Achieving Goals in an Era of Progressism

Topics: Progressive Era

A period in time where all the people wanted was a better life for themselves and the people around them. Progressivism was a movement used to make major changes in the politics and government during around 1890 to 1920. During the reform the activist had goals they wanted to meet such as strengthening the government as well as meet the demands of what the people want.

“ Like the Populist, who flourished at the end of the 19th century, the progressive invoked the Preamble to the Constitution to assert their purpose of making “We the People”- the whole people- effective in strengthening the federal government’s authority to regulate society and the economy” The cause of the era was to eliminate problems like the unsafe conditions in factories, the corruption in the parties of the government, working day and night was still not bringing in enough money for an honest living, the lack of environment care, and also lack of care for African American.

This was also a popular period of time where prohibition and women suffrage were in effect.

The progressive era did not meet every goal that they wanted, but it did raise awareness on certain problem that later down the line would get fixed.

Women’s movement in this era was gave the women activist many opportunities to open up about women’s suffrage. Women’s suffrage was caused due to the they had little to no rights. Their opinions did not matter because they were not equal to men.

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The woman wanted more involvement in politics they wanted equal opportunities, but did not even have the right to vote because they were not fit or too emotional. “Two groups were organized to fight for suffrage and women’s right. General Federation of Women’s Clubs and the National Association of Colored Women although they were formed in two different states they were both led by an educated and upper-middle woman.

This was a time period where racism was still a thing meaning most of the organizations were segregated. “The segregation of black women into distinct clubs nonetheless still produces vibrant organizations that could promise racial uplift the civil rights for all blacks as well as equal rights for women.” Women wanted to be move involved they wanted a voice in what was going in the world they also had to live in. Even though as a woman having little to no rights they still made headways to start movement in order to “clean up American life”. Women took what they had and ran with it. It didn’t take long before they started to get involved with the prohibition movement.

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