Why Do I Want To Participate In Studying Abroad Program

People use to call USA a land of opportunities. And on top of that, major part of well known movies are from there. When I was young I really liked those American films. I?ve always wanted to know how does it really look like in country where Marty McFly is from and even if they actually have so pretty cars and neighborhoods with big houses. I was so impressed.

These days I realize how much luck and freedom we have.

I can watch a movie from country I have never been to. Nowadays, everyone got used to this. Visiting places around the world, chatting with our friend who is on the other side of globe or going on vacation to exotic place. All of these things are a matter of course for almost every one of us, but not for all. However there are still some places where people don?t have liberty or they can?t afford these things.

My grandparents, children borned and brought up in a country where such possibilities were not. They were born in the beginnings of communist regime in our country. Considerable part of their childhood, especially in school, was formed by things which people around them could say without being arrested or punished and spend long time in prison. These things were often lies or not complete truths. Due to the cold war and manipulations with people, their worldview was distorted. Government led people to hate everything that wasn?t in line with their ideology.

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My grandparents were glad to study on high school, because if their parents would do something wrong, communist party could arrange to never let them study again. They never even dreamed about going to study abroad. They spent most of their life being trapped in their own country without opportunities and freedom.

It?s been a while since my country was locked and isolated from world. Borders are now open and we can travel. It?s never been so easy to experience other countries and cultures like it?s now. We can do whatever we want and whenever we want. Today nothing can stop us from exploring, but not much people are brave enough to step out of comfort zone. Most people all around the world live their boring life. Everybody says : when i grow up or when i will have time. The problem is we all have just one life and it is up to us how we want to live. So if we know about all of these problems why don?t we just fix them and live fully? That was my question too, but the problem is that not many people realize that they have only one life. People love stereotypes and living without them is too dangerous or uncomfortable, so that is why most of them live in their own bubble. I was one on them, but i learned, that if we make just some little things different we can live better life.

Since i was born my mind got influenced by other people and mass media. I have always known what is right and what shall i do. I?ve always wanted to get out of the crowd a do things, that nobody was doing. Learning new things and exploring have been my passion. Trying new languages finding new friends and being open to everything new and innovative pushes me forward to new life experiences. When i was eight years old my first english story has started. I was going to school where foreign languages have not taken so seriously,using different language than my mother tongue was enriching. As the wise man one said : You live a new life for every new language you speak, if you know only one language you live only once.

Some people say, that studying abroad is the same as studying in own country. In my opinion is it not.

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Why Do I Want To Participate In Studying Abroad Program
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