Reflective Practice in Nursing

This paper example reveals the main arguments and ideas related to Reflective. Clinical arrangement is a good opportunity for nursing pupils to pattern clinical accomplishments every bit good as experience the existent on the job environment. However the procedure of really conveying theories and cognition learned from university into practical application is non simple ; this requires non merely forbearance and finding but besides assorted larning accomplishments. For myself after an unpleasant experience of affecting an statement between a nurse and patient’s household.

I came to recognize that brooding accomplishments are important non merely for my current position as pupil but besides for my future professional development ( Sharon. 2014 ) as registered nurse.

The brooding pattern helps nurses to keep and invariably update their cognition every bit good as concept clinical accomplishments by larning from existent pattern ( ANMC 2009 ). As described by O’Donovan reflective is ‘a procedure of deliberative thought. looking back analyzing oneself and one’s pattern in order to better hereafter practice’ ( Chris & A ; Sue.

2013. p. 4 ). In this essay I will reflect on my unpleasant experience and show how this could be used as an grounds to turn out how brooding activities efficaciously assist nurses with professional development. This contemplation will follow Gibbs brooding theoretical account which describes the experience. my personal feelings; so analyze and evaluate on my actions. bespeak what were my strengths and failing. Finally a elaborate action program will be formed for future pattern.

Sample Reflective Essay

In the text edition ‘Reflective Practice in Nursing’ it is recommended that each reflector should take and utilize brooding technique that suits their learning manner ( Chris & A; Sue.

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2013 ). I chose Gibb’s contemplation theoretical account as it was the most suited technique for both my acquisition manner and my form of believing. As a ocular scholar. I learn best with visual image and head function. My ideas and actions are easy affected by my feelings. Derived from the rule of experiential acquisition of Kolk. Gibb’s theoretical account of contemplation ( 1988 ) includes six stairss: description, feelings, rating, analysis, decision and action program.

The first measure enables my idea to flux. leting me to visualize the whole experience while seting aside my ain judgement. By making this I can reexamine the state of affairs with a clear non-biased head. The 2nd measure helps me to research my form of thought and how my emotions consequence my actions. These two stairss will provide me with comprehensive subjective information for the undermentioned stairss of the theoretical account. For this ground I decided to utilize the Gibb’s theoretical account to reflect on my following state of affairs.

The state of affairs happened when I was making my arrangement at the pneumonic rehabilitation ward in a infirmary. Mr X was admitted to hospital about few yearss ago with aggravation Chronic Obstruction Pulmonary Disease ( COPD ). As per my normal everyday I was taking the patient’s critical marks. When I came to Mr. X bed. I saw Mr. X was locating straight up on his bed; his married woman was feeding him. The BiPap machine was taken off and he was on normal rhinal cannula. I asked Mrs. X what happened and why he stopped utilizing the BiPAP machine due to the fact that Mr. X oxygen impregnation was a spot low so he would be on BiPAP machine for today. which I heard during the handover activity meeting this forenoon. Mrs. X told me that it was because Mr. X was really hungry and the Bipap’s machine mask is excessively big covering both his olfactory organ and oral cavity which prevent him from eating.

So she took the BiPap mask out and put the normal rhinal cannula on in order to feed him. She said she would set the BiPap machine back instantly after the breakfast. and it would non be long. I was convinced by her words and confident. Then I started taking Mr. X’s critical marks. The consequence was 90 % for his impregnation lower than the standard 1. I checked his medical record and found out that he has modified oxygen impregnation rate. and his current 1 was still in the safe scope. I observed Mr. X visual aspect asked him a few inquiries to corroborate his physical and mental status. Mr. X looked rather stable his voice was clear. and he ate a batch of nutrient. However I was still worried for Mr. X’s safety. so I decided to remain at that place waiting for Mr. X to complete his repast. to guarantee that nil went incorrect and the prescribed equipment would be used.

