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Participation of Women in Leadership
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Pages • 11
 Empirical review of the study Women empowerment in political, economic and social aspects gets attention and different researches were conducted in different times ,moreover women participation in leadership and decision making is global agenda in this case researches from different countries including Ethiopia were conducted.(Meaza,2009). Based on their investigations different ideas were forwarded to empower women at global as well as local level.  Global status of women participation in leadership Women around the world underrepresented in political, economical and social…...
LeadershipLeadership And ManagementSocial Work
Personal Satement
Words • 497
Pages • 2
Being passionate about helping others and endeavoring to make a difference in healthcare are two qualities that have led me to pursue a career in Pharmacy. Putting others’ lives before my own and being selfless are what I have consistently wanted to instill in myself from a very young age. I have known for years that impacting someone’s life and potentially changing it forever is something I want to do every day. A Doctor of Pharmacy degree has been a…...
Shake Well Before Use
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Pages • 5
When one considers a pharmacist, the first thing he or she may think of could be a person in a white lab coat who hands out medicine to those who are given special requests for them. Although this idea may not sound quite glamorous, pharmacy has always been a complex area of study and numerous famous figures in history also had the title of a pharmacist. For instance, Benjamin Franklin, one of America’s founding fathers, has also been described as…...
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Overview of Population-Based Care
Words • 676
Pages • 3
Public health focuses on the promotion of health in the community. It is to prevent diseases as well as illnesses that could happen to everyone. A professional team of health care that includes doctors, nurses, and pharmacists with several roles is responsible for the health of the public in other words, population-based care is one of the major responsibilities of these groups of professionals. These professions are required to interact with the public, hence the availability of professionals in their…...
Needs of The Pharmacist and The Patients
Words • 492
Pages • 2
Pharmacist In this health screening service scenario, pharmacists play a vital role in connecting patients and medical professionals. it was the combination of extensive counseling (regarding diet and lifestyle modification) and screening that dramatically increased patient satisfaction and improved health outcomes. First of all, pharmacist as healthcare provider needs to set their goals which are to make their patient feel better and become healthy. The pharmacist needs to have basic essential skills in communication between pharmacist and patient. The pharmacist…...
Are Happy Workers Productive
Words • 980
Pages • 4
The growth of firms depends much on the productivity capacities of such firms. It is production that triggers the growth of economy in a company and in a nation. An employee is an important component in the enhancement of such growth. His values, attitudes and behaviour have a great influence in the way he performs duties at workplace. There is enough evidence that shows an employee well- being and satisfaction has a close link to his/ performance at a work…...
ContentmentEmotionHappinessJob Satisfaction
A Proposed Solution to Avert Students Dropping out of School
Words • 593
Pages • 3
An analogy between the notion that "breakfast being the most important meal of the day" and the successful college semester by prior preparation can be made. An aspiring student often enrolls into a class early, gathered their costly supplies, mapped out their schedules around school and work, and often started any readings that they can accomplish even before the start of the first day. But even with such effort put into preparation, it could ultimate be derailed due to uncontrollable…...
SchoolWork Ethics
A View on Michael Oher’s Work Ethics
Words • 529
Pages • 3
Michael Oher “big mike” is an outstanding human being. Michael is a courageous, caring, respectful, integrit, compassionate person with an amazing work ethic. Michael literally came from nothing, from sleeping on someone's couch with an extra shirt to living the life only 224 people a year get the chance to have. Michael is someone that i look up to and someone i want to be like.Michael Ohers work ethic is amazing, Michael had nothing except for one t-shirt and a…...
Work EthicsWorldview
A Discussion on Chris Kyle and His Life in the US Navy and His Work Ethics
Words • 296
Pages • 2
Achievement adds a lot of value to the life of an individual. Chris Kyle is seen to be the most successful Navy Seals in American history. This is seen from the number of medals and achievements he has won in his life as a US Navy. From research it can be seen that Kyle had some Machiavellian traits which he used to ease his work. In an article, he says that he was put in a position where he had…...
NavyWork Ethics
Philosophy of Work: On Various Examples of Work Ethics
Words • 944
Pages • 4
When describing the Philosophy of work, we all have different ways of what we consider work ethic to be. This essay will share with you the examples of work ethics from authors and articles, but also the example to me and my experiences of work ethic within my family.With my personal experience I have learned and valued work. The philosophy of work to me is sacrificing your time for your job, working overtime so you can make money and support…...
Philosophy Of EducationWork Ethics
The Life and Work Ethics of Steve Jobs
Words • 312
Pages • 2
Steve Jobs Steve Jobs had dedication and drive for success like no other businessman at the time of his beginnings. He pushed through his hard times to get to his success. Steve also mastered presentations and was known for his celebrity and charisma. This made him big in the business world. Steve’s charisma made people watching want to buy the product. It made people want these products as soon as they come out. This remains true today even after his…...
