Personal Philosophy Of Advanced Practice Nursing In Primary Care

Essay Example on Nurse Practitioner Philosophy Statement Examples

My doctrine for advanced pattern nursing ( APN ) is an extension of the doctrine of my nursing pattern. I plan to organize a partnership with my patients in which compassionate. holistic. grounds based attention will take to the patient keeping optimum wellness and health. Advance Practice Nurses focus wholly on the patient by pityingly turn toing every facet of the patient’s needs. My end is to educate and promote the patient to go responsible for his/her wellness by working diligently with the health care squad.

An APN’s primary focal point should be to turn to and take the implicit in cause of unwellness instead than to simply relieve the presenting symptoms. This can be done by turn toing underlying issues that can impede the healing procedure and set up a program to take these obstructions in order to advance holistic healing.

Essay Example on Nurse Practitioner Philosophy Statement Examples

I value handling the whole patient ( emotional.

familial. environmental. societal. physical. religious. and other factors ) and offering agencies of health in concurrence with traditional options ( Nightingale. 1954 ) . Nurse Practitioners provide the patient with a holistic attention that includes non merely exercising. nutrition. environment. and stressors. but besides considers the client’s cultural universe position ( Dossey. 2010 ) . When this attack is taken. each patient is able to see an individualised program of intervention.

As I step out of the function of bedside nurse and embrace the function of an APN. I look frontward to the extra duties of naming and handling patients which will afford me a greater function in the betterment of my patient’s wellness.

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This advanced function in planing and implementing programs of intervention empowers the APN to supply complete patient attention. The APN function besides allows me the chance to educate my patients. their households and the community on steps to better wellness and prevent hereafter illnesses. I look frontward to progressing as a professional because. as I do so. I can do a difference by implementing and bettering patient attention and learning others.

Dossey. B. ( 2010 ) . Holistic nursing: from Florence Nightingale’s historical bequest to 21st-century planetary nursing. Alternate Therapies in Health and Medicine. 16 ( 5 ) . 14-16. Nightingale. F. ( 1954 ) . Notes on nursing: What it is and what it is non. In L. R. Seymer ( Ed. ) . selected Hagiographas of Florence Nightingale ( p. 123-220 ) . New York: Macmillan. ( Original work published 1859 ) .

Essay Example on Nurse Practitioner Philosophy Statement Examples

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