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Topics: Human Rights

You are working as a Social Worker in a Gateway Team. A referral is received from the PSNI that they attended an incident of domestic abuse the old Saturday eventide. The referral is being made because there are two kids in the family aged 4 old ages and 18 months.

Discuss the Main Roles and Responsibilities of the Social Work profession, including Law and Policy, Service User perspectives, the Social Work procedure, and professional moralss and values.

Social work involves working with some of the most vulnerable people who have been oppressed or disadvantaged in Society.

The function of the Social Worker is to dispute these subjugations to assist service users help themselves. It is about advancing alteration, and is underpinned by Torahs, theories, policies and processs. ‘Social Work as a profession has ne’er experienced so many alterations in policy and pattern ( Iwaniec and Hill 2009’9 ) Theory is far from benign and practicians need to guarantee that their apprehension of theory has non stopped, slowed or go misplaced ( Helm 2010 ) although they can non stand for an absolute truth they can assist understand, explicate and convey approximately alteration.

( Howe 1990 )

For the intent of this assignment the premise is that this is a heterosexual married twosome where the hubby is perpetrating domestic force against his married woman.

The Gateway squad is the first point of contact when kids are involved, when the referral is made, their input ; although may be short term has a important impact in guaranting the safety of the kids. It is their responsibility to look into, the Social Worker must see this household within twenty four hours or the grounds why this can non be achieved must be clearly recorded ( Crippling, 2003, Recommendation 53 ) It is the Social Workers responsibility to do contact with this household every bit shortly as possible.

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It may be good to look at the four chief parts of the assisting rhythm which are Assessment, Care Planning, Implementation and Review. ( Taylor and Devine 1993 ) Although Gateway does n’t be given to put to death attention programs, except perchance on a short term footing, this rhythm can supply a house foundation for the Social Work procedure.

On reception of this referral the Social Work procedure Begins, Social work is ne’er mechanistic or predictable and any brush is seen as alone, Social Workers need to be decently prepared to guarantee effectual pattern. One of the most of import methods of readying for Social workers is that of ‘Tuning in ‘ which should get down when the referral has been received. Shulman ( 1992 ) has described this as affecting attempt from the workers to acquire in touch with possible feelings and concerns the Service User may convey to the assisting brush. This should assist the Social Worker prepare for set abouting the referral with a more nonsubjective attack ; they may fit themselves with information to be provided as a agency of authorising the household such as bureaus they can link with.

Social work has been described as a ‘practical moral activity. ‘ ( Parrott 2010 ‘3 ) Before go toing any referral it is of import the Social Worker takes into account their ain values, we all have a set of beliefs that influence our actions they relate to what we believe others should make or what we should be making ( Parrott 2010 ) Valuess are influenced by things such as civilization, household, and life experience. As a Social Work practician there is a professional set of values that must be reflected in pattern. It is of import to be cognizant of our ain values and understand that there will be occasions when our personal and professional values will conflict.

The Cornerstone of a high quality appraisal is a sound value base, which challenges subjugation and respects single ‘s rights. Middleton ( 1997 ) believes the procedure of appraisal is steadfastly rooted in the context of Social Work values and single difference is cardinal if the procedure is non traveling to disempower the person. Several possible booby traps in doing opinion are identified by Milner and O’Byrne ( 2009 ) such as, pigeonholing, labelling people and imputing certain features to people because how we perceive they are likely to act, as a Social Worker it is of import to be able to recognize these ruins and seek to avoid them, to guarantee effectual pattern. ‘Our values and positions of childhood can play a portion in the appraisal procedure. ‘ ( Helm 2010’162 )

Due to the possible hazard to the kids it may be hard to experience regard for the male parent ; he is allegedly transporting out domestic force in the household place, seting both his married woman and kids at hazard from injury. It is of import as a Social Worker to be clear that, although the actions may non be respected it is a professional responsibility to esteem the individuals as an person in their ain right. Recognizing possible value struggles can lend to effectual pattern.

