An Argument Against Working Part-Time at McDonalds

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McJob’s Are Bad for Kids Analysis

This Washington Post article contains many reasons as to why these jobs are bad for kids, rather the normal health consequences from the food. These unconventional aspects were quite interesting compared to the normative ones on health in my opinion. The author starts out with describing the mass-production type positions held by these young people. Not to mention the numerous and varying hours allocated to these people. Since, nearly 2/3 of all Highschool juniors and seniors hold down these position, the negative consequences effect the majority of all schools.

These jobs at McDonald’s and other who fall victim to the same trends, inevitably harm the students. Attendance and grade point averages have significantly declined in students who maintain these types of part time jobs. This is firstly, due in the amount of hours, some students work overtime given any week. Not to mention, that many of these positions require closing the restaurant. Which generally cannot be predicted in the amount of time it would take.

Therefore, some students can find themselves closing during early hours of the morning such as two or three. Sometimes students will be so exhausted that they miss school or are falling asleep during lectures. Both of these instances will negatively affect the performance of the student and their futures alike.

Not only does the article conclude that these jobs create poor academic levels, but these McDonald type jobs are also not educational. Not many life skills are emphasized nor promising future careers for those involved.

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This reveals that these jobs are not very beneficial to students, however, they are the most abundant types of jobs. In a sense, these types of jobs trap people rather than allow them to expand in the world. Many people become content from these positions, and never reach further. This surely enables the person to be content in other realms of life as well.

The concepts of laziness were then explained. People in these types of jobs basically press buttons and talk. They do not acquire real skills that can be applied to numerous settings. Rather they are specific to that job, and do nothing more than what intended for. Jobs should teach many skills to its workers, this will develop the person in many fields. While also giving them skills to enter their next jobs with. Many qualifications are necessary for proper jobs, while nothing is learned from these traditional McDonald type jobs that fill the market in modern times. McDonald’s type jobs are not necessary teen job markets. These mechanisms for labor should be greatly considered in many regards. Student’s performance at school should always come before holding a job. Although possessing a job can enable many life lessons, these types of jobs do not. Parents should be concerned about these ideals and promote changes in these positions.

This article was very informative in nature. I left with having a better sense of the negative aspects of these chain type restaurants. Previously, I was only aware of the nutritious aspects of such. This article deemed highly credible in my mind, mainly because of where it was gathered from. I feel that no biases took place and the utilization of truth and facts fulfilled this article. I greatly benefited from reading and analyzing this. Education on these topics are not very popular, although they should. Most people do not realize the complexities and actualization of these problems, and that is half the problem. Each idea was well organized so that the audiences could transition easily from topic to topic.

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