Individual And Family Assessment Case Study Social Work Essay

This paper will look at the instance survey of Ruth, Joseph and their household. They are Human-centered Entrants in Australia and face many issues. Their past life in Southern Sudan was fraught with war, force and supplanting. As a societal worker measuring their instance there are several factors which need to be taken into history which can impact greatly on their hereafter. These include the dominant discourse which as a societal worker we will take to work from. The biomedical discourse trades with many factors which are apparent in the work with Ruth and Joseph.

Factors such as anguish and injury and the reverberations psychologically which this has had and how it continues to impact on the household. This paper will besides look at how the western biomedical theoretical account may restrict mental unwellness as merely a encephalon disease and non look at all the factors which are related. When working with seeking to resettle a refugee household in a new state which is so far removed from what they know, a societal worker demands to cover with wide scope of undertakings.

Choosing the right theory is important. The theory which would outdo work for Ruth and Joseph would be Anti-oppressive. Looking at the anti-oppressive theory when working with new migrators can assist us to understand their history and assist them get the better of the subjugation which they have felt for so long. It is our function as societal workers to assist incorporate refugee people into local communities and adjust to a new civilization.

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I will necessitate to measure my ain values and attitudes when working with my CALD ( Culturally and Linguistically Diverse ) clients. My focal point will be on how these differences may impact or suppress my work with Ruth and Joseph viz. our cultural differences.


Measuring clients and step ining as a Social Work practician it is indispensable that we choose the best discourse relevant to our clients inevitably. As Healy ( 2008 ) provinces ‘ the biomedical discourse is one of the most powerful discourses determining pattern contexts, peculiarly in wellness services such as infirmaries, rehabilitation services and mental wellness services ‘ ( p20 ) .

Healy discusses how societal work practicians need to ‘learn to understand ‘ some signifier of the biomedical nomenclature ( 2005, p22 ) . When working with clients such as Ruth and Joseph whom both have post-traumatic symptoms in changing grades the biomedical discourse seeks to turn to the complexness of their jobs. Both Ruth and Joseph appear to endure from some signifier of mental unwellness related to their post-traumatic experiences. Penhale and Parker ( 2008 ) say that troubles with mental unwellness can be deepened if the person/s comes from black or minority cultural community ( p103 ) .

The symptoms which Ruth and Joseph are sing are in the signifier of flashbacks, anxiousness and fright. The National Centre for PTSD province that ‘refugees often experience repeating losingss, challenges, and alterations during the exile/acculturation and resettlement/repatriation periods ‘ ( Bolton,2010 ) .

When measuring Ruth and Joseph, we have to be careful non to exteriorize them every bit merely their unwellness. As a societal worker we need to look at a client from changing grades non merely one. We need to look at a client and their past history in a holistic biopsychosocial manner. With Ruth and Joseph, turn toing their mental unwellness is merely one of the multidimensional factors which they are sing. Looking at them as people instead than as an unwellness can assist with measuring their instance. STARTTS luxuriant stating that ‘It is necessary for societal workers in this field to develop an apprehension of organized force and its effects on persons, households and societies, and besides of the refugee experience of flight and lasting in refugee cantonments ‘ ( Bowles, n.d. ) .

The biomedical discourse can besides hold restrictions. Healy discusses how there is possible for biomedical cognition to lend to societal subjugation ( 2005, p26 ) . When working with Ruth and Joseph our pattern must be about authorising them and assist them get the better of any subjugation which they have experienced. The deductions which we as practicians may confront when working with refugees from the biomedical theoretical account is as Healy ( 2008, p.25 ) suggests ‘in struggle with the holistic attack ‘ . As societal workers it is our function to look at a client in a societal context. Ruth and Joseph present with a scope of jobs that stem from the injury which they have encountered. This branches into countries of societal, economic and emotional demands that need to be addressed. Ruth faces seeking to voyage her manner around the bureaucratism of Centrelink, Medicare and other bureaus merely to acquire their simplest demands met. We will necessitate to work with Ruth to get the better of her fright of authorization which stems from her injury which she experienced in Southern Sudan. In the instance analyze it mentions that Ruth appears afraid of all the inquiries sing acquiring a occupation and the fright of authorization coupled with the language/cultural barrier which she experienced has led to her self-doubting. We need to look at the instance of Ruth and Joseph from more of societal degree instead than a medical degree. ‘This theoretical account does non see the function, such as household and community play in development of unwellness ; therefore, diagnosing and intervention are narrowly defined ‘ ( Pardeck and Yuen,2001, as cited in Pardeck,2002, p.4 ) .

