An Argument in Favor of Abortion Because It Is Every Woman's Right and a Choice

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When does life begin for human beings? For some, life begins when you are first conceived; others believe that life begins when you take your very first breath of oxygen after you are born. In my opinion, life begins when you first begin having a pulse, as your heart begins to grow and develop. Life begins, and ends with the beating of our hearts; it is something that humans have in common with one another. I bring up the concept of life beginning because it has been a hotly debated concept between people who believe in abortion Pro-Choice and those who oppose abortion.

(Pro-Choice)The United States is almost equally split on the subject of abortion, with “47% of U.S. adults describing their views as “pro-choice” and 46% as “pro-life,” continuing a pattern seen since 2010” (Saad). While the country is torn on the subject, it is interesting to see that sixty-seven percent of Democrats approve of Pro-Choice, while only twenty-seven percent of RRepublicansapprove of Pro-Choice, causing their stance on abortion to be one of the key factors voters consider when voting.

In my opinion, when you consider every factor, I am a supporter of Pro-Choice. One of the main reasons I support Pro-Choice is that many teenagers that get pregnant, are incapable of raising a family at the current time.

One mistake, one simple accident, could ruin the lives of three people, the teenage mother, the teenage father, and the unborn baby. The teenagers would not be mentally prepared, finically prepared, or emotionally prepared, they would provide a let Hansen constructive environment for their child, who would only suffer and not have a fair opportunity to achieve success.

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Of courseveryery case is unique, but generally, when a teenager becomes pregnant, they are not ready to become a full-fledged parent. Sadly, “The United States has the highest teen pregnancy and birth rates of comparable countries. In 2008, our teen birth rate (number of teen births per 1,000 teens) was two times higher than the United Kingdom’s, 10 times higher than Switzerland’s, and over three times higher than that of our neighbor, Canada” (“How many teenagers get pregnant a year”). This is a sad truth, but it is the truth for the United States of America, if we do not get control over this epidemic, it will only continue to get worse. It is our responsibility to encourage people that abortion is acceptable, that it is safe, and that common myth stay myths. The best way to fight a problem is to be informed and to be educated on the matter. If we can provide education to these teenagers, who believe that they are alone, we can show them that there is a path, a chance to fix their past errors. It is also important to remember that not only teenagers get pregnant, but people of all ages, races, and classes also have abortions, for varying reasons. The main reason why I did not focus on this demographic of people, is that these people are generally wiser, more intelligent, and finically stable, while teenagers are just beginning their lives as adults

Many people are rather ill-informed about abortions, so the goal now is to disprove some of the common myths, and inform people of the truth. One of the biggest myths I hear when people begin debating Pro-Life or Pro-Choice is that their religion forbids abortion, calling it an act against God. However, this is simply a myth, as many religions respect a woman’s wishes, and are very supportive of their decisions. There is also a belief that abortions are unsafe, or that they are painful to endure. Well, these thankfully are both horrendous rumors, as abortions have been proven to be safe, and it has been reported that a woman can expect “uncomfortable but bearable cramping” (Common Questions and Myths). There is also a belief that if you get a pregnancy, you will never be able to have a child again due to scar tissue, this is also in fact a myth. As long as the procedure is done safely, there will be no physical signs from the abortion. These are only a few of the rumors that are associated with abortions, but these were some of the more major myths that people have falsely believed. Educating people on the truth is essential; people need to be informed about the every day possible choices they are allowed to make in their lives. People who get pregnant when they did not originally plan on it can of course choose to keep the baby, there is nothing wrong with that. The goal of people who believe in Pro-Choice is just to allow people every possibility and allow them to make their own decisions. If you make an informed decision, it is the right decision, as long as you are prepared for the repercussions of your choice, and you are willing to be responsible for the decision you made.

Teenagers are not the only people that have abortions, people from every walk of life can have an abortion, “each year, about 2% of all women aged 15-44 have an abortion” (Abortions in America). I focused on teenagers, however, because they are typically not able to endure what is required to raise a child in a safe and comfortable environment. Most teenagers would be terrified if they found out that their partner was pregnant, it would crush them and their loved ones. Sex is a natural part of life, but you need to be prepared for the consequences of your actions if you choose to have unprotected sex. What is interesting is that “half of all pregnancies are unintended” and that “Of all unintended pregnancies, 4 in 10 are aborted” (Abortions in America). This tells us a lot of information about the psyche of women within the United States, that forty percent of women that did not want to have a kid terminate the pregnancy, while sixty percent choose to keep the child. It just shows that sometimes, we do not know what we most want in our lives, until it is given to us on a silver platter. This is why it is important to keep abortion in people’s minds, some people are just not sure if they do want a baby, and while some choose to keep the child because they believe they can become a good mother, others are simply just not ready. It is important to note that “by age 45, one-third of American women will have had at least one abortion” (Abortions in America). So, it is important to understand that many women have been in the same position, the fear of not knowing how they will be as a mother, one-third did not believe they could be a good enough mother to their son or daughter, and that is fine. As long as it is your choice in life, no one can tell you that you did the right or wrong thing as long as you believe it to be acceptable.

The United States is not the only country that constantly is debating if abortion is acceptable. Throughout the world, countries are debating the same issue, while some countries (such as Greece) allow abortions freely through the first twelve weeks of pregnancy, other countries, like Nicaragua, banned the practice in 2006. The countries that banned abortion are doing an injustice to their people, it should be the women’s choice if she keeps the baby or not.

Plus, if you outlaw abortion, people will still attempt to have a miscarriage, or go to lengths to have an illegal abortion, which in Nicaragua, is estimated to be “more than 30,000 a year” (Abortion Laws Around the World). These countries are oppressing their citizens, and not allowing them to make choices in their lives. It is disappointing to see that many countries do not follow the United States in the belief that abortion is an acceptable practice. Some countries do not believe in abortion, no matter what. For example;” abortion is illegal in El Salvador in all cases, even when doctors consider the procedure to be medically necessary. Moreover, the government vigorously enforces the ban” (Abortion Laws Around the World). This is truly disappointing, El Salvador is willing to let their women suffer because they do not believe in abortion, how is this acceptable? This is a violation of basic rights as human beings, it should always be a choice, to keep the child or to have an abortion, yet sadly for the women of El Salvador, this choice is taken away from them. This is a great injustice; it is a shameful display for the El Salvador government, as their law has put countless women through extreme circumstances, all because they disapprove of abortion.

In conclusion, abortion is not a shameful thing, no one will look down on you for your decision, it is not against your religious beliefs, and it truly is a safe and practical decision if you do not wish to have a baby. People across all ages, classes, and races have abortions, and there is nothing wrong with that. People will also have abortions for many different reasons, like a young teenager who does not believe that she is capable of being a good parent. It truly is a difficult decision to make, and in the end, every case is unique and much be handled as such, Pro-Choice is just another way to consider your options in life. As long as the mother and father and prepared for the consequences of their choice, either to keep the baby or to have an abortion, it does not matter, all we ask is that people are given the choice and that they are well-informed on each choice they are given. Countries around the world debate this issue also; it is not just the United States that struggles with this concept. Some countries are very open to the idea of abortion; they believe that it truly is a case-by-case event and that every couple is unique. Yet, other countries believe that the idea of abortion is a criminal offense, and should be shunned. This is a great travesty because when it comes down to it all, no government official can tell you what to do, it comes down to the mother’s mother, and if she believes that she will be able to provide for her baby. If she does not believe, that at the current point in her life that she is not ready to become a mother, we at least know that she has a choice, a Pro-Choice.

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