A Personal Narrative on Coaching Philosophy

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My coaching philosophy is simply and to the point. Your coaching philosophy is a reflection of your personality. There is no real right or wrong answer when it comes to your philosophy. With this in mind I am now going to share with you my young and always open to change coaching philosophy. When I am dealing with my players I am going to be very verbal with them. I need to talk to them and show them how I want things done.

I am not going to yell at them I am going to talk to them with respect and I am never going to explode at them.

If I am going to want them to listen to what I am going to share with them, then I am going to need to be open to what they have to say and how they feel. This goes for the players on my team, the other team, their parents, the administration at the schools, and the fans watching my teams games.

So in doing this I can understand their view on what is going on and compare it to my goals with the team and make any adjust need to resolve the situation. Another goal of mine in my coaching career is going to be honesty. Being honest with your players is important when dealing with on and off the court situation. Part of being honest is being to the point, not beating around the bush. I am going to except this from my player too.

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I am not going waste my time baby-sitting and they are going to waste there time, when they have more important things to do. This brings me to my next point. The importance of the sport we are playing/coaching. This is the order I am going to encourage my players to follow.

  • God
  • Family
  • Friends
  • School
  • Sports

I know sports are important to everyone in some way or another. I dont want my players to have no time for the above because they are to busy with sports. But when we are playing and practicing the sports in there set time, I am going to expect full attention and effort in everything we do. The sports I will be coaching are going to be the focused and based on fundamentals. I dont know any reason there would be another way. I am going to practice and go over the fundamentals until the players know how to do them perfectly and completely. I am going to teach the fundamentals with drills and more drills then when we are done with those we will do more drills. The coach I had my freshman and sophomore years in high school always said, Practice make Permanent, I thing that is the best saying in the sports world.

When I am coming up with these drills I ask myself these questions. Do your drills serve a purpose? For example, do they teach a part of your offense, defense or appropriate skills which are needed? Do you use drills merely for the enjoyment or entertainment of the athletes and coaching staff? Are your drills structured to provide the necessary repetition for each athlete? Are your drills and the skills they teach relative to your athletes’ ability level? I know that this is my opinion and thing will change through the years, like it has since I have started to play and compete in sports. The best thing for me is looking at others and comparing what I like about them and what I dont with myself. With all of this in mind I think I am ready to go out there and start my coaching career.

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