An Argument Against the Idea That Microsoft is a Monopoly

Should the government break up Microsoft? I would have to say that my answer to this question is a strong and resounding NO! The debate of whether or not Microsoft Is a monopoly has been floating around for quite some time now. Personally, I do not believe Microsoft Is attempting to monopolize the computer Industry. rather, I believe Microsoft simply has a better line of products than any other company. If you take into consideration the actual definition of the word monopoly which according to dictionarycom Is – Exclusive control by one group of the means of producing or selling a commodity or service.

There is no way Microsoft could ever be a Monopoly. Over the past decade or so. Microsoft has been on the defending side of numerous court cases and law suits claiming that Microsoft is conducting monopolistic business practices.

I for one do not understand where these businesses get the idea that Microsoft is using tactics that are causing them to have exclusive control over the information technology field.

To me, exclusive control means that no other information technology business has the means of producing or selling Information and technology commodities, In other words, that Is what would be required to happen In order for Microsoft to be considered a monopoly. That Simply is not the case. Rather than conducting monopolistic practices, I believe in all actuality that Microsoft is In fact practicmg very good business. We are in a free market society. In other words, every business has the same opportunity for success.

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No one business has any distinct advantages over the next It is quite simple really. No one dictates what consumers buy and who they buy It from, therefore, the business With the best product is going to attract the most customers. That is the case With Microsoft.

Microsoft simply has a much better product than any of their competitors and just because they do not want to divulge any of their trade secrets, that does not make them a monopoly. Microsoft has done more for the business world than any other business out there. In fact, I would be Willing to bet that probably over 90% of the businesses that are claiming Microsoft is a monopoly are using Microsoft products in their businesses. We are currently In what could be the most prosperous time In UnItes States history and it Is largely in part due to Microsoft’s technological advancements. Bill Gates has done more to create wealth. not Just lor hImself, but for the majority of businesses out there, than any other businessman of modern times. I do not believe it is possible to make such a statement about someone Who is construed as a dictator of some monopolistic money-hungry company. Where would the world be today Without the technological advances of Microsoft? Just how much Would other businesses benefit if Microsoft was not here? I truly believe that a world Without Microsoft Would not be nearly as prosperous as the world we live in today.

There are several advantages to standardization over monopolization in the information technology field, One advantage of standardization Is that corporations could have uniformity on desktops and laptops no matter where their representatives went around the world, Yet another advantage of standardIzation Is that standardization would be more cost effective than monopolization because corporations wouldn‘t have to retrain their personnel on new applications If they planned to send them to a new location. If the programs were standardized, once the person was trained in their specific field or area, they would be able to work that area at any location the company chose to send them ‘00. The main disadvantage to standardization that I can see is a lack of competition. The lack of competition in a standardized market would result In a reduction of new technology and an infringement on consumers‘ rights, By standardizmg the software on all computers. you could actually end up With a monopoly because of copyright issues. This, in turn, would result in an unfair competItIve edge in the applications Industry.

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