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A Personal Philosophy of the Importance of Educational Learning Styles
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With regards to my own personal “Philosophy” as it pertains to both children as well as adults with "Behavior Disorders "& their "treatment" educationally, my own personal philosophy specifically focuses on the scientific as well as psychological and social facts (including “multiple intelligences") as well as the very and so vitally important educational "Learning Styles". In the more recent years, these specific “Learning Styles” have been identified as the visual learning style, logical, aural style of learning, verbal, psychical, and…...
LearningMental DisorderPersonal Philosophy
The Importance of Self-Disciplines Making People Stick with a Choice Despite Obstacles and Temptations
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Freedom is a sometimes passive ability where a choice is made about what action to take, and the acceptance of any consequences that arise from that choice, although whoever made that choice may regret it, and fight against the consequences. Discipline is needed to carry through with whatever choices are made using freedom; discipline is not needed to achieve freedom.Whenever a choice is made, the people who make that choice are challenged, whether by those with opposing views, or nature.…...
Personal PhilosophySelf Discipline
Nursing Philosophy Meaning Of Life
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Philosophy is defined as 'the meaning of life, considering topics and questions surrounding human existence and experience, society, knowledge, and the universe”. In nursing we use our personal philosophy to declare our beliefs, values, and ethics regarding the care and treatment of patients. No one philosophy is the same and each nurse represents their philosophy in their own unique way. I have always viewed nursing as a concept of helping those who may not be able to help themselves, providing…...
NursingPersonal PhilosophyPhilosophy
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Curriculum Ideologies and Personal Philosophy
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The Scholar Academic Ideology aligns most closely with the classrooms in the majority of public school settings that I have observed. These observations of mine include a classroom full of students of similar age, learning skills in the same fashion that the experts of that skill would practice in. For example, the text described what a classroom using the Scholar Academic Ideology might look like by describing a teacher in the front of the room lecturing to the class on…...
CurriculumPersonal PhilosophyPhilosophy
Personal Philosophy of Nursing
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I cannot recall a time when I have not been overwhelmed by an eagerness to care for those in need. I believe my passion for nursing began at a young age because I was raised by an outstanding nurse who taught me the importance of selflessness. I feel most fulfilled when I am caring for those in need, and I have focused my nursing attitudes around the professional practice model and philosophy of “Careful Nursing.” Careful Nursing is the interpretation…...
NursingPersonal PhilosophyPhilosophy
Personal Philosophy: Language and Gender Language
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Pages • 2
Males tend to be loud and confident when speaking while females sound a lot more kind and apologetic. From the hunting and gathering era, women were the ones who were supposed to stay home to take care of kids and to prepare for meals. For that job it required them to be kind to the children so, the children could learn positive manners from their mothers. Males on the other hand, had to go hunting and it required them to…...
GenderLanguagePersonal Philosophy
The song A Horse with No Name and the poem Stopping by the Woods
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The similarity between the two is the controlled idea of identity escapes. Identity is the qualities, beliefs, personality, looks or expressions that make a person self identify. The nature sets in both pieces of works is like society, society is a sort of social-identity, such as, we are middle class because they say we are. The controlled idea of identity escapes through society, or as the works of literature describe, the woods and the desert. The poem, “Stopping by the…...
Personal GoalsPersonal IdentityPersonal Philosophy
What is Personhood and Identity Who is still the same
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I have approached this question from a Neuroscience perspective, to understand on what is personhood and identity. According to Wagner et al., main criteria for personhood are rationality, conscious mental states and intentionality, capacity for verbal communication and self-consciousness. Figure 4 shows the anatomy of human brain, from which we can evidently see that frontal lobe and temporal lobe are connected with reasoning, memory, speaking, understanding language, thinking initiation and behavior. These lobes are critical for the existence of one's…...
Personal GoalsPersonal IdentityPersonal Philosophy
People Will Always Try And Find Their Tribe
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Pages • 4
From the “Mean Girls,” high school cliques to sports teams; people long for belonging. This longing can cause desperation and, as a result, people bond to groups, organizations, and ideas when they find like minded people. When searching, we not only try and find like-minded individuals but aspire to be a part of groups and organizations that we admire. Humans will try to run with wolves when they are only rabbits to give the appearance they are something that they…...
Personal GoalsPersonal IdentityPersonal Philosophy
Franklin’s Kind Side Smart side
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Pages • 2
In the evidence it says 'Give them every opportunity of displaying their own qualifications,'(Franklin) With this side he was able to gain trust from people and he was able to be patient and help others the way they would like to be helped. This side is revealed by his aspects of work by the library and the Junto. Benjamin franklin wanted to give people opportunities to show or say what they had to. He wanted to help by adding that…...
Benjamin FranklinPersonal PhilosophyScience And Technology
My Philosophy of Music Education
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Pages • 6
My philosophy of music education starts with the belief that every student in education should be afforded the opportunity to a music education. Band, choir, orchestra, musical theater, music appreciation and music production are gateways to enhance students lives internally as well as externally in a way that other subjects lack. Music programs are designed to encourage critical thinking for students to incorporate hand-eye coordination as well as decipher what is considered beautiful music. Through my research on the concept…...
CultureLifePersonal PhilosophyPersonalityPhilosophyScience
Personal Philosophy Of Advanced Practice Nursing In Primary Care
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Pages • 2
Essay Example on Nurse Practitioner Philosophy Statement Examples My doctrine for advanced pattern nursing ( APN ) is an extension of the doctrine of my nursing pattern. I plan to organize a partnership with my patients in which compassionate. holistic. grounds based attention will take to the patient keeping optimum wellness and health. Advance Practice Nurses focus wholly on the patient by pityingly turn toing every facet of the patient’s needs. My end is to educate and promote the patient…...
HealthLifeNursingPersonal PhilosophyPersonalityPhilosophy
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What is Personhood and Identity Who is still the same
...For Akhila, she had all the procedures that both Ethan and Sofia had. Therefore, she does not have anything biological left from her original body or brain. Thus, she ceases to be Akhila anymore, for the same reasoning as defined for Sofia. The order...
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