Measuring clients whom have trauma related symptoms such as Joseph, being cognizant of his status and all facets appear to be from physical to emotional to psychological will assist us to do determinations of referrals to other bureaus which may necessitate to be done. It appears as though Joseph will necessitate to see a physical therapist, tooth doctor and a GP to assist get the better of his physical hurting. His emotional and psychological jobs range from problem concentrating to going violent towards his household. The safety of Ruth and the kids will be made in the initial appraisal. It will necessitate to be decided whether Ruth feels safe plenty to hold Joseph in the house with her and her kids if he continues with his violent behavior. Referrals may necessitate besides to be made to a psychologist or a mental wellness bureau for Joseph.

Healy places anti-oppressive pattern between strengths perspective and the postmodern patterns to reflect the common historical line of descent of theories for pattern, all which have emerged as important influences in the formal base of societal work since 1990 ‘s ( 2005, p173 ) . Adopting an anti-oppressive model whilst working with Ruth and Joseph, testimonial must be paid to the past battles and forfeits which they have faced. Ruth and Joseph have suffered great subjugation in Southern Sudan. This subjugation included imprisonment, relatives killed, being taken from their place, hungriness, and deficiency of safety. O’Hara and Weber ( 2006 ) maintain that an anti-oppressive or extremist model encourages practicians to understand the structural context of their appraisal pattern ( p,141 ) . Some critical constituents of the anti-oppressive model are the ‘isms ‘ . These are anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-heterosexism, anti-ablism, and anti-ageism ( Moore,2003, n.d ) . Addressing these constituents of the anti-oppressive model when measuring Ruth and Joseph will let pattern to authorise and enable and back up them to derive more control over their lives. As Milner and O’Bryne reference ‘… work should do a difference so that those oppressed may recover control of their lives and re-establish their right to be full and active members of society ‘ ( 2009, p.23 ) .

In an initial appraisal with Ruth and Joseph factors to be considered include whether an translator is needed as interlingual rendition will play a critical function in the appraisal procedure. Ruth and Joseph have evidently sought freedom from persecution because of war, assault and anguish and/or other degrading intervention. STARTTS province that ‘Social workers in this field are exposed to narratives of gross human rights misdemeanors, and can non keep impersonal sentiments refering the actions of assorted groups and governments. Conversely, one is besides exposed to the complexnesss of civil and international struggles ; one ‘s ain political political orientations, stereotypes and beliefs are all challenged in this work ‘ .

Culture plays a important portion in anti-oppressive pattern when working with Ruth and Joseph. Penhale and Parker ( 2008, p.197 ) points out:

Cultural competency stems from an anti-oppressive attack to pattern and concerns the competency and apprehensions to work with diverse groups, esteeming and admiting difference whilst working with people to consequence alterations that have been agreed and negotiated together.

There is no demand to be a cultural expert as such but consciousness of cultural differences and how this may impact on pass oning efficaciously with Ruth and Joseph is of import. By making some research if possible of Ruth and Joseph ‘s Dinka civilization will assist when working with measuring their demands. For illustration the WYDA provinces that Dinka household members provides an indispensable support web ( 2008, para 5 ) . This is of import when speaking to Ruth and Joseph about their household life and functions in the household etc. Another consideration to do would be to inquire them what some of their outlooks may be and inquire them how things were done in their state. Interrupting down this cross-cultural barrier in the initial appraisal can take to a more positive result for both the societal worker and Ruth and Joseph. . Thompson ‘s PCS synergistic theoretical account of subjugation ( Penhale and Parker, 2008, p.155 ) shows subjugation to be the builder of personal, cultural and social positions and that the personal bias entirely does non explicate racism. Furthermore it is of import that a societal worker understands how these facets of life interact can make and animate forms of subjugation and favoritism. It is of import besides to observe that Ruth and Joseph ‘s kids appear to be acculturating faster hence may hold to take over the function of transcribers in official kingdom. This reversal of functions can make emphasis in both parents and kids and can sometimes take to intergenerational struggle. Parents can experience like their kids have lost regard for them and that that their authorization may hold been undermined.