Milner and Byrne ( 2009 ) argue appraisal is a cardinal undertaking in societal work pattern. It is an on-going procedure affecting Service User engagement, with the intent of understanding people in relation to their environment. ( Coulshed and Orme, 2006 ) ‘Assessment demands the ability to organize, systemise and rationalise cognition gathered, the Social Worker needs to be sensitive and show the ability to value the singularity of each person assessed. ‘ ( Parker and Bradley 2007’16 ) . ‘Practitioners require the accomplishment and finding to happen methods of communicating to show their competency. ‘ ( Thomas and O’Kane 2000’819 ) One of the most controversial and complex countries of Social Work is the appraisal of a kid and their household when there are concerns about the public assistance of the kid. ( Holland 2004 ) So it is of import that all cognition is kept up to day of the month.

It is of import that the appraisal ensures full engagement of the household and any important others, portraying regard and consideration, working in partnership with the household will be good. The Social Worker needs to be unfastened and honest and give the household a clear apprehension of the appraisal procedure and their functions within it. In this peculiar instance the exchange theoretical account could be applied, where it is seen that the service user is their ain best expert, the interview should be collaborative, the household will cognize what jobs they are confronting, they will be able to supply their positions on what is go oning.

Part of the appraisal procedure would be to garner information, through observation, oppugning and the interview procedure. The Social Worker will necessitate to be cognizant what they are looking to happen out and make up one’s mind who they need to talk with, the parents, the kids and any important other that could supply an penetration into the household scene.

As Part of the ‘tuning in ‘ procedure it is of import that the Social Worker works in partnership with other bureaus as this might assist to acquire a clearer apprehension of the state of affairs, they must intercede with the constabulary as they were the 1s that made the referral and it may besides be good to talk to the household ‘s GP and the wellness visitant, as there is an eighteenth month old kid in the house the wellness visitant may hold made regular visits and could give a good penetration into the household and the kids ‘s development.

Observation is a critical component of appraisal ( Holland 2004 ) Detecting the household is a major portion of the appraisal procedure, visualizing how they interact with each-other and how the kids interact with both parents, it is of import to look for marks of break and perchance fear on the portion of the kids. Observation can let the practician to see how the kids ‘s day-to-day life expressions like with peculiar mention to emotional maltreatment and disregard ( Helm 2010 ) as both kids are still immature the usage of observation with mention to the fond regard theory could supply critical information as the fond regard theory focuses on how the kids interact with their parents. The kid ‘s development can be affected by deficiency of fond regard with parents. ( Hirschy and Wilkinson 2009 ) What is being said and what is being done may non be easy to picture, the usage of observation ‘allows the practician to formalize what is being said or it may supply contradictory grounds that needs to be addressed. ‘ ( Helm 2010’57 )

Another important country of the appraisal is the interview procedure. The parents, the kids and any important others, will necessitate to be interviewed in relation to this instance, to supply a holistic position of what is go oning and the consequence it may be holding on the kids. Interviewing others outside the household may do controvsersy with the parents as the Human Rights act ( 1998 ) states people have the right to a private and household life, ( ) if there is a possibility the kids are at hazard all avenues need to be assessed. When questioning the parents it is of import that their rights are promoted. Questions need to be suitably structured to guarantee that the household are non oppressed in anyhow.

Ethical motives are an of import portion of Social Work ( Banks 2006 ) Harmonizing to the Northern Ireland Social Care Council ( NISCC ) Social Workers should advance the independency of the Service Users while seeking to guarantee that their behavior does non harm themselves or other people. It is of import to see the female parents position of the state of affairs, although the intent of the Gateway squad is chiefly to look after the public assistance of the kid, they must besides be cognizant of the subjugation being faced by the other members in the household and advance their rights.

As the female parent is enduring from domestic force, it may be good to supply her with advice and with information on Women ‘s assistance who provide support for anyone who suffers from domestic force ; it may assist to authorise her and give her a sense of ego finding. She may non wish to go forth for several grounds but she should be cognizant that it is non merely her that is enduring, her kids are every bit good. O’Loughlin and O’Loughlin ( 2008 ) believe that some female parents sing domestic force may emotionally distance themselves from their kids, ensuing in emotional disregard.

Information on certain Torahs could be provided ; one chief order would be The Family Homes and Domestic Violence ( NI ) Order ( 1998 ) which includes two orders, the non-molestation order and the business order. It is utile to supply the household with this information because if the job still persists this jurisprudence gives the authorization for the maltreater to be removed from the place where kids are involved. ( White 2007 ) Supplying this information can authorise the female parent.

