An Argument in Favor of Capital Punishment Against Perry Smith and Dick Hickock

Even though some could argue that Perry Smith and Dick Hickock should not be sentenced to death because they are mentally insane and were not aware of the crime they were committing, and do not deserve to die, I believe that they should receive capital punishment because they are a threat to society, it costs a lot of money just to keep a person alive in prison and because they murdered a family and have shown no remorse towards the crime.

Perry and Dick are a threat to society They are mentally unstable and capable of killing an innocent family with no motive. If they are kept alive they will continue to do inhumane things like this Dick also enjoys hitting stray dogs with his car, imagine the amount of people whose family petjumped the fence and never came home. Dick writes bad checks all over the place and is sexualy attracted to little girls, and Perry has a sister who is afraid of him All those things are not normal and shows a lot about the character of the defendants.

It is not safe for them to be out in the world causing trouble and brutally murdering people for some pocket money.

In 2012 the average cost of housing an inmate was $31,286 every yeart In Kansas there is no such thing as life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. County attorney Duane West says “Persons sentenced to life imprisonment actually serve, on average, less than fifteen years” If Dick and Perry were put in prison they would eventually be put on parole and be free to commit more crimes.

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The purpose of prison is to serve time as a punishment but to also be a better and changed person when you come out. Dick and Perry’s psychiatric evaluations show that they are not capable of becoming better people. Dick’s evaluation states “He is a person who is impulsive in action, likely to do things without consequences or future discomfort to himself or to others, He does not seem to be capable of learning from experience, and he shows

an unusual pattern of intermittent periods of productive activity followed by patently irresponsible actions.” Perry’s evaluation says “He is suspicious and distrustful of others, tends to feel that others discriminate against him, and feels that others are unfair to him and do not understand him….He has an ever-present, poorly controlled rage-easily triggered by any feeling of being tricked, slighted, or labeled inferior by othersnrl—le has little feeling for others outside a very small circle of friends, and attaches little real value to human life, There is no point in spending that much money for people to be in prison who will be just as dangerous when they come out, The money could go towards more promising things like education. Dick and Perry brutally murdered an innocent family and all they got out of it was fifty dollars.

If they can take the life of multiple respectable people without being sorry or showing any sort of remorse and without having a real motive, then they deserve to have their life taken from them just as they took it from others. Even if Perry is the one that actually killed all of the victims, Dick was the backbone of the plan and while Perry was killing them he stood there and watched, Not to mention he attempted to rape one of the victims before she was killed, Therefore he deserves the same punishment as Perry. The defendants should receive capital punishment They’ve committed a crime they aren’t sorry for, they’re mentally insane and aren’t going to get any better, and they are a danger to the world That is why I think they deserve the death penalty.

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