Personal Philosophy: Language and Gender Language

Males tend to be loud and confident when speaking while females sound a lot more kind and apologetic. From the hunting and gathering era, women were the ones who were supposed to stay home to take care of kids and to prepare for meals. For that job it required them to be kind to the children so, the children could learn positive manners from their mothers. Males on the other hand, had to go hunting and it required them to be soft when speaking; meaning they took actions instead of exchanging words among one another.

To this day, women are more talkative than men.  In our societies today, we use words that are kind and cuddly to describe a female but it’s not the same when describing a male.

According to Mayim Bailik, on her YouTube video, ‘Girls vs. Woman: Why Language Matters’ she states that, men tend to call women by ‘girls’ which lowers the standard of a woman even if they had no intention.

Females necessarily don’t call males by the word “boy”. She defines what falls under the category for a female to be a ‘girl’ and a ‘woman’. Females don’t have to be comfortable with the words they are described by but should speak up for themselves in the male centered societies. As a Nepalese, when speaking Nepali it’s common to use formal and informal words when talking with one another similar to Spanish. Like, you have to be polite with the elderly, younger, your parents, and teachers.

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  They use four different words to say “you” based on what relationship you have with that person. Females tend to be polite and respectful so, they use formal term to say “you”, not that the males don’t do the same. Males tend to use less formal language when talking with their friends and with their spouses.

If a female were to use less formal language when speaking to her husband or her friends she is most often stereotyped as lacking a sense of respect. Today, females have equal opportunities to get themselves into high ranked career field as males such as Doctor, Surgeon, Judge, and etc. In “You Are What You Say” by Robin Tolmach, she shows how in Doctoral positions women are called “lady doctor” which makes its very condescending because no one ever says gentlemen doctor or even man doctor. “…sex is irrelevant to her philosophical position.” The terms being used to describe a female in top level career sounds lofty but not the same for the males. Men are confident when talking, they use declarative sentences without regard for future publication of a think pierce criticizing the way they speak. Females should not use vocal fries when females are speaking, they should sound more confident with themselves when communicating and get rid of nasal talk.

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