Achieving Goals: Understanding Success

When the word success appears, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? An accomplishment of a written goal? Whether the answer is yes or no, you all perhaps know the meaning of success based out of the dictionary, your teacher, or even of an authority figure. According to The, success is the accomplishment of one’s goals. From my own perspective, success is measure by multiple factors which include, respect, appreciation, visualization, accomplishment, and self-motivation. Applying the principles of strategies for success is a winning strike to conquer opportunities outcomes.

The key is applying self-discipline, organization, and productivity.

When Henry Ford, famously quoted, “whether you think you can or you think you can’t -you’re right.” He was definitely talking about you, yes you. If we want to pursuit happiness, we then want success. And, it all starts with attitude. All you need to start doing is self-discipline. Self-discipline determines your success by believing in your capabilities and willingness.

You are in control of what comes to your mind. We behave in accordance to what our mind has been telling us to do. Then so, what do we do? First of all, we must control our self-talk by practicing talking in a positive way will contribute to success. All the negative thoughts that come into your head must go in the trash. Stan believing in your-self. There is no restrictions upon us to achieve what we want individually. Always start small, one day at a time to form the habit of self-discipline.

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What I mean in creating a new habit of self-discipline may be simple for you. The first thing is to choose a good behavior you want to do every day. Focus on a behavior that in the long-run is going to be beneficial for you without causing any harm to others. Practice the behavior by writing it down every day in your everyday notes. Next, talk to yourself in a positive way, for example every morning, practice telling yourself this in the mirror, today is going to be a successful day, I am going to jot down some goals and remind myself how far I have gone to. Then I want you to reward yourself after each goal achieved.

After rewarding yourself after each goal, keep in mind that not only self-discipline is success but so is organization. Organization is key to success. How Organized are you? Have you asked this question before? I, myself, have been practicing organization skills to keep myself in track and get the most out of it. I have been buying calendars, agenda, and sticky notes to keep my self-organized. Organization is a priority to all successful individuals. Organization is a perfect skill that may be utilized in the workplace, college, and in our personal life. For instance, if you work for a company that has certain goals to meet by the end of each month, practice organizing your key steps that will help your company achieve those goals. In college, practice writing down your homework assignments in your agenda to keep you track of your current assignments. In your personal life, practice organizing your daily routines so at the end of your day you don’t feel overwhelmed. Remember that organization is part of the rule to succeed.

Have you heard that being productive enhances success? Well one of the principles of strategies for success is being productive. The less time you spent in the couch doing nothing the more you are going to encounter with successful path. Being productive gives you a purpose. A reason to wake up and strive for your dream. It also keeps your mind busy and diminish negative thoughts. Productivity brings happiness and stress free. Your minds stays busy and your body goes with the flow. This action is healthy for you, so the early you wake up to go for a jog and finish the rest of your day eating Ice Cream, the more productive you arc going to be the next day. Be proud of what keeps you busy every day to get to your goals because your steps are leaving footprints to others to follow.
Finally, your opportunities of success comes from different methods. Applying the principles of strategies of success helps increase your quality of life. The life you always dreamed about.

When you were a kid, you were often asked who you wanted to be or what you wanted to be in life. Maybe your response were, you wanted to be a doctor or an astronaut, or even the next billionaire like Oprah, no matter what was your answer, you wanted to be someone known or recognized. The older you got, the more you had to work on to get to that goal, right? Well, applying the strategies of success leads to a successful path. The key is applying self-discipline, organization, and productivity. Filling yourself with positive thoughts, organizing your daily schedule, and staying productive at all times helps balance success. So why not applying these strategies to shortcut your bright full future out there waiting for you!?

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