Women ‘s Aid believes all signifiers of domestic force come from the maltreater ‘s desire for power and control over household members or intimate spouses. ( ) . When questioning the male parent it is important the practician is non-judgemental and shows regard, he may see himself as the dominant figure in the household, the thought of male patriarchate may play a portion here therefore it may turn out valuable speaking with the male parent to give advice and supply information on possible choler direction classes that he could go to, which may be of benefit to him and his household.

When transporting out appraisal with Children the Social Worker with utilize UNOCINI, which provides the model for measuring and supplying services to kids and their households, by guaranting seasonably high quality appraisals with a focal point on accomplishing good results for kids. It is of import to explicate to the household the intent of UNOCINI. Using the UNOCINI model provides the Social Worker with in-depth cognition of the fortunes at manus and can help the Social Workers function of protagonism, stand foring the positions of the kids. It can assist the Social Worker assess countries such as the kids ‘s development, the household relationships, emotional heat and instruction and acquisition. UNOCINI emphasises the importance of multidisciplinary parts to the holistic appraisal of the kid ‘s demands ( Boginsky 2008 ) such as work with GP and wellness visitant and equal degrees of communicating between Social Work squads and can supply grounds of the degree of aid required.

The chief intent of the appraisal is to place possible risked posed to the kids. The Children ‘s ( NI ) Order 1995 is put in topographic point to protect the kid. When measuring a instance like this it is highly of import to understand the Torahs that are important, as Social Work Torahs unpin pattern. The Paramouncy Principle provinces that when a kid ‘s upbringing is being considered, the kid ‘s public assistance will be the paramount consideration. ( White 2007 )

The Social Worker is required to work with and on behalf of the service users. When questioning the kids it is of import that the Social Worker uses appropriate linguistic communication that the kids understand, explain to them why your there and what the state of affairs is. The Children ‘s ( NI ) order ( 1995 ) which states ‘children should be kept informed. ‘ ( ) it is the duty of the Social Worker to guarantee that both the kid ‘s public assistance is protected and their voice is heard. ( Brandon et al 1998 ) The demands of the kids must be recognised. Peoples First NI ( 1995 ) believes that needs led appraisals are the basis of community attention. Children have rights and needs merely similar grownups, to hold their positions and experiencing heard and to be treated with regard they need to be able to speak to grownups they trust. ( Brandon et al 1998 ) ‘By inquiring kids to pass on in ways that suit grownups, such as speaking, reading and authorship, we play to adult competences and non to those of kids. ‘ ( Helm 2010’170 )

Social Workers need to be accountable for the quality of their work and should systematically be keeping and bettering their accomplishments ( NISCC ) In order to guarantee effectual communicating the Social Worker must seek to construct a resonance with the kids ; this could be done through seeking to prosecute their attending, to assist develop a relationship that will assist the Social Worker to larn from the kid. There are possible ways this can be done ; the usage of a basic kit bag may turn out good, incorporating points such as drama people, soft animate beings or soft balls. ( Brandon et al 1998 ) It is critical to seek to understand what is go oning from the kids ‘s positions to assist measure the degree of hazard they face ; kids need to be listened excessively.

Domestic force can hold a immense impact on kids of all ages, age can act upon the manner in which kids make sense of their experiences and how they demonstrate certain anxiousnesss. The kids in this household are an baby and a kid of preschool age. O’loughlin and O’loughlin ( 2008 ) believe in state of affairss of domestic force an baby ‘s demands may non be met, such as personal hygiene, cognitive development may be delayed through inconsistent disregard, and they become insecurely affiliated which could set the baby at hazard.

‘Younger kids do non hold the ability to show themselves verbally and research has shown that kids of preschool age tend to be the group to show the most behavioral perturbations ‘ ( Hughes 1988 ; Cited by Humphreys and Stanley 2006 ‘ 20 ) they may go withdrawn and show hapless concentration, which may perchance be identified through observation of the kids.