Social work pattern must turn to a myriad of issues when covering with refuge searchers and refugees. In set uping themselves in the community Ruth and Joseph they will necessitate a figure of services with which to entree which will play a critical function in supplying a safe community. Offering on-going support and following an anti-oppressive pattern

Working with CALD ( Culturally and Linguistically Diverse ) clients as a societal work practician this can raise several issues with values and attitudes which I may hold. I am white, Australian and a societal work pupil. I have a different cultural individuality and am from a different state which holds different positions and thoughts to Ruth, Joseph and their household. Bing a female and a female parent I can sympathize with Ruth in respects to running a family and lovingness for kids. Ruth has had to take over as ‘head ‘ of the household as Joseph appears to be mentally ailing and non suit to take his household for the clip being. She besides has a big household and lovingness for seven kids can be a struggle Lashkar-e-Taiba entirely being in a new state and seeking to voyage our public assistance and schooling systems. Having different cultural individualities could restrict my capacity when working with Ruth and Joseph. I need to recognize that refugees have similar societal, emotional, religious and fiscal demands to everyone else and be work in a culturally sensitive manner. As I am from the Australian civilization this is another subgroup which I have rank. With all the negative media attending environing ‘asylum searchers ‘ or ‘boat people ‘ it has been hard non to organize an attitude. My attitude is that I believe that I do n’t understand, and I ne’er will, the despair that refuge searchers must experience to hold to set themselves and their household in such insecure environments such as a rickety boat from Indonesia merely to get away the persecution and fright which they must see in their ain state to hold to fly. I know that Ruth and Joseph are Human-centered Entrants intending that Ruth ‘s sister sponsored them to come and populate here but they still were in fright of persecution and subjected to torment and trauma in their ain state. As I am citizen of a state that lives in democracy I will ne’er to the full understand but my values of regard, honestness and

Another subgroup I am portion of is that of a household. I have two kids of my ain and I know personally that my household is my initial support web. As mentioned, the Dinka civilization respects their immediate household as their initial support web besides. When working with Ruth and Joseph my values and attitudes towards household support can heighten my capacity with turn toing their demands. I feel that it is of import to work with the positives of Ruth and Joseph ‘s state of affairs and in this instance it is their household is together in the one topographic point. Offering some household reding would let a safe infinite for the household to turn to any issues which have arisen, such as Joseph ‘s deficiency of connection with the household. Along with Joseph having some therapy in respects to his mental wellness this would set the household on the way to mending together.

Oommen, Brian, Stephen and Komersee ( 2008, p.6 ) province that ‘An every bit of import construct when working in culturally diverse scenes is the demand for a wellness professional to suspend their personal prejudices and opinions about those for whom he or she may be be aftering wellness plans ‘ . As with so many countries affecting values, brooding pattern and self-awareness

are cardinal. I need to analyze and oppugn the beginnings and nature of my ain power and the ways in which this is exercised in my dealingss with kids and my household. By utilizing brooding pattern when working with Ruth and Joseph can assist me keep a degree of self-awareness so as to use my attitudes in an appropriate mode. As there is a domestic force issue this could be one of the countries where my value of regard could restrict my capacity when working with Ruth and Joseph. I could get the better of this restriction by looking at the all the factors and understanding that the domestic force is something that is perpetuated from their history as displaced individuals and the injury and anguish which they have experienced. Working with a non-judgmental attitude will besides assist with struggles such as domestic force.


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