Peter mckinnon uses a wide range of photography techniques and

Peter mckinnon uses a wide range of photography techniques and styles, from interesting angles of not only portraits but also landscapes to different lighting techniques not commonly used by a photographer. Peter McKinnon tends to almost invent photography trends for small time photographers such as ourselves who want to make it big in the photography industry as well as teach us how he uses these photography trends in our own photographs, he does this through the platforms YouTube and Instagram where he makes most of his income.

He is mainly know as a landscape/free roam photographer as he travels around the world to provide daily content for his viewers and subscribers. As you will see in my 10 photos i have applied many of his photography techniques and editing styles into my photographs. I have learnt how to do this through watching many editing tutorials on Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC, I believe that these videos are the main influencers in my photography practice and although the main objective of these videos are to infancy landscapes, I have figured out a way to apply this editing style to my own portraits.

His editing styles consists mainly colours of blues, greens, whites and oranges. He also tends to dabble with shadow and contrasts to bring out as much of the whites and blacks as he can before creating further layers where he then adds and enhances colours to liven up the photographs creating a warm or cold atmosphere depending on the season the photograph was taken in.

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Brandon woelfel has a very unique way of editing his photos using natural street light to create a wild, smooth and vivid portraits using a very simple but effective colour pallet of blue and pink. Brandon woelfel has influenced me with my portrait photography in a way that Peter McKinnon never could by creating a certain atmosphere beyond just cold and warm, he creates a wild type atmosphere. He tends to use long exposures to create light trails with everyday items such as glow sticks and sparklers. Brandon influenced me with my 10 photos by using discs to create a rainbow effect which is used in one of my chosen photos giving the photo again a while aspect to it. Brandon likes to walk the street to get most of his photographs, he gets his models to pose in front of neon signs and under streetlights to give a natural night time glow. Brandon also likes to get his models to pose in very extreme position to create a type of story within his photographs which then influenced me to try to do the same with my models through getting them to not just look at the camera but also get them to stare off into the distance and create a more natural and non forced feel to my photographs. And although he only does a very small range of photograph styles, he has influenced me more in the project (the 10 photos) as it is based on portraits only.

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