Frenemies: An Atypical Relationship on a Range of Friendship and Enmity

Peer relationships exist on a spectrum of friendship and enmity. On one extreme end of the spectrum is love while on the other end is aversion. The majority of relationships tend to occupy the polar regions of the spectrum, however, an atypical relationship exists in the midpoint of the spectrum between best friends and enemies. People in the relationship regard each other as frenemies, There is an inextricable link between frenemies and best friends when Viewed as relationship types. This is because frenemies are borne from estranged best friends.

This may be as a result of grudges held between formerly affectionate individuals, It may at times be difficult to establish if a best friend has turned into a frenemy. Frenemies are characterized by hidden aggression between people who may seem outwardly cordial (Coyne, Linder, and Nelson, 2012). An early indication that a best friend is turning into a frenemy is if he or she becomes attached to another individual and consequently replaces their former best friend.

This may be seconded by a communication breakdown between two former friends. A give-away that may flag a frenemy is passive—aggressiveness, The inability to portray affection without hinting on aversion means the best friend has turned frenemy. Unhealthy competition is another sign of frenemity since best friends do not outdo each other but rather complement one another. Toxicity is another element brought in by frenemies. Once a best friend ceases being an individual’s confidant, the lines between the two polar ends of the spectrum are blurred.

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The frenemy may display intolerance of an individual‘s flaws and possibly become verbally hostile, albeit in subtle manners. There is a delicate balance between frenemy and being best friends. If open communication is not being fostered between people who care for each other, they might find themselves being closeted enemies which are psychologically unhealthy relationships to be in.

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