During that clip I on a regular basis checked his O impregnation. I notice that Mr. X’s oxygen impregnation started to drop really easy. I raised the concern to Mrs. X. but she told me to non worry. as Mr. X about finished his repast. She claimed that they were utilizing that machine at place so she knew it really good. As I did non cognize much about BiPap machine. I didn’t know what I should make I was inquiring whether I should describe to the RN when the RN came by and saw it. The nurse was really angry. She rushed in rapidly took off the nasal cannula set the Bipap mask on Mr. X and blamed me aloud in forepart of all patients. Mrs. X and I tried to explicate that it was her who removed the Bipap mask because she wanted to feed him. The nurse said ‘But your hubby needs oxygen more than nutrient. ‘ Mrs. X claimed that she was taking attention of her hubby for old ages and knew her hubby status really good. She said if he doesn’t have breakfast on clip his blood force per unit area will drop.

The nurse seemed to be so irritated with the whole state of affairs. she ignored what Mrs. X said and kept on look intoing on Mr. X and faulting me for non describing to her instantly. Approximately a few proceedingss subsequently with the Bipap machine on. Mr. X’s oxygen impregnation began to lift. When his O impregnation was up to 93 % the nurse left. Mrs. X told me that nurse was ever unfriendly. and that she was sorry about what happened to me. I reassured her that I was all right and told her to take good attention of Mr. X so returned to my work.

At the beginning of the whole things. I did experience that I should non allow Mrs. X take the Bipap machine. but I was non confident plenty to halt her from making so I could non deny that I felt Mrs. X action might do some injury on Mr. X’s wellness otherwise I would hold non stayed with him and someway I did experience I besides should take duty for allowing the whole state of affairs happen. Therefore when the nurse came and found out the state of affairs and set the machine back on Mr. X face I felt much relieveas as I knew that was how things should be. However when the nurse kept on faulting me aloud in forepart of others and disregarding the fact that I was non the 1 who really removed the mask. my feelings changed from ab initio experiencing guilty to experiencing defensive.

After all it was non me who removed Mr. X’s Bipap mask and I felt I did all the things that I could by look intoing the patient. and following up his status closely. But the nurse did non take any into history. I started to hold with Mrs. X remark about the nurse’s unfriendliness. When I left the patient’s room that twenty-four hours. I was so angry and believed that I did nil wrong at all. However when my choler subsided. I reflected on the whole state of affairs and unhappily admitted that I was the 1 at mistake.

First. I was at mistake for non steadfastly halting Mrs. X from taking the Bipap machine at the beginning. If I did so the state of affairs would non hold occured. I thought there must be grounds that a BiPap machined was prescribed for Mr. X. It decidedly has some different maps than normal airing support equipment like a rhinal cannula. But as I did non hold any cognition about that I have no steadfast ground or proper grounds to reason with Mrs. X. In add-on when Mrs. X stated that they were utilizing it at place and she knew it really good. I was convinced and gave up. As a nurse I owe the patient a responsibility of attention. but I indirectly put the patient in danger without acknowledging it. Second. I was besides at mistake for non describing it to the registered nurse in charge I should ever retrieve that nursing is team work. Each squad member has duty to portion information that he or she obtained to the remainder of the squad. It will guarantee that a patient-centred attention would be planned and delivered comprehensively.

The positive point in this whole state of affairs was that I decided to remain with patient and closely follow up his status. I did look into his critical marks and comparison with the patient’s medical record.

I besides reflected on the nurse’s actions and pickedbout two errors. First the nurse did non educate the patient’s household about the BiPap machine I was non certain about the nurse’s relationship with the patient so I did non take into history Mrs. X remark about the nurse’s unfriendliness. But I realized that the nurse did non explicate to Mrs. X that the biPap machine called a bilevel positive air passage force per unit area machine will make a supporting force per unit area which will assist her hubby equilibrating the sum of his inspiration and termination to guarantee a suited heated humidified air flow to his lungs which a nasal cannula can non ( Jamie. Cristina & A; Thomas. 2009 ).

