An Argument in Favor of Using Vaccines

Vaccines have been around for already a few centuries and they virtually have never caused harm to anybody, which is why I believe vaccines are essential to one’s health as it has been used for such an extensive amount of time, prevents harmful diseases, and has saved countless amounts of lives. First of all, the first vaccine ever created was the smallpox vaccine which was discovered in 1796 by Edward Jenner. The smallpox vaccine has been used for almost 300 years before it was eradicated except for a two samples contained in laboratories.

Throughout the years, many other diseases that were once deadly can easily be treated with a single needle shot. You may think that taking a needle isn’t natural and that it may disrupt the body‘s natural processes This isn’t necessarily true as it is completely natural for a disease to enter your body so that your body can produce antibodies to fight off future infections. Not only this, but vaccines can save lives by protecting innocent citizens by preventing lethal diseases from being able to attack the body.

WHO (World Health Organization) estimates that since 2000, the measles vaccine alone has saved around 17.1 million lives. WHO being a credible source for health and well being, also seems to support the use of vaccines. This may prompt you to argue that a credible source, being a doctor, had written a paper on how vaccines can cause autism. This was one doctor and his theory was proven wrong and he was not allowed to practice medicine afterwards.

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Think about it, would you rather choose in between having your child die of an easily preventable disease or to let him or her take a needle in the arm? Surely you would realize the importance of taking vaccinations after someone you know, or yourself, were to be infected and seriously affected by a disease that would be easy to treat in the first place. This is why I would like to believe that vaccinations are necessary and play an important role in keeping yourself safe, and being mindful of others around you.

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