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Self-Discipline, Organization and Productivity as the Key Elements of Success
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When the word success appears, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? An accomplishment of a written goal? Whether the answer is yes or no, you all perhaps know the meaning of success based out of the dictionary, your teacher, or even of an authority figure. According to The, success is the accomplishment of one’s goals. From my own perspective, success is measure by multiple factors which include, respect, appreciation, visualization, accomplishment, and self-motivation. Applying the…...
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Leadership: What Is It?
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Part of leadership is to continue to pursue knowledge that underlines service excellence, mentoring others, and continuously displaying integrity. It should not matter if you are a CIO or a team lead, to be effective leaders should have confidence, courage, and compassion to move people towards business or personal objectives. This is important because it encourages getting results while fostering productive relationships and investing in others. Being a leader should be underlined with inspiration, influence, and the ability to instill…...
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Personal Assessment Of Strengths
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Every being possessed strengths and weaknesses which vary from individual to individual. An individual’s strength might be a weakness to another individual. Strength is a virtue that one possesses which comprises  skills and experiences. There are several tests out there that stream out personalized strengths and weaknesses but from my  perspective the Clifton strengths finder assessment and SWOT( Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats ) analysis give a detailed insight of one’s personality. Upon completing the Strengths finder the results instantly…...
Personal GoalsPersonal StrengthsSelf AnalysisSkills
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Find Your Strength And Improve Them
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What are your personal strengths? Strengths can be used in various of places such as school, work, home, etc. When I think about my strengths, I think about all the things that I am good at and all the things I am not good at. In the article, “Managing Oneself,” discusses discovering strengths and improving them. The main goal is to learn what your values are and how you can make a difference in today’s society. One cannot build performance…...
Personal GoalsPersonal StrengthsSelf AnalysisSkills
How To Define Your Strengths And Weaknesses
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Personal Leadership Evaluation Leadership is how a person influences, inspires, motivates, and directs other employees' daily activities to meet goals set for a group or organization. As an active leader, providing the organization is operating and maintaining efficiency, while keeping the employees motivated and influenced in the tasks they are to perform is an essential key to the organization's success. 'Not only influences a major factor in being a successful leader from the research and field experience, but identification of…...
Personal GoalsPersonal StrengthsSelf AnalysisSkills
Leadership As A Personal Reflection
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Introduction Whenever the word leadership is mentioned, I usually envision an individual who has an extensive amount of experience in the field they proclaim to be a leader of. Leadership does not just mean giving orders from a hierarchy position, it is about building a strong and reliable team. This team will not only include myself as a leader but also the other employees in which I will supervise as well as the other interprofessional team members. Because I realize…...
LeadershipPersonal GoalsPersonal StrengthsSkills
Leadership Strengths And Areas Of Improvement
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As a young student-athlete, I had many strengths that were a combination of skill, knowledge, and talent. My knowledge, skills, and competency were learned and developed over time. However, my talents were inherent; they were unique to me. As I matured, I realized and understood my talents set me aside from others. Younger athletes looked up to me, desired to learn from me and follow in my footsteps. They followed me because of my passion; commitment; determination; competency; and ability…...
Leadership And MotivationPersonal GoalsPersonal Strengths
The Most Important Personal Skills
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Definition Of Personal Skills Personal Skills are those skills which we have and that skills consider as our strengths. These are the skills or things we are good at like what is our strengths and what we can do good. These are developed in yourself by your parents.There are two types of Personal skills: One which is related to our personality and behavior. Others  are related to our job and workplace. The Skills are those which are related to our…...
Career GoalsPersonal GoalsPersonal StrengthsSelf Analysis
Five Dominant Strength In Your Career
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In 1999, The Gallup Organization created a program that focused on what was right with people, rather than what was wrong with them. The Gallup Organization suggested fostering excellence by identifying and harnessing each person’s unique strengths (Roberts et al., 2005). With this, The Gallup Organization developed a web-based tool program to help people understand and leverage their  talents, called the Reflective Best Self (RBS) exercise. This exercise identifies your talents and puts them into five dominant strengths by asking…...
Personal GoalsPersonal StrengthsSelf AnalysisSkillsStrengths
Natalie Freinet and Richard Clement of the University of Ottawa
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What is the relationship between the degree of bilingualism and identity in different vitality regions?  Can bilingual participants be distinguished from predominantly unilingual participants on factors related to the maintenance of identity?” (Freynet, & Clemént, 2015). By answering these questions, the researchers decided to compare bilingualism between minority groups within Canada: Francophone speakers outside of Quebec and Anglophone speakers inside Quebec. There are 7,377 participants within the study, 1952 of whom are from Ontario, 1558 of whom are from New…...
Personal GoalsPersonal IdentityPersonal Strengths
Like Being a Woman, Like Being a Racial, Religious, Tribal, or Ethnic Minority, Being LGBT Does Not Make You Less Human
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This was taken from the Secretary of State Hilary Clinton’s speech delivered on International Human Rights Day at the United Nations Head Quarters in Geneva. This will bring some questions into the minds of the general public? What is the gender identity of the LGBT community? What does it mean by sexual differentiation and gender identity? What factors influence them? How do biological factors, nature, environmental influences, and nurture affect on them? It’s time to find answers to those questions.…...
Personal IdentityPersonal ResponsibilityPersonal Strengths
My Personal Strengths Essay
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This sample essay on My Personal Strengths Essay provides important aspects of the issue and arguments for and against as well as the needed facts. Read on this essay's introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.Student Name Professor Name Course Title Due Date (D/MonthN) What Makes Me, Me: My Strengths, Behaviors, and Natural Talents Having completed the Gallup StrengthFinder test I feel that I gained more insight in my personal specific strengths and character traits. While my top five strengths came as…...
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Leadership: What Is It?
...Derue, D. S., Nahrgang, J. D., Wellman, N., & Humphrey, S. E. (2011). Trait And Behavioral Theories Of Leadership: An Integration And Meta-Analytic Test Of Their Relative Validity. Personnel Psychology, 64(1), 7–52. doi: 10.1111/j.1744-65...
How To Define Your Strengths And Weaknesses
...Changes in life, business, and technology are inevitable. Having a clear and concise understanding of what the future may hold, and how to establish and maintain essential relationships can enhance trust and competence throughout the organization. Ta...
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