I believe that if the nurse had explained Mrs. X will understand exhaustively and will non reiterate that action once more in future. Second the nurse did non really listen actively to patient’s demand. I can non deny that the married woman knew a batch about her husband’s modus operandi. wonts and even physical beat. She would be a really good beginning for the nurse in be aftering attention for the patient. It should be noted from the patient’s married woman that the patient’s blood force per unit area normally drops in the forenoon if he doesn’t eat at the regular clip. The ground might be non holding breakfast; it may be some side effects of a drug or be a symptom for some implicit in status that should be considered.

Then I started to analyze the whole state of affairs. and believe about what I should make otherwise. First I should explicate to Mrs. X my concern. I should bespeak the fact that Mr. X’s oxygen impregnation was low I should non experience abashing for non cognizing about that machine. All I need to make is merely merely bravely admit that I don’t know about Bipap machine but I believe it is more necessary for Mr. X more than the rhinal cannula. I should pardon myself for non being able to give her a elaborate account and inquire her to wait while I check with the registered nurse or physician. I should utilize Mr. X safety to convert her. I believe if I had conducted myself in this manner. Mrs. X would hold listened to me and things would hold turned out wholly otherwise. Even If Mrs. X still insisted to take the machine I should describe to nurse in charge instantly.

Second I should pattern to be more confident and actively take topographic point in attention squad I am pupil at the minute. Although I was pupil. I am still a member of attention squad. In future. I will graduate and go registered nurse. I should take this opportunity to larn from this state of affairs as it is normal for me to non cognizing everything.

From the whole experience I have learned that good communicating is really of import in presenting attention. Good communicating will guarantee the flow of information exchange non merely between nurses with patients but besides between nurses and other members of the attention squad. In the relationship between nurses and patients nurses need to actively listen to their patients. pick out necessary information. and construct trust with them. In this state of affairs. the nurse did non pay attending on Mrs. X statement about her husband’s blood force per unit area alteration. By the manner Mrs. X took attention of her hubby. I can experience that she truly wanted to be involved in caring for Mr. X. She decidedly would be a valuable resource. If the nurse can pass on in a more flexible manner and supply her with proper instruction. the nurse will hold a particular and highly utile helper in taking attention of Mr. X. In the relationship between nurses and other member of attention squad nurses play a frontline function.

As the 1 who straight care for patient’s day-to-day activities in most instances. nurses will be the most suited one to roll up information and present this to the remainder of the wellness attention squad. In this state of affairs. although I collected all information about Mr. X. but as I did non present it this information becomes useless. Despite how my head disquieted and cared for Mr. X. if I did non show my concern. and set it into action it is nonmeaningful. My choler at the terminal of that experience was really unreasonable I can non presume that the nurse understood how much I cared if I did nil to demo that. Hence I can corroborate once more that good communicating will be cardinal to construct common trust between wellness attention professionals and patients or patient’s household. which facilitate the bringing of attention and better the wellness result.

After I reflected on the whole experience I set up a proper action for the hereafter. Following clip my end will be set up good relationship with both patients and wellness attention squad by pass oning efficaciously. Normally the relationship between me and the patients seems good. The job is I am non self-asserting plenty. I will go to the presentation accomplishment short class held by Learning Devlopment Center and the Presentation Club in constructing 11. My mark is to better my assurance larn how to get the better of being nervous when I province my sentiment or argue with person. I will besides go to the on-line class Terminology for international medical pupils at website coursera org to acquire used to medical slang. Another of my jobs is a deficiency of cognition.

Before my following arrangement I will seek to do a list of medical equipment at my work topographic point and normally used medical specialty. I will make some research to obtain more thorough cognition in order that I would non fall into the same state of affairs. And in the instance I that I am diffiden I will non waver to raise the inquiries. My expected result at the terminal of my following clinical arrangement will be a more confident me who is equipped with updated cognition can pass on flexibly and incorporate good with wellness attention squad.

In decision. utilizing the brooding procedure I have identified my strength ( How much I care for patient ) . and failing ( deficiency of assurance. bad communicating ). In add-on I besides reflect on other’s actions and learned from that. Before the brooding procedure the whole state of affairs was an unpleasant memory but after contemplation it becomes a memorable lesson. As the scientific discipline is developing non-stop the contemplation will force me to continuously update and broaden my cognition.

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