The Social Worker is required to transport out a hazard appraisal in relation to the kids. As this is an alleged instance of domestic force the kids may be at hazard. Brearley ‘s theoretical account of hazard appraisal is a good focal point point as it can assist find the degree of hazard. The four phases of Brearley ‘s theoretical account are predisposing jeopardies ; situational jeopardies ; dangers and strengths, making so may assist inform the Social Worker of the degree of support the household require. Safeguarding the kid is indispensable so it is imperative that a elaborate, good informed appraisal is completed.

It is critical to bring out what the kids have seen or heard and if they have of all time been abused themselves, due to the age of the younger kid this may be hard to determine. However the affair with the wellness visitant could supply more information on the kids ‘s well-being and besides their phases of development. Bronfenbrenner ‘s ( 1979 ) theory of ecological development would be a good theory to be cognizant of when detecting the kids. This theory looks at a kid ‘s development within the context of the system of relationships that form his or her environment. He believes that if the relationships in the place interruption down, the kid will non hold the tools to research other parts of their environment. ( Crawford and Walker 2010 )

All kids witnessing domestic force are being emotionally abused ( Women ‘s Aid ) and may be at hazard of injury. Harm is defined in the Children Order as “ ill-treatment ” or the damage of wellness or development ” and from the above statements we can see inauspicious consequence that domestic force within the place can hold on kids. ( Probation Board for Northern Ireland 2006 ) Throughout the appraisal it is critical that the involvements of the kid are ever at the head. ‘Frequent exposure to domestic force can predispose kids to societal, emotional and physical jobs and through this they may larn unhealthy ways of showing choler learning them that it is ‘okay ‘ to hit others and to acquire away with it. ‘ ( Newman and Newman 2008’4 )

When the appraisal is completed the Social Worker must enter all inside informations accurately. The practician needs to be unfastened and honest with the household about the information and findings. Review and rating is cardinal to good pattern ( Parker and Bradley 2007 ) The Social Worker must reexamine their appraisal to find the degree of support and protection the kids and the household require. Reflection is required so the Social Worker can find if their pattern could be improved and if they have carried out the appraisal in the best involvements of the kids and the household. If Care planning is required, it is of import that a program is constructed that meets the demands of the household and precautions the well being of the kids.

If the appraisal high spots that the kids are in demand ; in concurrence with Hardikers thresholds of intercession, it is possible for the gateway squad to set in a short term program which would put purposes and aims within the household ; to back up them with partnership from other bureaus involved. Gateway merely work on short term footing, if this household necessitate more support a referral will be made to the household intercession squad so they can supply the appropriate support to enable the household to remain together where possible. However if it is a kid protection nature, a instance conference may be required to make up one’s mind if the kids should be placed on the kid protection registry.

Information should be passed within an appropriate timescale to guarantee that the demands of the household are decently met. Communication between the bureaus is critical to guarantee the correct attention is provided. The Children ‘s ( NI ) Order ( 1995 ) highlight that ‘Parents with kids in demand should be helped to convey up their kids themselves and such aid should be provided in partnership with parents. ‘ ( )

‘A societal worker being present at an of import point in another individual ‘s life can do a large difference. ‘ ( Parker and Bradley 2007’90 ) . Although the household can be a beginning of danger to a kid, back uping the household in most instances can be the most productive manner to protect the kid. ( Brandon et al 1998 ) The rules associated with the statute law require practicians to work in partnership with kids and households, ( Helm 2010 ) to heighten the well being of the kids. The cardinal facets of Social Work are ‘the practicians ‘ intercessions orientated towards heightening kids ‘s well-being ; guaranting that they grow up in healthy and safe environments ; and developing their full potency. ‘ ( Dominelli 2009’25 )

Owen and Pritchard ( 1993 ) high spot, it is of import that the rights of the parents, the kid and the legal system are balanced and the function of professionals in protecting the rights of kids will be promoted if we actively listen to the voices of kids and take their ideas into consideration when doing determinations can move in the best involvements of the kid. ‘Social Work is complex and diverse and the functions and undertakings allotted to it are every bit varied. ( Parker and Bradley 2007’117 ) One of import point to retrieve is that every instance is alone ; everyone should be treated with regard as an person, Social Workers should hold the cognition to cover with the different demands of different state of affairss to guarantee efficient, effectual pattern.

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