An Argument Against the Copyrighting of Photography, Text, and Music

Copyrighting has been around for many of years. People will copy others work just to get some credit. As for me, I believe strongly about the laws of copyrighting. Completing an assignment with wording, pictures, or music from the internet without giving the official writers a “shout out”? What is the point? You should complete assignments, articles, and pictures on your own. For my paper, I will explain all of the reasons why I believe copyrighting of photography, text, and music should never be done.

Thinking about copyrighting as a general, there are many ways to think about what copyrighting is. According to, copyrighting is protection given to published works. legally forbidding anyone but the author from publishing or selling them [Dicl6]. Copyrighting gives a writer full rights over his or her writing. Same goes for photographers and musicians.

When an artist copyrights one of their pieces, it allows them and only them to have access to the product they produced.

Laws of copyrighting come in handy most of the time. When it comes to the internet, people don’t believe copyrighting exist. In all reality, the Internet is the biggest risk for people to copyright others materials. There are many different ways that users on the internet can copyright products others have made. Almost every way has a law protecting it. There are many misconceptions about copyrights on the Internet. John Betts states on his website many of the misconceptions [Betl6]. In the article, one I found extremely interesting would have to be that people believe that since the webpage does not have the copyright symbol, it is not copyrighted.

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In all reality, the laws of almost all countries provides protection one the page is created. You do not need the symbol or “all rights reserved in order to have copyright infringement. Another misconception that I would like to point out is that people believe that if writing is less than 250 words it is free to use. This misconception made me laugh a little in my head. The truth of the matter is no matter what size the article is; it still has all of the same rights that a longer article would. When it comes to photography, I found a misconception that was complete stir»crazy. It was stated that since a photograph was from another country copyright laws did not apply Whether or not the photograph came from America, Africa, Mexico, etc., the photograph and the artist of the photograph have the same rights that we have.

The page | read stated that in 1998, 198 countries had signed a law stating that copyrights were all protected. I cannot believe how many countries have applied these laws and regulations! Being a user of the Internet, there are so many laws about downloading or using products on the Internet. No matter what the use is, copyrighting other published work should not be tolerated. I believe that these copyright laws should be pushed more often then I believe they are on the internet. Being a student, I would not like someone else to copyright a piece of work that I have done. Nor would I want to copy another piece of work another student had created. People have a right to believe that their work will be appreciated and they will get credit for their hard work. I hope that in the future more people will understand that copyrighting is not the right thing to do, nor is it legal.

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