Steve JobsWork Ethics
Hard and at the Same Time Interesting Work of a Firefighter
Words • 521
Pages • 3
  Have you even thought about going into a burning building. Well, that’s what FireFighters do everyday. My dad is a Captain at the Fire department. At the fire department you can not go out by yourself, you need to go with someone else that’s on the job. Also, if you are going anywhere you need your radio in case you get a call. As a firefighter there are a couple positions you can beat. You can be a volunteer…...
FirefighterHard Work
Production Possibility Frontier
Words • 534
Pages • 3
Two important questions asked when it comes to international trade are why do countries trade, and how do they analyze individual situations? To define the cost of production, opportunity, and some inputs of production and tariff. The gross domestic product indicates the size of the economy based on dollar value of goods and services. The economic growth can occur when there’s an increase in output over a certain amount of time or how much an economy can produce after using…...
BusinessEconomyWork Ethics
Causes of Poor Performance in the Private Sector
Words • 1850
Pages • 8
From the book Handbook of Human Resource Management in the Middle East, by PawanBudhwar and KamelMellahi, HR managers reported that employees often have negative emotions attached to the process and build perceptions of unfairness because of its pure judgemental nature and their lack of trust in manager’s ability to evaluate objectively. This should be a concern for the organizations because ‘when employees have low quality performance, appraisal experiences, organizations will likely face lower job satisfaction and organizational commitment and higher…...
EthicsMotivationWork Ethics
Motivation Is One of the Types of Work Ethics
Words • 1110
Pages • 5
Brickely, Smith, & Zimmerman (2017) states organizational architecture is three legs of a company. The first is the assignments of decision rights. The second are the methods for rewarding employees. The third are the structure of evaluating systems for analyzing the function of individual level and the different units within a company (Brickley, Smith, & Zimmerman, 2017). It defines the roles of the position with the different units. Corporate culture blends with organizational architecture because it defines how the authority…...
EmploymentOrganizational CultureWork Ethics
Public Administration of Administrative Ethics
Words • 1875
Pages • 8
Introduction Study of public administration revolves around several related factors, namely - people in government organizations, administrative ethics and employee-friendly policies, among others - that collectively function towards promoting effective government. Commitment and motivation of the people in government organizations determine the efficiency of government's service delivery as well as public's perception towards government organizations, implying the longer-term sustainability of the relationship between government and public. Likewise, employee-friendly policies and administrative ethics both are directly related to the motivation of…...
EthicsMotivationWork Ethics
Disciplinary Processes Contributes to the Continuous Improvement of the Quality of Teaching and Learning
Words • 460
Pages • 2
According to Purkey and Straham (2005), the appendages and consequences of making claims, refining or abandoning some forms of discipline, and explaining the rationale for accepting considerations for inclusion enable the implementing teachers and supervisors to shape knowledge and seek relevant and valid theory. This will explain the power of newly adopted disciplinary processes. As a result, these collaborative activities, it is assumed that all participants have a common understanding of the theories thus facilitating continuous improvement of the quality…...
DisciplineEducationSelf DisciplineTeacher
The Importance of Teamwork in The Hunger Games, a Novel Series by Suzanne Collins
Words • 651
Pages • 3
Alex Page Hunger Games The claim for the story “The Hunger Games” By Suzanne Collins is that Teamwork can save you and help you emotionally in the long run. Some reasons of this is that, for one, Teamwork/Allyship with her teammates made the people who watched the games, caring, worried and got her more sponsors and her district more looked at and richer, another reason that this is a good thing is that her team sparked rebellion because of how…...
Understanding the Importance of Teamwork in a Group
Words • 423
Pages • 2
The book defines a small group as a collection of individuals who are connected to one another by common purpose, are interdependent, have some degree of organization among them, and see themselves as a group. There are a variety of groups one can be a member of, some of these small groups being task-oriented, and others being relationship-oriented. For example, my coworkers and I working during a night shift make up a small task-centered group that's focused on serving all…...
How to Develop Team Work in Your Businesses
Words • 555
Pages • 3
How to develop team work in your businesses Team work is the ability to work together towards the same end goal. In a business context, team work involves mutually working together towards organisational and personal goals. Basically, organizational goals involves realizing the forecasted profits. On the other hand, personal goals entails good remuneration. For a business to realize good profits, it must embrace team work. From the management to employees. Either you are operating a multinational company or a sole…...
