An Argument in Favor of Vaccines: Vaccines Benefit Our Safety

We all have wants and needs, All of us want/need something different, Some people may need to have someone with them at all times, while some people need to be alone. We are all different. However, there is one need that we all crave; the need to feel safe. We all pretty much feel safe everyday of our lives right? Maybe you feel a little uneasy on the road because of other cars, or maybe you feel a little uncomfortable staying at home by yourself because someone may sneak in But hardly anyone will tell you that they are scared that they are going to die from polio, smallpox, or the flu.

Actually, if i told you that our existence could be wiped out due to a flu, many of you would think I was crazy. We all feel safe from these diseases because of vaccinations. None of you have to worry about dying of polio or being stuck in an iron lung.

None of you have to worry about dying from smallpox, or if you survive being completely disfigured for the rest of your life, And none of you are scared that getting the flu may cause your death, especially not in our age group. However, these were true fears of people before these vaccines were produced, Let me give you a few examples. I am warning you ahead of time, these pictures may be a bit hard to look at.

My first example if polioi We have all had this vaccine so don’t worry, you won‘t get it But people who never got the vaccine, would have had to go through something like this.

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If you didn’t die from the potential meningitis first, some people were completely paralyzedi Including their lungs, They would need to be put into iron lungs for the rest of their lives But since most families could afford this, most people’s lives were cut short since the majority of people who got it were children So how do you stop yourself and others from getting polio? By simply doing this, What about small pox? Nobody gets smallpox now right? No, they don’t. Vaccinations as practiced today came into being when Edward Jenner created the first smallpox vaccine using cowpox (a disease similar to smallpox that infects cows) and vaccinating an eight-year—old boy in 1796. Jenner’s innovation was used for 200 years, with updates, and eradicated smallpox. Now, it is possible to survive smallpox, it would be difficult but possible. But you may end up with scaring, including scars like these And finally, what about the flu? Every single year people are told to get their flu vaccines. Many people don’t and end up with the flu You feel like crap for a few days, and then you are fine Many people argue that you still get the flu from the flu vaccine.

This is not true, although you may get a few symptoms because your body is building up the antibodies, If you do end up getting the flu it is because you got another strain that was not in the flu vaccine. So why can’t we protect ourselves against all strains? Because there are over 29 different types of Influenza A, and 2 major types of influenza B. and those are just the ones we know about. Still not scared of the flu? Well you should be. There is a reason why the H1N1 flu strain is included in every single flu vaccine ever given, Here is why. Now, you may be scared of these diseases. But the reason why many people are not getting them isn‘t because they aren’t scared, it’s because they are. Many people know that you can die from these diseases, but they are scared that their children will be hurt by the vaccines.

This is not crazy, Believing your child will get autism due to the vaccine is crazy but that’s not the point. Most people are fine when you give them a vaccine. Very few people get adverse reactions, but they are completely possible and we see them yearly. However, I do believe that it is a bigger risk to not get the vaccines and get one of these diseases, then to get the vaccine and have the possibility of having a bad reaction, In conclusion, I believe that we should all get vaccinated, and vaccinate our children, even if there is a small chance at them having bad side effects. Vaccines have helped more people than they have hurt and they will continue to get better. Remember, the adverse reaction will only effect one person. However, if a lot of people aren’t vaccinated just because they think this is a possibility, We may end up with an entirely new pandemic.

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