The Importance of Reflective Practice in the Advancement of a Nursing Career

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Reflective practice is the continual and gradual activity that can be used to assist nurses to make sense of situations at work and to improve ultimately the care they provide from their community experience Therefore, as a qualified nurse, basing on my previous reflective practice from the community, the quality of the health care I provide to my patients will drastically improve and of a high standard, if the acquired skills and attitudes are of high standards Thus, my previous acquired experience in terms of education, skills and attitudes are of great importance in preparing me for my entry onto the professional register for nursing care This paper is going critically analyze and elaborate on my reflections from the community that has gradually improved my future practice.

It is going to provide a demonstration of my progression from the time I began the nursing course until now and how my reflection to these experiences are going to enhance my professionalism as a registered nurse in the future.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) is the state of mental, spiritual, social and physical individual well-being, and it is not infirmity or the absence of disease. According to NMC, nursing is the process where the health needs of the society are usually met when they arise and mainly promoting health for all the people This paper is also going to provide a critique on how basing practice on reflection from the community service has impacted my role as a qualified nurse. The reflective practice are based on the community experience.

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Being a student nurse, therefore, requires one to learn more from the community During my third year, I have gained a lot from the community. NMC is the council that usually regulates the profession of the nurses through registration NMC’s dedication is to safeguarding society’s health. The council regulates the nurses who qualify to be professional. NMC set the standards for training, performance, education and conduct that the midwives and the nurses can deliver healthcare of high quality.

The skills acquired from the community experience include communication and interpersonal skills, self-confidence, self-awareness, facilitation skills, and social and the cultural sensitivity. The reflective practice of the community enables the growth and development of these qualities in nurses through the fostering of practice events’ understandability, and how one’s approach, personal and personality history added to the way situations may have arose and the manner in which they were dealt with The communication and interpersonal skills are very crucial towards the transition from the student nurse to the professional nursei These entails the ability to associate well with other people especially patients that l was looking afteri For instance, as a third year student, caring for a patient with oedemas and ulcerated leg and documenting care provided to the patient under no supervision has equipped me with the necessary skills and knowledge that is essential for a registered nurse.

It has enhanced my communication capabilities with the patient and at the same time presenting the reports regarding the patient to the head doctors How my experience as a 3rdeyear nurse prepares me for becoming a registered nurse. The patients mainly come from various communities in the society. Communicating with the patient and those close to them, gives higher chances of understanding the patient. A nurse who do not understand the conditions of their patients cannot treat nor take care of them. A nurse who understand her or his patients have very high chances of treating the patient and recommending future care for the patient Hence, communication and interpersonal skills from community experience serve very impressively for the nurse becoming a professional registered nurse in his or her field. Another skill is the self-confidence that involves the confidence that the nurse have in treating their patients.

Confidence helps one to do things that even other people cannot be able to do them, Self-confidence helps the nurse to be able to face conditions that may sound weird to other people, This helps the nurse to be a professional nurse since they can deal with any situation brought to them since they know their primary role is taking care of their patients in the community. It helps them to provide advice to their patients that are necessary for the recovering process of the patients Some of the patient‘s conditions require guidance and counseling. Once the mind of the patient perceives that she is getting well, they get well with time Hence, self-confidence is an essential skill and attitude in nurturing towards being a registered professional nurse. By caring for a patient with Oedemas and an ulcerated leg, helped me improve my professionalism of nursing, documenting care provided. I visited the patient unsupervised since I was in 3rd year of my training. From the patient together with self-awareness and facilitation skills also enhance a student nurse to become an entirely recognized nurse in the community.

These enable an individual not to be an observer, but rather to be a team player in the community. NMC insists that the health standards of the patients ought to be maintained by the nurses. Therefore, they offer registration to those nurses who are well equipped with the significant skills and attitudes and are devoted towards providing the care to the society as a whole. For me to get to be a registered nurse, it is important that l uphold all the stipulated requirements my NMC and also go an extra mile of visiting my patients at all the time to ensure that they are good condition. Also, encourage my patients regarding their condition by giving them hopes of recovering soon despite the fact that they may be in a critical condition. Some patients brought to the hospital are in a very critical condition. Thus, nurses are expected to ensure that the patients stay positive at all Lime in order for them to recover within a short duration.

Despite some patient’s conditions being worse, they just recover and are released to go home if the nurse has the necessary skills and attitudes to make it possible Hence, self-awareness and the facilitation skills are essential qualities for students’ nurse registration to a professional nurse concerning the community experience during the practice as a student nurse. The patients I attended to came from different communities, thus, social and cultural sensitivity enabled the nurse to understand quickly the cultural background of the patients from the community they come from, which is crucial in the communicating with them without causing contradictions thus enhancing their healing process. For example, some patients come from a culture where they believe that doctors and nurses do not play any role in their healing process thus nurses should consider such beliefs while attending to the patients. The community serves a significant role in nurturing a nurse towards becoming an expert As a nurse, my duty is to do everything to ensure that my patients heal quickly and resume to their daily lives.

The other qualities of creative problem-solving, time management, and analytical skills Also, independent working, and the ability for nurses to influence others towards positive changes enhances the nurses to performing their duties appropriately in the community. For example, like the creative problem-solving is the condition in which when the patient that the nurse is taking care of experiences a condition that requires a doctor. The nurse should call the doctor as they try to give first aid to the patient before the doctor arrives. These helps in keeping the patient alive while the doctor comes to attend to him or her. All the experiences I have encountered in my community practice especially as being a third-year nursing student nursing has helped me grow towards becoming a qualified nurse and increased my eligibility for being a registered nurse. Conclusion This paper has critically elaborated and expressed my reflections that have gradually improved my future practice in the nursing field from the community experience It has provided a demonstration of my progression from the time i was a student nurse to when I become a registered nurse.

It has shown how the knowledge, skills and attitudes l have acquired will help me perform my tasks as a registered nurse in the community By being a student nurse, the reflective process enables him or her to acquire some qualities that are going to guide him or her throughout his practice as a registered nurse from the community that they get. NMC mainly helps student nurses to meeting the requirements so that they can be registered as fully certified professionals it usually takes effort and time for one to learn from community experience particularly in the nursing field for one to qualify for becoming an expert nurse. Devotion is required to gear the nurse throughout their road to professionalism.

The community experience skills that have been crucial involves communication and interpersonal skills, self—confidence, self-awareness, facilitation skills, social and the cultural sensitivity Alongside creative problem-solving, time management, analytical skills, independent working, and the ability for nurses to influence others towards positive changes The Rolfe Reflective Model has been imperative for my transformation from student nurse to being a professional nurse. According to the model, it is based on three very simple questions, which focuses on someone asking themselves some questions that contribute to their success regarding their community experience. The questions that are entailed in the Rolfe Reflective Model include What? So What? Now What? The questions contribute very much to the students nurse success to expert nurser.

Also, some theories like Patricia Benner’s influential theory have been paramount in the reflective process. For Patricia Benner’s influential theory proposes that thejourney from novice to becoming an expert nurse mainly encompasses five stages from the community experience. The stages include the novice stage, the advanced beginner stage, the competence stage, the proficiency stage, and finally the expert stage. All the stages enhance one transformation towards becoming a registered professional nurse from his or her community experience Hence, the reflections on my experience and in particular my community experience has equipped me with the necessary skills and attitudes that are necessary for one to be registered as a professional nurse as stipulated by the NMC.

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