The Business Etiquette and the Teamwork
Words • 1048
Pages • 5
Reflective essay on business etiquette and teamwork Business etiquette is a set of expected behaviours from an individual that are used in a professional business environment in order to create a pleasant work environment. The business etiquette is only slightly different from the standard social setting, the main differences being that in social etiquette gender plays a role and it's marked by courtesy but in business etiquette gender has no role and it's marked by d power. It is very…...
Love and Teamwork in City of Bones, a Novel by Cassandra Clare
Words • 699
Pages • 3
In City of Bones by Cassandra Clare, Clary Fray is presented with a new world unlike her own. Clary, your average teenage girl, goes to the Pandemonium Club to try and spice up her life. While there, she saw and followed some cute boys into a closet after realizing they had knives and watched them kill a demon before her own eyes, “...folding in on himself, growing smaller and smaller until he vanished entirely" (14). Clary later received a phone…...
My Studies of Pre-Nursing, Anatomy and Physiology
Words • 1057
Pages • 5
As a college student in Pre-Nursing, I’ve found myself becoming very interested in the many aspects of Anatomy. Anatomy can be described as the basic structure or makeup of humans, animals, and other living organisms. It can be studied using various methods including: dissection, observation, examination, and the many educational materials found in textbooks. Anatomy is used in many professions in the world such as: scientists, doctors, dentists, nurses, investigators, etc. Some of the questions I hope to answer are, what…...
AnatomyHuman PhysiologyNursingNursing CareerNursing Profession
Organizational Structure of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Words • 1311
Pages • 6
Introduction This week as we continue to focus on organizational cultures, we look at the specific structures that allow work to be accomplished. We have learned that organizational differentiation speaks to function, location, product offerings and hierarchical levels within organizations. We also discussed how silos can create division within organizations because the structure design doesn’t align with the social systems and the organizational culture. Our goal this week was to examine organizational structures and their impact on the organizational culture.…...
Organizational Structure
My Problem-Solving Skills
Words • 471
Pages • 2
In my day to day workplace, the most important skill which I developed is the problem-solving Skills. Problem-solving strategies are crucial in every organization. While working with any of the firm, every one of them requires on-time delivery with quality. The day might start fresh but while working through the day we might have to face a lot of problems. All these problems can sometimes accumulate to one major critical issue which can make or break a company. Initially, I joined…...
Problem SolvingSkills
Special HIPPA Requiremnys For Dislosing
Words • 1046
Pages • 5
HIPAA is an acronym for the Federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Commonly known as the health insurance act, HIPAA was enacted by Congress and signed by President Bill Clinton on August 21, 1996. This act was put in place to regulate the privacy of patient health information, as well as to lower the cost of healthcare and shape the many pieces of the complicated US healthcare system. There are three main provisions of the Act: portability, tax, and…...
My First 30 Day Challenge
Words • 616
Pages • 3
This is my first 30-day challenge; so I was excited to experience and explore any feelings uncovered by this process. I use the staircase as my medium of getting me from one floor to another within a building. I realized despite my commitment I will need to resort to an escalator where stairs are unattainable. This change was needed in my life for various reasons. Its everyday activities like using the stairs vs. an elevator that can help me promote…...
Promoting Culture of Job Satisfaction through Goal Setting Theory
Words • 2957
Pages • 12
The continuously deteriorating conditions in the organization are very concerning for all the employees and directors who are doing their jobs honestly and desire to see their organization prosper. There are only one portion of employees that are causing the problems in the organization by not doing their work and divulging in the activities that is causing them issues as well. In the light of these concerns I would like to promote the job satisfaction culture in the organization. The…...
About Big Changes in The Work of Congress
Words • 670
Pages • 3
The article is operated, that started 10 years ago. The major problem is that the senate and the house are divided to the point that no progress is made in places where the parties don’t agree, many less experienced senators and representatives aren’t able to get fully involved in issues, and small committees are meeting less and less than in the past. Very little progress is being made because every member of each party almost always votes together and a…...
“The Tragic Story of the Life and Death of Doctor Faust” by Chris Marlow
Words • 1345
Pages • 6
Different periods in history had their different authors, and their characters reflected, more often than not, what was happening in that society. Chris Marlowe lived from the middle of the middle age to the early years of the renaissance, where his work is based. Doctor Faustus, like many other works of art, has a hero, a proponent who carries the day throughout the plot. The work of art in question is an Elizabethan comedy, which ends tragically. Written in the…...
Doctor FaustusWork
Second Model for Understanding Maura’s Learning and Behavior
Words • 1134
Pages • 5
A second model that can be used to understand Maura’s learning and behavior is the behavioral theory. In this case, the behavioral theory of learning emphasizes on the response of an individual to the environment and other prevailing factors surrounding them. Contrary to the cognitivist theory of learning, the behavioral approach does not consider the learner as highly intelligent and with the ability to store and retrieve information from time to time when faced with new situations. Rather, a particular…...
