Many people from different countries nowadays have different views on different countries due to the misguidance from the mass media through movies and television shows. If we rely solely on education at our home country, we would not be exposed to the cultural diversities that differ from our own. Also, different countries differ in their teaching method, for example, majority of the European based education emphasizes more on the theory of a particular subject, while the American based education focuses on a more practical training and application of theories learnt in class.

This would help students to decide which path to choose for their future, as no two students are the same. Some are more practical in their studies, and some are excellent students with the study and understanding on the theory of the subject. With the knowledge learnt abroad, we can always imply and train the people of our home country. The introduction of new technology brought from a different country back to our home country would benefit both us as a student and help improve the economy of our country.

Studying abroad can be a great resume builder which would most certainly attracts the interest of the employer when they are reviewing the resume. Apart from that, students who have studied abroad are able to adapt much quicker to new surroundings which helps with the increase of international market businesses (Sullivan). It is with this sense of adaptation by students, that companies are pursuing and in the run to hire future employees with this criteria. In addition to the current limited economy suffered by many companies, they are now venturing and expanding to international market.

Therefore, increasing the chances for students who study abroad as they have a wider knowledge on the international market including, language skills that one may have obtained during their stay abroad. An individual who have capability on conversing fluently in a foreign language in a foreign land would impress and place confidence of both the employers and business partners upon that individual. Learning an additional language apart from our mother tongue, would show that the applicant is initiated to learn another language and would prove to be useful in the field.

Studying abroad does not bound us to only studying in lecture rooms and classes, as there is always freedom for individual to travel and explore all the historical sites and attractions that the hosting country has to offer. By staying in our home country, we may or may not have the time to travel around the world while we are studying, but being in a foreign land, just by being in our university area and exploring the surroundings would already be an adventure.

Being a student in a foreign land supplies us with benefits, such as cheaper travel for us students with a tight budget who wants to see the world and what it has to offer. The world is still filled with all the wonders and mysteries that await our coming of seeking an adventure to explore all this wonderful gifts that have been given to us. Going on a travel during studies is one of the best experiences as we are more outgoing in nature and still excited to explore around.

In conclusion, with all the advantages that have been spoken off, one would still hesitate about leaving the comfort of home with various thinking in their mind such as financial and fear of being alone in a far away land. But many of this is small matters that have a solution to it, such as financial studying abroad. Many universities are attracting students to come and study in their universities; therefore they are providing more financial aid and scholarship to students who are serious in pursuing a degree with them and gaining knowledge that they have to offer.

However, we must take that one step of faith to make a decision and stand up on our own to pursue something better. Being abroad actually help moulds an individual into a more confident and outspoken person who cannot be built through the aid of classrooms and lecturers but through the lifestyle one chooses. Apart from that, being abroad widens our relationship with people with different backgrounds and cultural beliefs. In addition, by making more friends outside our circle, we enlarge our chances by knowing connections for a job offer in the future.

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