BehaviorClassical ConditioningModel
Self-Care and Advocacy for Helping Professionals
Words • 1693
Pages • 7
Numerous research studies have been done on self-care, taking care of own well-being in various way, for the helping profession, but there is a lack of research for advocacy, support within a profession. There is a need for advocacy in this profession to not only help the profession but also allow more studies to be done to better help professionals understand and use advocacy in their everyday work. Many articles stress the need for self-care to better help clients along…...
Farm Grown Organic Mango
Words • 1018
Pages • 5
Declaration I hereby declare that the Summer Internship Project Report titled ‘A study on consumer buying behavior with reference to farm se organic mangoes’ in Farm Organic is a result of my own work and my indebtedness to other work publications, references, if any, have been duly acknowledged. If I am found guilty of copying from any other report or published information and showing as my original work, or extending plagiarism limit, I understand that I shall be liable and…...
FarmerHealthOrganic Foods
Living Your Best Life
Words • 724
Pages • 3
It’s one thing to live. It’s another thing to live the best life you can. It is so easy to just put the autopilot on and move through the day without intention. The holidays have passed and if you were like me on New Years Eve you had that all too familiar conversation with yourself: It’s another year, how should I change? What can I do to be better? Regardless of how you answered those questions and decided on your…...
DisciplineLife Changing ExperiencePsychology
We Publish Director Anime
Words • 1048
Pages • 5
Now I could pick any of the many other directors I enjoy, all of which are already fairly well-known for example Satoshi Kon, Mamori Oiishi, Miyazaki, Yuasa, Takahata or Ikuhara etc, but rather than that I will be choosing a director that hasn’t made any masterpieces in my eyes, but boy did I really like pretty much all the works he’s directed. I will be mentioning works of his as well as what about his particular flair makes me enjoy…...
We Publish Annotated Bibliography on Watchmen
Words • 1867
Pages • 8
The article aims to explore the attention that requires appreciation on what Watchmen means to respective fields of adaptation, comic studies, and contemporary cinema. Alan Moore used the words “More regurgitated worms” to describe Zack Snyder’s 2009 film, the adaptation of Watchmen. Literally, Moor’s description can be tempting and may be dismissed as mere hyperbolic egotism, but overstating the importance of his co authored limited series of 1986 with Dave Gibbons is difficult. Despite the wide import and documentation of…...
Publication Art And Design And The Opportunity to Enhance Individuality
Words • 1263
Pages • 6
Romantic literature was one of the most influential periods of writing when talking about American literature. Authors like Edgar Allan Poe and Nathaniel Hawthorne both produced a plethora of works that changed the way people viewed nature in their time period. Nature today is now viewed in a more flattering light thanks to the Romantic artists. The Romantic period of writing led to a reform of the way people viewed nature by making it a place for spiritual reflection, inspiring…...
Publication about Surrogacy Anthem EVP
Words • 1044
Pages • 5
Anthem, Inc. is one of the largest leading health benefits companies in the United States after the merger with WellPoint Health Networks, Inc. Anthem companies deliver a number of health benefit plans through a wide arrange of integrated health care plans and related services, along with several specialty products like life and disability insurance benefits, dental, vision, behavioral health benefit services, long term care insurance and flexible spending accounts (i.e. Health Savings Accounts (HSA)).  Anthem also employs approximately 57,000 full…...
The Problem of Domestic Violence in the Workplace
Words • 578
Pages • 3
Violence in the Workplace Work, like everything else, can be stressful from time to time. That's no secret. What comes from home can follow you into work and vice versa. The day can be ruined before it even begins, but have you ever experienced violence in the workplace? From a fight between coworkers to a robbery on a late night shift, all of these are possible and they happen everyday. The question is why and does it happen in some…...
Workplace Violence
The Key Management Practices in the Lieu of Preventing Workplace Violence
Words • 319
Pages • 2
Organisations are adopting differing management tools and tactics to deal with the challenge of managing violence at the workplace. Managing therein calls for finding ways to prevent the disruption caused by workplace violence to adversely affect the productivity of the workplace. One of the key management practices in the lieu of prevention of workplace violence is using the team work approach. Team work approach calls for developing groups of people and giving them training in groups to allow them to…...
Workplace Violence
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How to Develop Team Work in Your Businesses
...Promotion is also a good motivational factor to employees. Good ethical standards For employees to work together, there must be a set rules and guidelines. This controls the behaviour of employees and the management. However, it also promotes equalit...
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